Becky Bloom hosts a livestream after school. She wanders around the woods, her classmates watching her and talking in the chat, and eventually comes across a very friendly herd of deer who invite her to hang around a while…. 6,298 words.

The world of Shadow Oaks is owned by TheStalkerBunny on tumblr. It is a brilliant piece of work and I recommend reading more about it HERE.

Content warning:
mild horror themes / mentions of abuse

It was a beautiful Autumn day. The trees of the woods were just starting to turn orange and yellow, their leaves still holding strong as their colours grew rich and warm.

They flickered on-screen, the camera shaky and unsteady as heavy panting sounded; the person behind the camera not visible as they scaled the uneven grassy hill.

Then a very out-of-breath, feminine voice spoke:

‘Alright, so— Hi, everyone. Hey! Thanks for— Woo! Thanks for joining. Those of you who, uh… could. I know class isn’t over yet and all so it’s really empty in the chat right now but give it like… what? Five? Ten more minutes— Oh, heeeey Adam! I’m so glad you’re finally able to join one of my streams! I’m so excited! I already made you a mod so you can, like, do stuff!’

The camera mode switched, flipping the angle of what was visible on screen to reveal Becky Bloom waving and winking. She was pink-cheeked with a wide smile and bright, happy eyes— Something that the chat immediately pointed out.

BooMer1954: oh wow youre looking chipper

StitchAndBolts (Mod): hey Becky! 🙂

Guyliath: Yeah girl you haven’t looked this good in YEARS!

Guyliath: Who’s Adam?

Guyliath: Never heard of this “Adam” before.

StitchAndBolts (Mod): i’m Adam

StitchAndBolts (Mod): Becky’s bestie

BooMer1984: i thought katie was beckys best friend

StitchAndBolts (Mod): hah yeah. one of many

BooMer1954: hahah that sounds about right

Guyliath: Lol. How many is “many”?

StitchAndBolts (Mod): 8

Guyliath: LOL

BoyGoop has joined.

BoyGoop: what’s up ****ers. I’m here to see the inevitable train wreck that is Becky Bloom.

StitchAndBolts (Mod): Orson! no

BoyGoop: $50 she falls down the hill.

StitchAndBolts (Mod): ORSON! 😡

The chat continued to joke as Becky grinned and turned the camera back to forward-facing mode and continued up the hill.

‘I’m not gonna fall, Orson!’ she said. ‘I’m like. Super sure-footed! Wily. You know. Like a ferret! Like a— AAH!’

She was immediately proven wrong as the camera lurched forward and she hit the ground with a loud thump and began sliding backwards down the incline.

She came to a rest at the bottom, laying still for a moment.

StitchAndBolts (Mod): oh my god Becky are you alright??

BoyGoop: hahah eat **** Bloom

BoyGoop: you owe me $50

Guyliath: OMG jdhdhdbdbssb girl are you GOOD?

GrimMaker has joined.

GrimMaker (Mod): Orson said he was joining and then immediately started laughing and I didn’t think that was a good sign so I uh. Thought I’d jump in… is she okay?

StitchAndBolts (Mod): idk! Becky you alright?

BoyGoop: she ****ing ate ****!

Suddenly, the sound of Becky’s laughter filled the air and she rolled to her feet.

‘Oh! My! God! That timing could not have been funnier! Oh my god. I’m, like, so embarrassed! Oh my god…. Oh! Hi Malinka!’

StitchAndBolts (Mod): i’m glad you’re not hurt Becky

GrimMaker (Mod): Wait. You’re not in class?

Becky let out another loud laugh. ‘Nah! I’m ditching! It’s like. Not a big deal though.’

GrimMaker (Mod): BECKY

GrimMaker (Mod): Becky you can’t afford to keep ditching class like this

‘Yeah? Well—’ Becky’s voice gave a nervous chuckle from the other side of the camera, and she began climbing back up the hill. ‘It’s… it’s fine. I left so I could text Adam and keep him company.’

GrimMaker (Mod): Oh no don’t you pin this on Adam

GrimMaker (Mod): ADAM has near-perfect attendance

GrimMaker (Mod): YOU miss at least two classes a week.

Guyliath: WOOF


BooMer1984: aw kids, be nice

StitchAndBolts (Mod): yeah i wanna say “its fine” but she’s right Beck. you really shouldn’t miss so much school

GrimMaker (Mod): and who are you other two?

Guyliath: Just an internet friend. Lol! She helped me figure out make up when I came out.

BooMer1954: i used to work with beckys mother 🙂 lovely woman. im always happy to see her daughter looking so well!

PleasentlyPeacocked has joined.

BooMer1954: and im very glad to see shes moved on from that **** girl

PleasentlyPeacocked: Heard Bloom fell down a hill. Had to come see the damage.

GrimMaker (Mod): 😐

BooMer1954: oh is **** censored?

BooMer1954: oh it is

StitchAndBolts (Mod): yeah with all the drama going on at the moment Jareth suggested adding it to the blacklist

Guyiath: Drama? What drama?

StitchAndBolts (Mod): so lets not talk about her, okay? for Becky’s sake


PleasentlyPeacocked: Oh you don’t know? **** got dumped. A second time.


