Hey there, I’m Caitlin Jade Gultiano-Wyton (though you’re also welcome to call me Jayden or CJ!)! I’m a writer and an artist in the LGBT+ community. I’m trying to remain independent from traditional publishing as I am much more comfortable with full control of my creative works, and appreciate all the support I’ve received from my friends and followers!

I have several in-progress novels (which you can find out about on my writing page!) and am working on an extremely large project, Demrefor. Demrefor is a fantasy world set on a fictional planet, with many interesting species and characters to love! Currently I am working towards completing the world building (here) and finishing the first series, Don’t Lose Hope (here).

I started studying art seriously in 2008. I’m mostly self-taught with online resources and a few community art classes. My preference for cartoony styles which focus on the characters is because I use art mainly as a resource for my writing; creating consistent character designs and getting a visual for the species is a very important part of my writing process.

I believe in fairly paying artists and writers for their work and am strongly against underpaying creators for their time and the piracy of creative work. If you find my art used in any way not permitted by my copyright page, please contact me immediately!

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