Family Group Chat

Becky Bloom is feeling very good. Especially so when one of her distant relatives, Marta Bluhender, contacts her online. Becky thinks it might be nice to have all of her family meet and talk, so she suggests they all join a group chat together. However, it turns into an absolute mess as her aunt Isabel uses some… clumsy wording that causes Becky’s father to try and pick a fight with her. 2,325 words.

The world of Shadow Oaks is owned by TheStalkerBunny on tumblr. It is a brilliant piece of work and I recommend reading more about it HERE.

content warning:
some mentions of sexual content and abuse

The zoo had been, hands down, the most amazing place Becky had been for a long time— As amazing as the mimic house!

Maybe even better.

The mimics in the zoo were better fed, and less stressed out, and overall living in ideal conditions. Which was a worthy trade for not being able to climb into their pen and pet them.

The trip had been so exhausting (both physically and emotionally) that Becky had fallen asleep on the bus ride home, and woken up with Jareth’s arm around her.

It had been the first time she’d slept since Guillmero’s death where she hadn’t woken up screaming in fear; so that was a plus.

The con was that Don had drooled all over her, and Becky had been stuck looking like she’d wet herself for another hour before she’d been able to get home and shower.

Which, after their shower, Becky and Jareth had hidden themselves away in the bedroom. Talking. Then kissing. Then….

Becky blushed, biting her lip as she crossed her legs tighter.

It was the first time she’d felt well enough to have sex in weeks. And it had been amazing!

The feeling of Jareth grinding against her. The taste of the sweat on his neck. The sound of his moans in her ear— It had driven her insane.

And by the way he’d taken her, she guessed he’d felt the same….

‘You look happy!’ Ken’s voice cut into Becky’s thoughts, and she turned away from the television to look at her father. ‘What are you thinking about?’

‘I had the best sex of my life yesterday!’ Becky exclaimed, flopping back in her chair and letting out a dreamy sigh.

‘Ah,’ Ken’s ears folded back, and his smile vanished into an uncomfortable grimace. ‘I… see. Good… for you. Sweetheart. I’m happy? For you?’

‘Thanks!’ Becky chirped, not realising she’d said anything wrong, before her phone dinged and she looked down to see what it was….

A message? From someone she didn’t know—


Becky sat up straight, gripping her phone tight in excitement and opening the message.

She’d sent her extended family her social media details in a letter, hoping that they’d be able to contact her to talk— And it had happened!

She’d been contacted by someone with the username BluhenderMarta.

Marta Bluhender.

Becky looked through Marta’s profile, and felt herself smiling.

She was a very beautiful woman. With long braids, and freckles, and mushrooms in her hair.

‘Becky? Is everything alright?’ Ken asked. ‘You sat up very suddenly.’

‘Look!’ Becky held her phone up for her father to see. ‘She says she’s my cousin…. Ish. Distant! Removed. Whatever that means.’

‘Huh,’ Ken gave a humoured grunt. ‘She looks… friendly. Oh. She has a rooster! I was attacked by one of those, once.’


‘Yes, your mother and I took you to a petting zoo,’ Ken recalled. ‘She took you into the bathroom. I waited outside. And then while I was waiting… a rooster came running up out of nowhere and tried to attack me! It was quite terrifying.’

‘Oh, just out of nowhere?’ Becky asked, only half-listening as she started her reply to Marta’s message.

‘Yes,’ Ken said, sitting beside his daughter. ‘They said he was “just like that,” and often went for people. And I said if they let him out and he scratched you, I would….’

Becky eyed her father as he paused. ‘Would…?’

‘Aah…’ Ken waved a dismissive hand. ‘I don’t think you want to hear specifics. It wasn’t pleasant.’

‘It’s hard to imagine you saying not-pleasant things,’ Becky admitted. ‘But, like… I remember that time you yelled at your boss.’

A furious look flashed in Ken’s eyes as he scowled. ‘I should have killed him!’ then he took a deep breath, and forced himself to be calm. ‘Sorry. Let’s not get into all that— Your cousin? How did you get in contact with her like this?’

‘I sent the Bluhenders my details,’ Becky said. ‘And she contacted me! She says everyone says hi, b.t-dubs.’

‘Ah. Uh…. Hello to them?’ Ken gave an awkward wave and nervous smile. ‘Are they nice?’

‘Yeah, they seem to be!’ Becky said, typing away. ‘I could add you to a chat with them— Ooh, we could make a family chat! With everyone in the family!’

Everyone?’ Ken said, cautiously. ‘Including…?’

‘Well. There’s me, you, Isa, Marta,’ Becky started, counting on her fingers as she did. ‘Isabel… and I definitely want Jareth in there, cos he’s family.’

Isabel,’ Ken’s scowl came back. ‘Are you sure you want to expose your cousin to her?

‘She’s getting better, Dad,’ Becky reassured. ‘She really is.’

‘Hm,’ Ken gave a grunt of disbelief. Then, he sighed, and his face softened. ‘Alright. I’ll try it.’

