Mimi remembers when it met Becky’s girlfriend, Mattel. It did not like her! She was mean, and scary, and she hurt Mimi! But it’s okay, now. Becky told Mattel to go away forever— And now all Mimi needs to worry about is being a good girl and cheering Becky up after she was hurt in her accident! Oh— Oh and… who is that, coming up the stairs? A stranger?! No— No! The last stranger Mimi met was Mattel! And Mimi did not like that! Mimi has to hide— Hide from this big, scary stranger who… speaks very gentle… and smells very familiar…. 2,444 words.

Lick has a companion story, Kick.

The world of Shadow Oaks is owned by TheStalkerBunny on tumblr. It is a brilliant piece of work and I recommend reading more about it HERE.

Mimi was a good girl.

Mimi was always a good girl.

Always, always, Mimi did its best to be a good girl.

Even when it was naughty, Mimi made sure it was a good girl!

But especially lately, Mimi was being the goodest girl that there ever was.

Because that made Mama Becky happy.

And Mama Becky had been very, very sad.

Becky had gone missing from the house for a few days, and come back very hurt.

Bruised up. With long scratches over her body.

Mimi knew what that was like. It was like the time it had gotten out, many years ago, and gotten attacked by a big cat.

The big difference between Mimi then and Becky now, though, was that when Becky was gone, Isa and Ken seemed to know where she was.

And Becky hadn’t been happy when she came back.


She had been sad.

So sad.

Sad. Sad.

It made Mimi whine, just thinking about it.

Mama Becky had told her girlfriend Mattel to go away.

And been so sad that she’d not been careful, and hit her car into a tree!

That was what the mimic had overheard, anyway.

At first Mimi thought that, maybe, Becky would have been happy to not have Mattel around anymore.

Mattel always made her feel so bad; it seemed like it would be something that should have made Becky happy!

But instead, she was sad.

So Mimi had to be extra good.

So that Mama Becky could feel happy again—

Mimi jumped.

What was that sound?!

Footsteps, coming up the stairs!

One set light, one set heavy.

It was Ken, Becky’s papa…. And a stranger!

Coming towards Becky’s room!

Mimi gave a fearful chirp, and quickly turned into a plush toy; going still to hide itself.

It remembered what happened the last time a stranger had come to Becky’s room!

Yes! It did!

That was when it had met Mattel! And Mattel had kicked it!

Mimi didn’t want to be kicked again!

Hide! Hide! Hide!

‘Are you sure it’s okay for me to wait upstairs?’ the stranger asked, pausing outside the bedroom door. ‘She won’t mind?’

Ken gave a chuckle— Though, somehow, Mimi thought it sounded sadder than it did happy. ‘Come now…. I know you’ve been in there plenty of times before…. You two were never as quiet as you seemed to think you were.’

‘Uh….’ the other voice gave a cough, sounding embarrassed, as the door was opened. ‘I know, but— Still. I don’t want to make her uncomfortable. It’s been a while, you know? And I know she hasn’t really had anyone over….’

Ken gave a nod, and smiled warmly at the large, orcish man who stood in Becky’s doorway.

Oh! No!

He was so big!

Mimi felt itself let out a whimper.

If that man kicked it, it would hurt!

It would hurt a lot!

‘Is it ironic to say your concern is why I think it’s okay to leave you here?’ said Ken. ‘I think it will be good for her to see you again— She needs to talk to someone who’ll….’


Respect her boundaries,’ Ken finished, sounding very tired. ‘Please— Don’t ask me. I don’t think she’d want me to talk about it but…. Yes. It’s exactly who you’re thinking.’

‘Right,’ the big orc scowled at that, and gave a firm nod. ‘Mattel’s just lucky she’s fucked off out of town; because between me, Katie, and Mary Jo, I think there’s about a hundred different murder plots in place.’

‘Not if Isa and I get to her, first,’ Ken growled, before letting out a vicious snort— Then he shook his head, as if holding something hot and furious back. ‘Alright just— Let’s not think about Mattel…. Becky will be back from the hospital soon. She’s just getting her stitches looked at so it shouldn’t take long.’

‘Right,’ the orc nodded, and gave Ken a wave as the door was slowly closed. ‘I’ll just wait in here, then….’

The orc let out a heavy sigh as he was left alone in the room— And Mimi gave another fearful whine.

‘Hm?’ he turned his head, gazing around the room. ‘Mimi?’


No no!

Mimi had been too loud!

The scary man had heard it!

Mimi let out another whine, before hurriedly leaping off the bed and hiding underneath it.

‘Hey? Mimi—‘ the orc followed the mimic and bent down to see under the bed. ‘Was that you, girl?’



Scary orc!

Scary man!



Don’t hurt Mimi!


Mimi trembled, backing as far away as it could and giving another loud whine.