StitchAndBolts (Mod): Orson that’s enough

PleasentlyPeacocked: There’s a video here [link]

StitchAndBolts (Mod): NOPE. ENOUGH.

PleasentlyPeacocked: Sorry Adam I didn’t see before sending that

Chomptastic has joined.

Chomptastic: g’day 😉

GrimMaker (Mod): Hello, Portia

RoastyToastyToast has joined.

BettiBabe has joined.

BoyGoop: looks like the forest kids got out early hehe

BettiBabe: Hi everyone 🙂

RoastyToastyToast: hey guys

Chomptastic: LMAO what the **** is Becky doing??

RoastyToastyToast: oh my god is becky ok? she’s really… going up that hill…

BettiBabe: Oh my… I heard Becky had been acting strange lately but her aura today is just…

RoastyToastyToast: feral?

RoastyToastyToast: i think she’s going up on all fours

BoyGoop: only way she’s gonna avoiding wiping out again


BooMer1954: oh my

Chomptastic: SHE WIPED OUT???

BooMer1954: oh becky

Chomptastic: SUCK **** BECKY

StitchAndBolts (Mod): Portia be nice

Guyliath: OMG she does not give up does she?

BooMer1954: it runs in the family

PleasentlyPeacocked: Dear god I think this is one of the funniest things I have ever seen a person do

BooMer1954: i have to go. please tell becky i said goodbye xoxoxo

Guylian: Yeah same here I gotta bounce. I have work in the morning lol

StitchAndBolts (Mod): Will do



NekRomancer has joined.

BettiBabe: You can do it Becky we believe in you 🙂

Chomptastic: WOOOOOO BECKY!!!!

PleasentlyPeacocked: 👏 Come 👏 On 👏 Becky 👏

Chomptastic: WOO SHE DID IT

BettiBabe: You did it!


PleasentlyPeacocked: 10/10

StitchAndBolts (Mod): that was weirdly like the time Pops strapped a gopro to Dad’s back

RoastyToastyToast: is she ok?

StitchAndBolts (Mod): but somehow you made it even more painful to watch

StitchAndBolts (Mod): yeah she’ll be fine. she’s wily.

StitchAndBolts (Mod): like a ferret.

The chat continued congratulating (and roasting) Becky as she pulled herself to the top of the hill and collapsed in a panting heap.

‘Oh…. My god!’ she managed, letting her arms flop to her sides so the camera fell to the ground.

It switched modes as it did, and all that was visible was the canopy of trees above, which was only occasionally broken by a small patch of blue sky.

A moment passed as Becky caught her breath.

‘Oh my god,’ she repeated. ‘Woo! Well. Welp. As you guys can like, probably tell… wooo… this is not a path I use often….’

JerriTerror has joined.

‘Anyway…. What were you guys talking about while I was…’ Becky lifted the phone to check the chat, revealing herself to the stream again— Only this time instead of being pink-cheeked and peppy, she was out of breath and sweaty. ‘Oh. Guy and Boo left? Whores…. Hah! Anyway— WOOF! Huh? WOOF!’

Slowly, with a long groan that made the motion sound painful, Becky pushed herself to her feet.

‘Alright, let’s keep going!’

Becky only took two steps before she let out a shout and the camera toppled to the ground again, accompanied by the sound of her landing heavily in the dirt.

‘Ow,’ she mumbled. ‘Protip: Check for tripping hazards. This one was a….’

The camera shook as Becky rolled over, before it was aimed at her feet— And the tree root that had caught her shoe.

‘Tree root!’ she cheered, retrieving her shoe and replacing it onto her foot. ‘Trees, uhuh! I see how it is, the trees are after me, now!’

TERRIble has joined.

‘Haha, I’m just kidding. The trees aren’t after me— Opposite, I think!’

OhDEER has joined.

‘Like. Everyone is always like, oooh the woods are sooooo scary! That’s where the HAG lives! And there’s sooo many scary bad things in the woods!’

Becky began to wave the camera around, and the trees and brush blurred into a mess of green, orange, and brown.

Oooh wooo! Spooky spooky evil ghost hag! Don’t come here at night or she’ll eat you! Wooooo! She’ll make you her spooky love-slave!

The camera stopped waving around, then, instead focusing on the path ahead as Becky sniffed arrogantly.

‘Well! I come into the woods all the time! Especially at night, and it’s honestly not so bad. There’s been very few times something in the woods has like, ever tried to hurt me and, like. Everything always has an explanation. And most of those explanations were people, not the woods themselves. The woods are safe and, like, super nice to me. They always, like, look out for me and stuff. Like I think that, like— See like, I feel the most calm and safe when I’m in nature and stuff. You know?’

BettiBabe: Oh my god 🙂 Me too

TERRIble: yeah but you’re a druid it’s different for you

BoyGoop: i SWEAR if she says “like” one more time im going to scream

JerriTerror: maybe the evil spirits just don’t wanna go near her because whenever she’s in the woods its cos she’s ****ing everything

StitchAndBolts (Mod): Jerri be nice

TERRIble: yeah lmao maybe they just don’t want ****’s leftovers

JerriTerror: becky put me through HELL last year i can make a joke about her being a ****

JerriTerror: omg ****’s name is censored???

