June Favourites! (Nudity Warning) + Art Fight!

Hey all! First off is a little announcement: I’m going to be joining Art Fight again this year, so I’m holding a special on my commissions. All art commissioned this month will be 50% off, with the condition that they won’t be started until August!
If you’re wanting to join me in Art Fight, I highly encourage it! Art Fight is extremely fun and rewarding, whatever skill level you’re at!

Anyway, onto the monthly favourites:

June didn’t turn out the most images, but it certainly turned out some good ones! I spent the majority of the month working on one particular piece (which almost completely trashed my tablet, RIP). It’s a redraw of an older piece, done to show 8 years of progress!

I really pushed myself with this one, and am VERY happy with how it came out! It’s available on my Redbubble and Society6!

Otherwise, I turned out some pretty nice pictures this month! Not as many as I would have liked, but they all look super good, so I’m content with the work!

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