‘Pspsps,’ the orc responded with a friendly kiss to the air, and held his hand down. ‘Hey, girl, hey…. What’s wrong? Did you forget who I am?’

For… Forget?

Did Mimi know this man?

Slowly… very, very slowly… still trembling… Mimi edged forward.



Not too close….

It sniffed at the air and thought that—


Mimi knew this orc….

‘Ah, I mean, it’s been a while,’ he said, stiffly shifting to sit on the ground. He dropped down with a heavy thud before rubbing the back of his neck. ‘Maybe I should have brought a treat up for you or something.’


Mimi edged forward again.

An orc that gave Mimi treats….

Sniff, sniff.

This orc was definitely familiar.

Very familiar.

Someone that Becky knew.

Someone that….

Sniff sniff.

Smelt like sour and dirt.

He reached out his hand again as Mimi came to the edge of the bed— And Mimi panicked, letting out a cry and retreating backwards under the bed.

‘Ah, jeez,’ he sighed. ‘Sorry. I guess I am kinda scary, huh? Though… you’re usually not like this…. What’s got you so spooked?’

Mimi trembled.

Mimi didn’t want to get kicked again!

Not like with Mattel!

Not by such a big man!

‘Was it Mattel?’ he guessed, slowly laying himself onto the ground to make himself look as safe and unthreatening as possible. ‘Did Mattel do something to you? Did she hurt you?’

Mimi gave a whimper.



Mattel KICKED Mimi!

‘Aw, jeez, she did, didn’t she?’ the man reached his hand under the bed, slowly, and gave another kiss. ‘Fucking hell…. Is that why Becky broke up with her? Oh— No, shh. Pspsps…. It’s okay. I won’t hurt you, I promise. Come back. It’s okay.’

Slowly, Mimi edged towards the orc’s outstretched hand.











Mimi gave the man a cautious lick and—

That taste!

Oh yes! That taste!

Mimi knew who this was!


Mimi realised it with a joyful chirp.


This was Jareth!

Jareth hadn’t been over since Becky had taken Mattel as her girlfriend!


Mimi hadn’t recognised him!

Oh! Oh joy!

Mimi loved Jareth!

Mimi loved him a lot!

Mimi bolted out from under the bed with a happy screech and leapt onto his face.

Lick! Lick!

Lick lick lick!

Lick lick lick lick lick!

Jareth’s laughter made the mimic tremble with joy as he tried to roll away from its wet kisses.

‘Mimi! Oh my god! Stop!’ he laughed, trying to stop the mimic worming its tongue into his mouth. ‘MHM! Mimi! No! No—‘

Mimi succeeded in getting its tongue where it wasn’t meant to be, and Jareth shot up— Grabbing the mimic and yanking it away from his face.

‘UGH! Mimi!’ he exclaimed, making a hacking and spitting sound through his chuckles. ‘Disgusting! Don’t do that! Cheeky little monster!’

Jareth! Jareth!

It was Jareth!

Mimi trembled, and shook, and whined with excitement before—

‘MIMI!’ Jareth exclaimed, leaping to his feet and rushing to the bathroom. ‘Oh, my god! Yes. I’m happy to see you too but— Don’t piss on me! Ugh… you know, you’re the reason Becky had to get rid of her carpet!’

Mimi just gave another whine, and continued trembling as it was placed gently into its litter box.


It was Jareth!


Mimi had missed Jareth!

‘Gross,’ Jareth chuckled, yanking off his shirt and rinsing it in the sink. ‘And here I was, trying to look good for your mama!’

Mimi still couldn’t believe its eyes!

Jareth had come back!

After so, so long!

‘Ah, alright, where’s your mama keep her paper towels, then?’ he asked, looking through the cabinets. ‘Ah, there we are….’

Mimi leapt out of its litter box and followed Jareth as he cleaned up the mess they’d left along the floor.

Jareth tripped on Mimi three times before he gave a huff and picked it up; draping it over his shoulders and letting it wrap around his neck as a scarf while he continued cleaning.

It didn’t take too long, and he deposited all the soiled towels into Becky’s bathroom bin before washing his hands and heading back into the bedroom.

Jareth was a good boy!

Mimi gave a chirp and a trill.

Jareth was always a good boy!

Mimi had missed him so much!

‘Hey,’ Jareth laughed as Mimi licked his cheek. ‘Stop, your tongue’s so wet! Stop!’

Lick! Lick!

Love! Love!

Mimi loved Jareth!

Another chuckle, and Jareth peeled the mimic off his face.

He deposited it at the foot of Becky’s bed before he flopped, face-down, into her pillows and took in a deep breath.

When he looked up his cheeks were dark, and Mimi thought he had the look he always got before Becky gave Mimi a treat and put it out of the room so her and Jareth could “play.”

Mimi knew Jareth was trying to seed Mama.

It wasn’t sure why Becky tried to keep that so secret from it!