PleasentlyPeacocked: She’s a banned topic, apparently

StitchAndBolts (Mod): yeah talking about her is banned. and you two are muted for 5 minutes for your comments

PleasentlyPeacocked: Me?

StitchAndBolts (Mod): Becky doesn’t need those sorts of comments right now. she’s TRYING to be better and i’m not going to let you trigger her

StitchAndBolts (Mod): Jerri and Terri

Chomptastic: they’re right though she’s a massive ****

StitchAndBolts (Mod): Portia i will hunt you for sport

Chomptastic: HAHAHAHA

RoastyToastyToast: uhhh should Becky be climbing a tree? that doesn’t seem safe

Toast observed Becky’s position, halfway up an oak tree, and the chat began to playfully jeer at her.

‘—And also it’s like. If there is like, some sort of evil creature in the woods or whatever, I’d probably have been like. Eaten by now or whatever already!’ she explained, reaching up to another branch but struggling to get a hold on it. ‘And, like— Hm— It’s like— Ugh— Gotta grab it—‘

StitchAndBolts (Mod): oh Becky no


PleasentlyPeacocked: 😬

GrimMaker (Mod): Beckyyyyyyyy noooooooooooo

BettiBabe: Oh no she’s going to get hurt 😦


As the message sent through, the branch gave a mighty CRUNCH and Becky fell to the ground. The branch landed heavily on top of her while her phone spun around and landed several feel away.



GrimMaker (Mod): oh my god Becky are you alright??

NekRomancer: **** that looked like it hurt

StitchAndBolts (Mod): Becky are you okay???

BettiBabe: 😦

OhDEER: Ouch

PleasentlyPeacocked: 🫢

StitchAndBolts (Mod): Becky say something

A loud groan escaped Becky, and she rolled over; her arm visible in-frame as she pushed the large branch off herself.

StitchAndBolts (Mod): oh thank god

BoyGoop: awww 😦 damn she survived

GrimMaker (Mod): Becky? You okay?

‘Ow…’ Becky gave another groan, and rolled towards her phone. ‘Ow…. Ow, ow.’

She let out a deep breath as she picked her phone back up. Then, she stood, and held up a hand— Two fingers lifted playfully in a peace sign.

‘What’s up, babes? I am in incredible pain!’

GrimMaker (Mod): Oh, Becky

StitchAndBolts (Mod): oh Becky…

‘So I think I’m going to avoid trees for now, and stick to the ground until the, uh, pain in my bones goes away. Like… yeaaaah….

Slowly, Becky began to limp through the woods; her stiff movents clear in the way the camera jolted and swayed.

BettiBabe: Oooh ow

StitchAndBolts (Mod): Becky are you okay? maybe you should go home

‘No. I’m fine, Adam,’ Becky defended. ‘It’s like. Not a big deal. I’m good. You know?’

GrimMaker (Mod): Becky, Adam is right. You should go home and rest

PleasentlyPeacocked: 😂

RoastyToastyToast: it looked like a big deal

BoyGoop: god Benny said you were stubborn but this is just

OhDEER: Are we sure she’s okay?

BoyGoop: determination incarnate

OhDEER: I mean that was a big fall

BettiBabe: Yes does she need help? Should someone go get her before she hurts herself again?

StitchAndBolts (Mod): maybe

Chomptastic: nah she’ll be fine

StitchAndBolts (Mod): i mean i know the area she’s in i’ve picked her up from there before

GrimMaker (Mod): Adam you just had surgery don’t you DARE get out of bed

RoastyToastyToast: surgery?

NekRomancer: Surgery???

StitchAndBolts (Mod): but Becky’s hurt

GrimMaker (Mod): So are you

NekRomancer: Adam????

GrimMaker (Mod): Adam you have Isa’s number right? If anything happens you can call her

GrimMaker (Mod): But don’t you dare get up



PleasentlyPeacocked: Isa? Like Becky’s… Not mom but. Why do you have Isa’s number?


StitchAndBolts (Mod): why wouldn’t i have Isa’s number?

BoyGoop: because thats basically her MOM what could the possible benefits of having Isa’s number be?

TERRIble: and i have returned!

Chomptastic: idk man she’s a good cook

StitchAndBolts (Mod): there are many benefits to having Isa’s number

JerriTerror: hey guys

StitchAndBolts (Mod): you’re just jealous

RoastyToastyToast: uh guys are you seeing this?


PleasentlyPeacocked: I’M SCREAMING WHAT IS BECKY DOING 🤣🤣🤣🤣

‘—And like even though my therapist said I’m not supposed to eat things I find in the woods anymore, it’s like— Whatever, you know?’

Becky pulled up a handful of grass, which vanished off camera. Her next sentence was muffled, as if she was chewing something.

‘Itf like…. Mnot thaf big a deal, nyou know? Sfome thingfs are worth it.’

JerriTerror: i’m sorry is becky eating GRASS

GrimMaker (Mod): BECKY

OhDEER: Oh my god??


