Becky’s Letter

After hearing from her father about their hidden family history with druid magic, Becky did some research into her ancestry. At the end of it all she writes a letter to the Bluhender family, reaching out in hopes of gaining some insight into her powers. 863 words.

The world of Shadow Oaks is owned by TheStalkerBunny on tumblr. It is a brilliant piece of work and I recommend reading more about it HERE.

Hello Bluhender(s). Please read!

My name is Rebecca Bloom and I am a druid. I didn’t know I was a druid until this year a few months ago. A lot has been happening and it has been really scary to figure out on my own and I have been trying to figure everything out about being a druid.

I did not know there was druid blood in my family at all but after I started getting druid powers my dad (Ken) found out I was a druid and he said to me that he used to be a druid when he was very little. But he is not a druid anymore for a lot of reasons and he didn’t tell me when I was younger for these reasons.

My dad is from France near the border of Germany. He lived near Blackforest. He told me that his mother cheated on his dad with a druid from Blackforest and that was how he was born. This made me very curious about my dad’s druid dad but it really upsets my dad to talk about so instead of asking him I bought a DNA test from and did it and got the results.

After I got the results I did lots of searching and talking online and eventually got this address. I wanted to write to you and I hope that maybe you can write back because I want to know more about where I come from and how our magic works.

I am going to be taking druid classes soon but I have also been told several times that my magic is unusual and I am scared that druid classes won’t help because my magic is unusual.

I have a strong connection to animals even for a druid. I can speak to animals without casting the spell (my friend Portia is a ranger and has to cast the spell or she can’t speak to animals). I can also speak to my pet mimic (Mimi) sometimes when I am relaxed and my magic is working good.

I also recently got stuck as a dog for a whole week and couldn’t turn back. When I googled how to turn back the results said I should not have been stuck at all (but I was).

Also I bit some people (before being the dog) because of a fight and I grew sharp teeth and claws and that was very scary and I don’t know what that was. I’m too scared to ask the other druids in my town in case it’s not normal.

And I can eat poisonous berries without getting sick (though I am not allowed to anymore since telling my doctor I was doing it 😦 he said I’m not allowed to eat things I find in the woods anymore).

Anyway there is a lot going on that I don’t understand but would like to understand. I would be very grateful if you could write back to me? Even if it is to tell me not to write to you again I would like a reply please and thank you! Here is my address: [address]

I do not speak or read German but my friend Adam does and he will help me read what you send me and will also help me write back. (I also don’t read English very well because I have a reading disorder so don’t feel bad if you have to write back in German because he will be helping me either way!)

I have included some things so you can see if you like what I am like or not. Some of these things are some photos of myself and my friends, some photos of druid things I like, the results of DNA test I did, and some dirt from my favourite part of the woods.

Included in the envelope is:

  • letter printed out in English
  • letter printed out in German
  • photocopy of DNA test
  • ziplock bag full of dirt
  • photo of Becky & Jareth with “me and my boyfriend” written on the back
  • photo of Becky & Adam with “me and my friend Adam” written on the back
  • photo of Becky, Ken, & Isa, with “me and dad and isa” written on the back
  • photo of Becky as a raccoon with “me wildshaped” on the back
  • photos of some of Becky’s plants, descriptions of each one on the back of the pics
  • several photos of Mimi, all with “Mimi as a(n item)” on the back
  • photo of Becky’s hand as she feeds some birds, with “birds :)” written on the back
  • several photos of the woods, all with rough descriptions of the locations
  • photos of grass, with the locations the grass is from on the back
  • a very low resolution photo of the night sky, with “this is what our stars look like (do they look the same for you?)” written on the back
  • photo of the pokeberry bush by the lake, with “not allowed to eat these anymore :(” written on the back
  • screenshot of a peeled orange from google images, the search bar is visible with “orange fruit peeled” at the top (not deliberately included, it just got mixed up)


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