July Favourites (Nudity Warning) + New Tablet + Writing!

Hey everyone! A few days late with the update because a lot’s been happening! I’ve started a Friday class, which is exhausting, and have been very distracted by art fight! :O So excuse me for being a little tardy with the updates. Although, this update is a pretty wordy one, so be prepared for text!

I’m excited to say that I have a new art tablet, which is not only more powerful than my old one, but not cracked in half! So you can expect work to look a lot nicer right off the bat just because I’m actually able to see what I’m drawing now 😉 So I’m happy to announce that now, with art fight coming to an end and my new tablet being awesome, that commissions are open again! If you like anything featured in this post, please consider buying something from me!

I’ve also been doing a TON of writing this month! A Man Worth a Million has a new preview, and Demrefor has had quite a few updates. I’m really hoping to get more of the Kladstone Romance previews added up on the site. I’m in the rewriting stage for Black and White’s preview, with The Catch’s opening scene being about halfway done. I’ve not started Another Shot’s public draft, but I’ve been working out a LOT to do with the characters and I’m very happy with how it’s first draft is turning out.

I’m going to start off the art in this post by showing off a collaboration a friend and I did! You can find my friend’s tumblr profile HERE if you’re interested! I really do recommend checking them out, as they’re a great artist and lovely person!

Though they’re not listed on my page, I am open to do collabs with people! I’m generally most comfortable doing the line work of an image, though in this picture I also shaded and did the background!

Secondly, a friend’s birthday came about, so I put a lot of love into making them a gift, which I’m rather proud of. Their characters are awesome and they do a lot of cool art, so you should really consider checking out their deviantART account HERE.

As for the rest of July’s art; as I was making art for other people this month I was focusing mostly on quality over quantity. The next few images will be art fight “attacks”, followed by some personal art.

Next I have some concept art for Demrefor, and a reference of “Renismia”, a character from a personal project I’m not posting much about yet (as I’d prefer to focus on Kladstone and Demrefor). There’s also some sketches at the end, which are just from here and there! 🙂

And hey, if I’ve managed to hold your interest all the way until the end here you can also share my excitement in my new business cards! They’re nothing special but they’ve got me really excited!

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