StitchAndBolts (Mod): BECKY NO

BettiBabe: :0

GrimMaker (Mod): STOP

Chomptastic: EAT A LEAF

RoastyToastyToast: is she ok? Not being mean, is she actually ok?

StitchAndBolts (Mod): BECKY SPIT THAT OUT


TERRIble: becky is another BREED

PleasentlyPeacocked: Sobbing actually SOBBIBG


OhDEER: Oh my god

Chomptastic: EAT A LEAF

PleasentlyPeacocked: 🤣🤣🤣🤣

NekRomancer: Unhinged

StitchAndBolts (Mod): Becky i am trying SO HARD to defend you but

Chomptastic: BECKY EAT A LEAF

StitchAndBolts (Mod): you do not make it easy


StitchAndBolts (Mod): BECKY


Chomptastic: GO BECKY!!

BoyGoop: man that mental really can breakdown

Chomptastic: GO BECKY GO!!!!!

JerriTerror: oh now i actually feel kind of bad for my comment earlier

TERRIble: yeah like is there something actually wrong with her???

JerriTerror: is she ok?

TERRIble: genuinely. is she good?

Becky ignored the chat as she grabbed a third handful of grass and continued to walk on; the camera jostling carelessly with each step she took.

She didn’t say anything, though her loud chewing was very audible as she slowly spun in a circle and showed off all the trees in the area.

They were beautiful trees. Thick and strong, their leaves had already turned a fiery orange and red.

Then she pushed her way through a bush and froze.

A deer that stood in the middle of a small, grassy clearing had lifted its head to look at Becky as she’d come through the underbrush.

And, like Becky had frozen in place— So had the deer.


BettiBabe: Oh! Look at her!

StitchAndBolts (Mod): oh no uh

Chomptastic: now THAT is a good looking animal!

StitchAndBolts (Mod): Becky its okay

RoastyToastyToast: that coat is beautiful

StitchAndBolts (Mod): just walk away

RoastyToastyToast: she looks so healthy

JerriTerror: lmao what adam?

StitchAndBolts (Mod): you’re okay. just walk away

JerriTerror: its a DEER. its not going to hurt her

StitchAndBolts (Mod): no i know that

TERRIble: then why are you acting like its gonna eat her??

GrimMaker (Mod): Becky’s scared of deer isn’t she?

PleasentlyPeacocked: Why is SHE acting like it’s going to eat her?

TERRIble: She’s WHAT

BoyGoop: lmao why’s she scared of DEER

Chomptastic: oooh yeah I remember her mentioning that once


GrimMaker (Mod): Wait people don’t know that?

PleasentlyPeacocked: I didn’t

JerriTerror: neither did i

Chomptastic: its cos of that accident she had yeah?

BoyGoop: and the Becky lore keeps getting deeper

StitchAndBolts (Mod): no she doesn’t usually tell people stuff like that

BettiBabe: Poor Becky 😦

GrimMaker (Mod): Oh

StitchAndBolts (Mod): SIGH Portia yeah its because of the accident

GrimMaker (Mod): I’m so sorry I didn’t realise people didn’t know I wouldn’t have said anything

A whimper escaped Becky as one of the deer’s ears gave a twitch and it slowly lifted a hoof.

It took one curious step towards Becky, who took in a laboured breath.

Another step. And another. Until the deer was standing directly in front of the camera; its ears up and head bowed curiously.

The camera was trembling, now, as the deer gave it a curious sniff.

Then, the animal looked up and gave a low grunt.

‘Hell… Hello?’ Becky responded.

Another low grunt from the deer.

‘Um… yes?’


‘Uh— Yeah. I’m— I’m really sorry. I-I didn’t mean to spook you—‘

Grunt. Grunt.

‘Oh, no. I’m just on a walk. You know —hah!— just a walk. Um…’ Becky gave a nervous laugh, and slowly raised the grass she was holding to the deer. ‘Do you, uh… want some grass?’

Another grunt from the deer, and it accepted Becky’s offering.

‘Heh… yeah….

BoyGoop: is Becky talking to the deer?

RoastyToastyToast: becky knows speak with animals?

TERRIble: *gasps*

Chomptastic: yo what a polite girl

TERRIble: oh my god becky is MAGICAL??

GrimMaker (Mod): I’m assuming you’re talking about the deer

PleasentlyPeacocked: So is Becky a ranger, then? Explains a lot

Chomptastic: yeah the deer. but also becky’s being pretty polite too hahah

JerriTerror: did she get that from her mother??

BoyGoop: yeah like she spends 90% of her time in the woods i’m not surprised if she’s a ranger

JerriTerror: i know she was a model but i didn’t think she was a bard!

StitchAndBolts (Mod): Becky’s mother wasn’t a bard

StitchAndBolts (Mod): and Becky’s not a ranger

OhDEER: …..

Chomptastic: >:3c

BettiBabe: She’s not? :0

BettiBabe: But there’s only three classes that can use that spell

OhDEER: ………..

BoyGoop: wait is she a druid?

PleasentlyPeacocked: Oh my god she’s a druid??

