Summary of Art/Next Years Goals + December Favourites (Nudity Warning)

Hey everyone! Welcome to the new year! This year’s been really good for me, art-wise, and I reached pretty much all my goals! ^-^ Mostly my focus was on character designs, but I also managed to work on my composition and speed at which I draw!

Overall, very happy with how the year’s gone by. Here’s a summary of art from this year!

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So, after hitting all my goals for last year, I’m challenging myself this year! I’m going to try and finish at least 1 reference sheet a week, and do a full illustration every month. It’s not going to be easy, but I feel it’ll push me to improve even further 😀

As for my favourite drawings from December…

I’m very proud of the ones I did last month. Sadly, I had quite a lot of WIPs that I couldn’t complete because my laptop broke, so there are quite a few sketches at the bottom. They’re all very nice, though!

So here’s the art from last month, in no particular order:

Hi! I'm Caitlin Jade Wyton and I'm a writer, artist, and casual gamer. I spend the majority of my time working on my books and the world they're set in, so if you're interested head over to and check it out!

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