August Favourites (+ Halloween Invite)

Hey everyone! August wasn’t a huge month for art, as I spent most of it writing, doing website maintenance, and helping my fiance get their own art setup … set up (haha). If you’re interested in my fiance’s art you can find them HERE!

I’ve cleaned up my commissions page and shrunk down the art examples so that they load faster, hopefully making things easier for those with slower net!

I also spent a large amount of my drawing time on a single picture (whoops) that’s going to be print quality + fully shaded, like my previous picture of Centela and Mingan, only this one has 5 characters instead of 2! Again, this one is being made to push my limits … and to test the limits of my new hardware! 😀

I’m super happy with it so far and, though progress has been slow, I’m hoping to get it done really soon!

On top of this picture, I also did a Halloween card to send out to my friends for the holiday! It’s not much, but it’s avaliable for people to use themselves. You can download it free HERE to use as an eCard, buy a printed copy on my redbubble HERE, or pay $1 HERE for the full-resolution files to print yourself! I know the eCard version is decent quality, but I do ask that you please pay the $1 if you intend to print as I could use the extra income!

As for the art I finished this month … a LOT of it was character designs! :O For myself, and for others! I’m very proud of all of them and will hopefully be able to keep it all up 😀 These ones are the designs I didn’t use my own base for (the designs I used the base for are at the end of the post!)

And I also did a little bit of general art, where I didn’t have to design the characters from scratch.

Aaaaand I used a base (that I made) to power through the designs of some of Demrefor’s side characters. I used the base because I really needed to get these designs down for the books, but they’re not characters I’m going to be drawing or buying art for, so they can look more “generic” in their refs.

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