OhDEER: Please say sike

Chomptastic: DRUID TIME


GrimMaker (Mod): Portia she never actually confirmed she was a druid


StitchAndBolts (Mod): it’s not confirmed

BettiBabe: Aww good for her 🙂

OhDEER: Nooooooo

StitchAndBolts (Mod): but it IS likely

RoastyToastyToast: is that why she’s been posting all the plant photos?


BettiBabe: Aw Alyssa it’s okay

OhDEER: I don’t think I could SURVIVE having class with Becky again

BoyGoop: don’t worry she’s waaay better than she used to be

StitchAndBolts (Mod): Becky’s not as bad as you think

JerriTerror: YEAH see that’s what i’ve been SAYING alyssa gets it

BettiBabe: I’ve heard she’s trying to be nicer

JerriTerror: becky was MEAN

StitchAndBolts (Mod): she’s always tried her best

TERRIble: *doubt*

StitchAndBolts (Mod): she HAS

GrimMaker (Mod): Look this isn’t the place or time to argue about this

GrimMaker (Mod): This is HER space and if you all can’t be nice you’ll have to leave

The chat went quiet for a moment. Though whether they were respecting Malinka’s authority, or if they were distracted by the deer affectionately pressing into Becky and knocking her over, was unclear.

Becky let out a loud giggle as she landed on the forest flood; reaching up to pat the deer happily.

‘You’re so funny!’ she laughed, running a hand over the deer’s neck as it bent down past the camera.

The deer responded with a chuffing sound, and then shook itself out.

‘Oh! My! God!’ Becky gasped. ‘Yes! I would love to!’

At that, Becky stood up and began following the deer through the woods.

They walked for about twenty minutes; Becky chattering away with the deer, and the stream’s chat trying to guess what it was saying before Portia translated for them.

It led her along a winding trail through the trees —one that even the druids and rangers didn’t seem very familiar with— until they broke out into a clearing of long grass that was speckled by a calm-but-alert herd of deer.

Many of them stopped, looking up as Becky entered their space— But after a moment and a grunt from the deer that had been accompanying Becky, they all returned to eating.

‘Hi,’ Becky nervously greeted a nearby doe. ‘I’m uh… Becky.’

A groan in response.

‘Oh— Thank you! It’s nice to meet you, too. May I?’

Another groan, and then Becky’s hand found the deer’s side and she stroked gently along it’s pelt.

‘You’re all very nice,’ she said.


‘The uh— The last deer I met wasn’t very nice to me.’

Groan. Groan. Chuff.

‘Oh, yes it was a stag and—‘

Snort! Grumble.

‘Haha, I suppose so….’


BoyGoop: what??

PleasentlyPeacocked: What did it say?

Chomptastic: “of course it was. stags are SO brutish!”


GrimMaker (Mod): Portia you’re joking!

JerriTerror: omg

Chomptastic: NAH mate she’s going on about how much she hates stags

StitchAndBolts (Mod): well that explains why Becky sounds so uncomfortable

BoyGoop: that deer is a SEXIST


TERRIble: sexist deer

JerriTerror: SEXIST DEER

PleasentlyPeacocked: 😂

Chomptastic: that’s nothing i met a transphobic armadillo the other day

OhDEER: A transphobic WHAT

RoastyToastyToast: is that even a thing?

GrimMaker (Mod): Please say not Tex?

Chomptastic: nah tex is an ally

Chomptastic: he might even be gay

BoyGoop: Romero’s armadillo is gay?

BettiBabe: Good for him 🙂

Chomptastic: pfff maybe idk im not the boss of him

StitchAndBolts (Mod): Tex can be gay if he wants

Chomptastic: exactly mate exactly

‘So are you, like, a lesbian?’ Becky asked the deer; much to the amusement of the chat.


StitchAndBolts (Mod): oh my god

GrimMaker (Mod): BECKY


JerriTerror: PFFFFT

GrimMaker (Mod): BECKY

StitchAndBolts (Mod): Becky no

PleasentlyPeacocked: Who needs daytime TV when you’ve got THIS? 🤣

BettiBabe: Oh my…

StitchAndBolts (Mod): Becky why


JerriTerror: IT DOESN’T KNOW??



GrimMaker (Mod): I doubt the deer is homophobic

RoastyToastyToast: now she’s explaining what a lesbian is

RoastyToastyToast: to a deer

OhDEER: I don’t know if I should be entertained or concerned

TERRIble: *wheezes*

NekRomancer: baited breath

BettiBabe: Is it wrong that I actually want to know?

TERRIble: what’s the answer

PleasentlyPeacocked: Waiting on what it says

StitchAndBolts (Mod): no Betty i really want to know too now


GrimMaker (Mod): Well the deer is saying SOMETHING

RoastyToastyToast: ANSWER RECIEVED???


JerriTerror: WHAT DID IT SAY

TERRIble: *holds microphone to portia*


TERRIble: we need answers NOW

PleasentlyPeacocked: IS THE DEER A LESBIAN?

TERRIble: can deers be lesbians?

Chomptastic: “oh, well. i suppose i am then”




StitchAndBolts (Mod): LESBIAN DEER????