‘Oh! Yay!’ Becky clapped her hands happily. ‘Oh this is gonna be so good! Just let me ask everyone else if they’re interested!’

‘You’re asking before adding everyone to a chat?’ Ken gave a humoured chuckle. ‘That’s unlike you.’

‘Oh, yeah, well. One of my friends said they’d like me to ask, first, before I add them to chats with other people,’ Becky shrugged. ‘Guess it’s a habit now.’

‘It’s a good one,’ Ken nodded. ‘Thank you for asking. I think I would have a heart attack, if I was just added to this without knowing what was happening!’

Becky giggled, and then grinned wide. ‘Ah! Yes! Everyone’s interested! I’ll send everyone an invite link, now!’

‘Ah… wonderful,’ Ken said, sounding like he didn’t think it was wonderful at all.

Becky twitched a sympathetic ear at her father, before looking back to her phone.

Isabel has joined

Becky: Isabel!

Isabel: 😡

Isabel: OOPS

Isabel: ❤️

Isabel: Sorry! These pictures are so small until they send! I thought the red one was a heart 😆 I’m not angry!

Becky: lol

Ken has joined

Isabel: Hiiii Ken!

Ken has left

Becky glanced over to her father, who looked like he was in pain.


Ken took a deep, deep breath before looking back down at his phone. ‘I’m fine.’

Ken has joined.

Isabel: Hi Ken?

Ken: Isabel.

Isabel: Hi!

Ken: Hello.

Isabel: Bonjour!

Ken: No.

Isabel: Oh 😞

‘Dad!’ Becky gasped, looking up at her father.

‘Ehhh,’ Ken gave Becky another pained look. ‘I’m sorry. I’m trying. It’s just… eh….

Becky heaved a sigh as her father stood up and headed for the stairs. ‘Dad?’

Ken silently waved a hand before making his way upstairs.

All Becky could do was sigh again and look back to her phone.

Jareth has joined

Isabel: Hello, handsome 😍

Jareth: Hey Isabel

Becky: jareth : )

Jareth: Becky : )

Isabel: I’m so excited to be included in this!

Isabel: I’m never included in things like this!

Jareth: We’re happy to have you

Becky: ye

Ken: Eh.

Becky: dad : (

Isa has joined

Becky: ilhar!

Isa: Good evening, Becky

Isabel: Oh Isa is joining?

Becky: y wuldnt she?

Isa: Yes. Why wouldn’t I?

Isabel: Oh just with the whole “stepmother” thing I wasn’t sure!

Jareth: Uhh maybe don’t word it like that?

Isa: : |

Isabel: I thought this might just be for Becky trying to reconnect with her biological family!

Isabel: Oh I don’t mean anything by it

Becky: um

Ken: “Biological.”

Isabel: I thought it was!

Becky: pls dont fight

Isa: And your assumption with Jareth was… what, exactly?

Isabel: Uhhh

Marta has joined

Ken: Isabel, I know that your parents were cousins or whatever but that doesn’t mean that Becky has to follow suit


Isabel: My parents weren’t cousins???


Isa: Oh my god

Isabel: Oh hello Marta! 😘

Becky: im so sory

Marta: What on earth have I just walked in on?

Becky: im SO sory

Jareth: A small family feud

Marta: Oh my

Isa: Implications that because I’m only Becky’s stepmother I shouldn’t be included in family groups

Isabel: Noooooooo

Marta: Oh

Isa: Because I’m not her “biological” family

Isabel: That’s not what I meant!!!

Becky: ilhar : (

Isabel: I didn’t mean it like that I promise!

Ken: Then how did you mean it?

Becky: dad pls no

Isabel: I don’t know I’m dumb 😫

Isa: Finally something we can all agree on

Becky: ILHAR

Isabel: Ken you KNOW I’m stupid you were there when Barbra convinced me to drink glue

Ken: Hah yes I was.

Jareth: She convinced you to drink glue? What did she tell you it was?

Isabel: Glue

Ken: Oh no she KNEW it was glue.

Becky: o

Marta: Oh dear

Ken: She had diarrhoea and Barbra convinced her that the glue would “hold it together.”

Isabel: Look in my defence I was desperate

Isa: So not much has changed?

Becky: i drunk glue 1s

Ken: Yes. I remember that.

Becky: it tasted bad

Isa: Of course it did. It was glue

Becky: ye

Jareth: So, Marta. How are you doing? Sorry that you walked into a burning room, life’s like that sometimes

Jareth: I’m Jareth, Becky’s boyfriend

Marta: Hi Jareth! It’s lovely to meet you : )

Jareth: Everyone introduce yourselves

Isa: I’m Becky’s stepmother, Isa

Jareth: And be nice about it

Ken: I’m Ken, Becky’s father.

Jareth: Or else 💪

Becky: haha

Ken: It’s nice to meet you.

Isabel: That’s a joke right??