Mimi had always been glad Jareth had never succeeded— Mimi was content being Becky’s special baby girl.

Though, Mimi thought if it were to receive siblings, it would much prefer them to belong to Jareth than to Mattel!


Mimi hated Mattel.

A huff, and a grumble, and Mimi jumped up and sniffed at the pillow Jareth had put his face in.

It smelt like Mama Becky!

No wonder Jareth was so happy!

Mimi gave a happy gurgle as it turned into a smaller version of the same pillow and flipped onto its back; showing its underside to Jareth and purring loudly.

‘You want a pat, huh?’ Jareth asked, rolling over and reaching to the mimic. ‘Alright, but no biting!’




Good idea!

‘Ow! Mimi!’


Mimi was naughty!

What a thrill!

‘What did I just say?’ Jareth chuckled, grabbing Mimi around its middle and giving it a playful shake. ‘Bad Mimi!’

Good Mimi!

‘Bad Mimi!’ Jareth said again, putting on a silly voice and sliding the mimic on its back along the soft sheet. ‘You goofy girl! Why you bite, huh? Why you bite Jareth? You go chomp chomp!’

Chomp! Chomp!

‘Chomp chomp!’ Jareth repeated, lifting the mimic up with both hands and rolling to his feet. He spun Mimi around as it wiggled playfully. ‘You’re such a naughty girl! Such a naughty— BECKY!’

Jareth’s feet left the floor as he jumped in fright, and then he stumbled backwards and tripped himself over— Landing in the soft bed behind him with a loud fwuff!

Mimi was fine, though.

He had held Mimi high up, so it didn’t get hurt when he landed.

What a good boy, Jareth was!

So thoughtful!

Slowly, Jareth lowered Mimi onto his chest.

How much of that do you think she heard?’ he whispered to the critter.

A lot.

Mimi thought Becky must have heard a lot of it.

Jareth gave a cough, then, and sat up— Catching Mimi as it slipped off his chest.

‘Ah, ahem— MHM—‘ he cleared his throat for a second, before giving Becky a flirtatious look and snapping his fingers. ‘Hey there, baby girl.’

Mimi trilled when Becky giggled.

Mama laughed!



Mama Becky actually laughed!

Mama had been having so much trouble laughing, lately!

And Jareth had made Mama laugh!

Though, she still had pulled her jacket up, to hide her face….

Oh, she was hiding her face!

Hiding her hurt!

The bruises!

The bruises from her accident!

‘Um… what are you doing here?’ Becky asked through her giggles— Then she peeked out, and Mimi saw her blush. ‘And why are you shirtless?

‘Oh—‘ Jareth rose to his feet. ‘Well, Isa asked if me and Benny could do the lawn and stuff and— Well, Benny couldn’t make it so I came and did it by myself and uh…. I wanted to see you, so I asked your dad if I could wait around and he, um, brought me up here. And then… Mimi was very happy to see me,’ he mumbled the last part, rubbing the back of his head. ‘She had a bit of an accident.

‘Ah,’ Becky gave a small cough. ‘Um…. Okay. That makes sense.’

‘So, um… I saw your car,’ Jareth said. ‘When I was with Benny at the shop. After you left— Are you alright? That must have… really hurt.’

Becky nodded, lifting her jacket higher to try and conceal her injuries.

‘Hey, hey…’ Jareth said gently, stepping towards her and taking her hand in his. ‘You don’t have to be embarrassed or anything…. What’s wrong?’

Slowly, he lowered Becky’s hand from her face— Revealing the nasty, purple-and-yellow bruise across her nose and eyes.


Mimi hated to see it.

Mama was in pain….

And, by the look on his face— So was Jareth.

His hand hovered, now, by Becky’s cheek. Just by her bruise.

He looked like he could feel her pain.

Like he was hurting, too.

Then, quietly, he pulled her into a hug, and rubbed her back to comfort her.

She didn’t hug him back, but Mimi saw her shoulders relax.

Jareth was a good boy.

Mimi wanted to be a good girl, too, so it crawled up to Becky’s neck and wrapped around her as a scarf.


Lick lick.

Slowly, Becky let out her breath.

‘Um… it’s been a long day,’ she muttered. ‘I don’t want to be rude but… I kind of just want to… go to bed.’

‘Oh— Yeah, that’s fine,’ Jareth said, releasing Becky and backing away. ‘I’ll head off, then…. Uh…. It was really nice to see you again.’

Mm,’ Becky gave a small nod. ‘Yeah. You too….’

Mimi gave a whine.

Jareth was leaving?

Mimi wanted Jareth to stay….

But… Mama was tired.

And Mama needed sleep.

Mimi licked Becky’s cheek again, watching as Jareth quickly retrieved his shirt and hurried out of Becky’s room.

Jareth was a good boy.

And Mimi was glad Jareth was back.

Jareth was much better for Mama Becky than Mattel was.


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