PleasentlyPeacocked: LESBIAN DEER

GrimMaker (Mod): Oh my god

RoastyToastyToast: Lesbian deer?


BettiBabe: Good for her 🙂


The chat continued its rambling as Becky continued to talk to the deer in the field. She walked around, holding light conversation with several of the does— And by the time she lay down in the grass and propped up her phone against a rock, she seemed a lot less anxious than when she had met the first one.

She angled the phone so that she was mostly in-frame, but made sure to leave the majority of the view on the field behind her so that the deer were clearly visible.

‘Okay, okay— So!’ Becky shook her hands out happily. She was seemingly unable to stop herself from stimming as she flopped over in the grass, and a mass of flowers sprouting and blooming around her as she let out a sigh. ‘AHAH! Today is such a good day! I didn’t think this stream would be so much fun! I was just, like, wanting to show off like. This really oddly-shaped hole in the ground I found the other day. But this is, like, way better than a weird-looking hole!’

Another sigh, and more flowers bloomed— Finally grabbing the attention of the deer herd, who wandered over and began to feast on them.

One of them brushed their nose against Becky’s cheek, eliciting a laugh and causing even more flowers to appear.

Ears flicking up the deer realised where the flowers had come from and began to mob Becky in friendly licks.

‘Oh my god girls— Girls!’ Becky giggled. ‘Stop! Hah! Oh my god stop that tickles!’


GrimMaker (Mod): Rest in Peace Becky, you will be missed

PleasentlyPeacocked: RIP Becky 😔

BettiBabe: I’m so jealous that looks like fun

JerriTerror: hahah they’re eating her

OhDEER: omg that is. Actually really cute

StitchAndBolts (Mod): at least it looks like she’s over her fear

BoyGoop: death by lesbians

TERRIble: isn’t that becky’s dream?

RoastyToastyToast: lick lick lick

Chomptastic: aye would have thought beck was used to having tongues all over her

GrimMaker (Mod): PORTIA

StitchAndBolts (Mod): PORTIA I WILL MUTE YOU

Eventually, the deer left Becky alone and she was left in a giggling, panting heap on the ground.

‘Oh my god, hah,’ Becky laughed, rolling over to face her phone. ‘Hm…. So like. How are you all?’

StitchAndBolts (Mod): bored

Chomptastic: Great mate!

BettiBabe: Wonderful! 🙂 Thanks for asking

RoastyToastyToast: uh. good I guess

GrimMaker (Mod): As good as I can be, considering Bird

‘Aw, Adam. I’m so sorry— Oh is Bird still calling everyone a whore?’

BoyGoop: heh im fine

PleasentlyPeacocked: Bird as in your dad’s vulture you brought in the other day?

GrimMaker (Mod): Yeah that’s him

‘Hah! Bird is so funny!’ Becky giggled. ‘He’s such a brat.’

GrimMaker (Mod): Brat isn’t the word I would have used but close enough

The group continued to talk, Becky out loud and the rest typing away in the chat boxes.

Then, Becky gave a yawn and lounged back in the grass. She seemed determined that she wasn’t going to fall asleep; loudly announcing it as she rambled on about the deer, and the woods, and how much she was looking forward to her date with Jareth that weekend.

And then, not even five minutes after declaring she was hype and awake and that she could actually go for a bit of a run, her words turned into a slurry of nonsense and she was asleep.

RoastyToastyToast: wow out like a light

Chomptastic: hot girl sleeping ASMR

BoyGoop: sleepy girl

StitchAndBolts (Mod): goodnight Becky

NekRomancer: Wish I could fall asleep that fast

GrimMaker (Mod): Wow I thought it was just her medication that made her pass out. Is that really how she falls asleep normally?

StitchAndBolts (Mod): yeah she either can’t sleep at all or is gone in half a minute

TERRIble: note to self: make fun of becky for snoring

BettiBabe: In her defence it must be hard to breathe with the amount of weight on her chest

OhDEER: I’m honestly surprised she can survive lying on her back at all

PleasentlyPeacocked: Can attest. Big titties SUCK

BoyGoop: oh what so **** is censored but TITTIES isn’t?

Chomptastic: i wish i had big titties

StitchAndBolts (Mod): Portia you’re a fish

JerriTerror: titties

RoastyToastyToast: did anyone hear what becky just said? i missed it



StitchAndBolts (Mod): okay a) that’s not how it WORKS and b) you’re the one typing in all caps YOU shut up

Chomptastic: OI!!


Chomptastic: YOU GONNA MUTE ME?