Jareth: Yes Isabel : ) I’m just joking

Isabel: Haha ok

Isabel: I’m Becky’s aunt, Isabel!

Ken: On her mother’s side.

Isabel: Yes, Barbra’s sister ☺️

Marta: Ah, will I get to meet Barbra?

Becky: no : ( she gon

Isa: I’m afraid not, she passed away a few years ago

Isabel: 😂

Becky: auntie thats a laugh emoji

Isabel: IT IS???

Jareth: Yep. So are 😅 and 🤣

Isabel: NO!! Wow!!

Isabel: Learning something every day!

Ken: If only you could retain it.

Isabel: 😞

Becky: dad : (

Isabel: Je comprends pourquoi, mais ça fait toujours mal

Ken: Bien.

Isabel: ☹️

Becky: DAD

Marta: So I am guessing you two have a history?

Ken: Yes.

Becky: im so sorryy marta their usualy not like this

Isa: Us three have a history, actually

Isabel: Yes I’m the in-law 😫 And I acted like it

Marta: It’s alright. I’m just getting a feel for the dynamic you all have

Marta: I see

Ken: Yes she tried to BREAK me and Barbra up when we announced our engagement.

Marta: Oh my…

Jareth: Fucking hell I didn’t know that part

Isabel: Yes… I regret it so much 😞

Isabel: At the time I thought it was for her own good, because our parents were going to kick her out and I was a dumb coward who was scared of losing her

Isabel: But then I lost her anyway

Isabel: I really regret not taking her side because from what Becky’s told me she was so much happier with Ken than she ever was at home

Ken: Avec ta mère, je ne suis pas surpris qu’elle ait été misérable.

Isabel: Oui. Et avec Sharon, c’était encore pire

Ken: Oui.

Isabel: Après le départ de Barbra, ils se sont tous les deux retournés contre moi 😔

Isabel: Et puis quand elle est morte, je n’en pouvais plus et j’ai emménagé avec mon père

Ken: Oui. Or as Katie might say. “Old Man McRacist.”

Jareth: Ahhh we talking about Becky’s granddad?

Ken: Yes.

Isabel: Yeah

Becky: i do not like him

Jareth: Yeah neither

Isa: Nobody does, honey

Isabel: Yeah 😫 I don’t really like him either, and he’s MY dad…

Isabel: I really wish I had literally anywhere else to go

Isabel: Nobody here has a spare room?

Isa: Nope.

Becky: we do

Ken: Absolutely not.

Becky: ilhar we hav like 3 spare rooms

Ken: Not for her we don’t.

Becky: y not tho?

Marta: Oh dear…

Isabel: Becky its ok I was just joking

Isabel: Well, half-joking

Isabel: I hate it here but I don’t think it would be smart to move in with you

Jareth: Maybe you could rent a place or something?

Becky: ooo i no some places here r cheep!

Isabel: Oh Jareth honey that’s the dream. But I haven’t worked in years 😩 I’ve been too busy looking after dad and now I’m too old to get back into modelling

Marta: Oh you’re a model?

Isabel: Was, yes

Isabel: I don’t recommend it

Isabel: Its an evil, evil industry

Ken: Ah, we can agree on that.

Isabel: Oui

Isabel: It turned my entire family into monsters, including me

Ken: Also can agree that you are a monster.

Isabel: Unlearning it all has been very hard

Becky: dad!!

Isabel: I still say really stupid things sometimes so if I say something bad please tell me

Isabel: I don’t mean any harm but I’m “learning”

Isa: Why did you put that in quotations?

Isabel: I’m not sure

Ken: Putain d’enfer.

Becky: dad…

Isabel: 🙁

Ken: I’m sorry. I’m just

Ken: J’ai beaucoup de colère en moi. Et Isabel et moi ne nous sommes jamais entendus.

Ken: I’m trying my best, I promise.

Isabel: No I understand. J’espère qu’un jour ça s’estompera et qu’on pourra au moins être neutres les uns avec les autres.

Ken: Peut-être

Becky: i cant reed french good dad

Ken: I know. Don’t worry it’s more of a message for her then you.

Becky: o k

Isabel: I have to go

Isabel: Dad’s hollering for his dinner

Isabel: I love you, Becky 😡

Marta: Bye Isabel, I look forward to talking to you in future

Isabel: Oops I did it again ❤️

Jareth: Maybe use the blue heart? 💙 There’s less to mistake for it

Isabel: Jareth you are SO smart 💙💙💙💙💙

Isabel: Bye love 💙

Becky: by auntie!!

Jareth: See you later

Ken: Au revoir.

Isa: See you

Becky: ok dad NOW she gon will u pls b SIVIL??

Ken: Sorry honey.

Ken: I’ll try.

Becky: THAMK U

Becky heaved a long, heavy sigh and flopped over in her seat.

Why was her dad so determined to make things so difficult?!

He was acting like— Like—

He was acting just like she did!

Becky let out a loud groan.

Well. It was nice to know where she got it from….


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