StitchAndBolts (Mod): Portia i’m not going to mute you

Chomptastic: I DARE YOU TO MUTE ME

Chomptastic: DO IT

Chomptastic: MUTE ME

StitchAndBolts (Mod): i’m not going to mute you

Chomptastic: MUTE ME COWARD

Chomptastic: DO IT

Chomptastic: DO IT

Chomptastic: DO IT

BoyGoop: DO IT

Chomptastic: DO IT

BoyGoop: DO IT

Chomptastic: DO IT

BoyGoop: DO IT

Chomptastic: DO IT

Chomptastic: DO IT

Chomptastic: DO IT

BoyGoop: DO IT

Chomptastic: DO IT

BoyGoop: DO IT

Chomptastic: DO IT

BoyGoop: DO IT

Chomptastic: DO IT

Chomptastic: DO IT

BoyGoop: DO IT

Chomptastic: DO IT

BoyGoop: DO IT

Chomptastic: DO IT

GrimMaker (Mod): Okay BOTH of you are getting muted

PleasentlyPeacocked: THANK YOU MALINKA

GrimMaker (Mod): 5 minutes

TERRIble: oof she’s a restless sleeper

RoastyToastyToast: is that amount of twitching normal?

StitchAndBolts (Mod): yeah that’s normal for her

OhDEER: No wonder she’s always so cranky

JerriTerror: yeah i’d be a grump too if i slept that badly every night. woof

BettiBabe: Poor thing

RoastyToastyToast: what’s she saying?

TERRIble: idk she’s mumbling

JerriTerror: probably dreaming about jareth hahah

TERRIble: it’s not very clear

PleasentlyPeacocked: I’ll put my headphones in and see if I can catch it

GrimMaker (Mod): Can we turn off the stream? Or at least mute Becky? For her privacy?

StitchAndBolts (Mod): no. she hasn’t given me those privileges

PleasentlyPeacocked: I think she’s saying “I’m sorry”? It’s not very clear though

StitchAndBolts (Mod): apparently hasn’t given anyone those privileges since Katie messed with one of her streams a few years ago.

OhDEER: “Sorry” ??

JerriTerror: she’s saying sorry?

PleasentlyPeacocked: I think so

GrimMaker (Mod): I can’t kick anyone either only mute

StitchAndBolts (Mod): yeah Becky isn’t one for full-on banning

OhDEER: Honestly, I feel a little uncomfortable just watching Becky sleep

StitchAndBolts (Mod): she always says that nobody should be forced to miss out on her content


OhDEER: I think I’m going to go

TERRIble: that’s a bit egotistic of her

BettiBabe: Oh okay bye Alyssa 🙂 Have a good day

RoastyToastyToast: same here. i think if my mom walked in on me watching a girl sleep she’d freak out

BettiBabe: Bye Toast!

NekRomancer: Yeah hard agree it’s been fun but now it’s just kinda weird

RoastyToastyToast: bye guys

BettiBabe: Bye!

GrimMaker (Mod): No chance that I can convince the rest of you to leave?

JerriTerror: nah i’m invested

PleasentlyPeacocked: Sorry Malinka. This is way too interesting

BettiBabe: I’m really enjoying watching the deer. Am I allowed to stay to watch the deer?

TERRIble: yeah i’m staying i wanna know what she’s saying

StitchAndBolts (Mod): guys

GrimMaker (Mod): 😡

StitchAndBolts (Mod): come on guys

PleasentlyPeacocked: The only word I can make out is still just “sorry”

TERRIble: look i made popcorn and i am not leaving until i have eaten it all

JerriTerror: maybe she’ll roll over again

StitchAndBolts (Mod): guys you should really go

JerriTerror: towards the camera this time

BettiBabe: omg LOOK that doe has a fawn with her!

JerriTerror: and what she’s saying will get clearer

And then, as if commanded by Jerri’s comment, Becky immediately rolled over to face the phone.

Her mumbling became clearer— As did her face and expression.

She was frowning; her brow twitching almost as much as her hands.


‘I’m… sorry,’ she mumbled. ‘Stop… yelling….’

PleasentlyPeacocked: Yelling?

StitchAndBolts (Mod): uh guys really you should GO

GrimMaker (Mod): Yeah I don’t think it’s appropriate for you all to watch Becky having a bad dream

BettiBabe: Poor Becky 😦

BoyGoop: BACK

BettiBabe: Okay. I agree it’s a little bit of a personal moment. I’ll leave


StitchAndBolts (Mod): thanks Betty

‘I’m sorry….’

PleasentlyPeacocked: Does Becky usually have nightmares?

StitchAndBolts (Mod): i’m not answering that

JerriTerror: that means yes

BoyGoop: from what i’ve heard from Benny yeah

‘I’m sorry…. I’m trying….’

BoyGoop: you remember the time Jareth came to school with that scratch on his face?

GrimMaker (Mod): Orson don’t encourage

BoyGoop: apparently Becky did that

‘Stop…. Stop yelling… at… me…’

TERRIble: really? i heard he said that was from an animal

JerriTerror: i mean becky is basically an animal

Chomptastic: technically we all are

‘Mattel… please….’

The chat paused at the mention of Mattel’s name.

Nobody typed a word.

And a long moment of silence passed before Becky let out a long, distressed whine; tears escaping her eyes as she flinched.

‘Stop yelling at me!’

TERRIble: ****

JerriTerror: oh my god

BoyGoop: holy ****

PleasentlyPeacocked: Wow that’s…

Chomptastic: oh


‘I’m trying…’

TERRIble: ooooh…

PleasentlyPeacocked: Yikes

‘I’m trying…. Please stop yelling….’

GrimMaker (Mod): Guys you NEED to leave

PleasentlyPeacocked: Is she actually having a nightmare about ****?

JerriTerror: i think she is holy ****

TERRIble: i knew **** was awful but what the **** did she DO to her???

JerriTerror: weren’t they in love or something?? how bad would their relationship had to have been for becky to be having NIGHTMARES about it???

TERRIble: she’s CRYING

StitchAndBolts (Mod): don’t discuss this here

GrimMaker (Mod): Guys that’s enough you all need to LEAVE

BoyGoop: Benny said **** BROKE her brain

BoyGoop: like she gaslit her and ****

StitchAndBolts (Mod): Orson, don’t

StitchAndBolts (Mod): i’m really ****ing serious

StitchAndBolts (Mod): don’t.

BoyGoop: sorry

PleasentlyPeacocked: No I’m actually really worried this is serious. Is she okay?

JerriTerror: yeah like wtf is she good??

StitchAndBolts (Mod): i appreciate your concern, but talking about you know who ISN’T helping

Chomptastic: you know i’m liking this **** less and less the more i hear about her

TERRIble: what did **** DO??

StitchAndBolts (Mod): ENOUGH.

StitchAndBolts (Mod): it’s already been stated that this topic isn’t allowed here and i’m going back and removing messages about this. further discussion about **** will result in your account being muted in chat.

Chomptastic: adam

Chomptastic: adam mate

StitchAndBolts (Mod): i am actually really so ****ing serious if you all don’t stop this RIGHT NOW

Chomptastic: it’s okay

Chomptastic: we’ll stop

StitchAndBolts (Mod): it is NOT okay Portia

Chomptastic: we’ll stop mate it’s okay

GrimMaker (Mod): Adam’s right it’s really not okay

Then, the chat fell still again as Becky let out a wail and kicked out.

All of the deer in the background raised their heads attentively and scanned the area; their ears erect as they searched for whatever danger they thought they were been alerted to.

After a moment they all seemed to realise there was nothing, and turned to watch Becky curiously.

One of the deer very slowly approached her. It sniffed curiously as she mumbled again… and then settled down, laying against her side and pressing into her comfortingly.

‘No…’ Becky mumbled, twitching. ‘No…. No…. It’s…. It’s….’

For a moment, Becky went silent.

Then, her fingers twitched, and her ears pressed back, and she gave a shudder.

‘Why…. Why is there so much blood?’

The deer lay its neck over Becky’s shoulder.

‘He’s…. He’s hurting them…’

The deer let out a low, comforting moan as Becky twitched again.

‘He’s hurting them… he’s going to kill them… I… need…. To….. I need… help…. Help me….’

The deer nibbled Becky’s hair, running its lip over her cheek as it did, and the girl began to tremble and whimper.

Help me…. Someone help me….

Then, in the corner of the screen, something moved.

Something long.

And bony.

It looked… vaguely —very, very vaguely— like a hand.

But it’s digits were elongated. And it’s skin was ashy and gaunt. And it’s nails filthy with dirt.

It moved with an unnatural twitch; like a puppet with rusted joints.

BoyGoop: WHAT THE **** IS THAT

GrimMaker (Mod): UHHHHHHHH

StitchAndBolts (Mod): OKAY UH WHAT

PleasentlyPeacocked: 😱😱😱😱😱😱

JerriTerror: WHAT



Chomptastic: UHHHH

BoyGoop: WHAT THE **** WHAT THE **** IS THAT

StitchAndBolts (Mod): WHAT THE ****

Slowly, the hand reached out for Becky, and the deer peered up at it curiously and twitched an ear. Then, the animal stood up and calmly walked away; joining the rest of its herd in the background and beginning to graze.


TERRIble: is this fake???

StitchAndBolts (Mod): IT BETTER BE!

Chomptastic: DONT LIKE THAT

The hand then brushed a finger against Becky’s cheek. It traced the tip of its nail along a line of freckles, as if carefully considering each mark in Becky’s skin. It trailed the freckles up her face until its fingers were running through her hair.

PleasentlyPeacocked: Oh my god


TERRIble: please say this is fake

StitchAndBolts (Mod): BUT IT _BETTER_ BE FAKE


PleasentlyPeacocked: Oh my god



StitchAndBolts (Mod): AAAAAA



PleasentlyPeacocked: Oh my god

The thing’s long, spindly fingers gently brushed Becky’s hair down. Then, it carefully moved the loose strands of hair from her face and began to caress her cheek; its unclean nails running carefully over her skin as it wiped her tears away.

Becky immediately calmed as the creature touched her. She let out a long breath and went quiet— Her entire body relaxing.

GrimMaker (Mod): Her phone’s going straight to her message bank I can’t call her



GrimMaker (Mod): We NEED to wake her up


StitchAndBolts (Mod): MAYBE???

PleasentlyPeacocked: TEXT HER


There was a loud DING as Becky’s phone received a text.

The hand paused.

Becky’s phone went off again.

And then again.

And again.


The hand reached for the phone.

BoyGoop: oh no


JerriTerror: OH god


CheerfulCheerleader (Creator): shh

CheerfulCheerleader (Creator): it is sleeping



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