Change of Plans

Tiffany had plans with her friends to go to dinner. But, at the last minute, she finds herself unable to attend. She and her friends are all disappointed, and try and find a solution so that Tiffany isn’t left out. 654 words.

Content warning:
mentions of addiction

Tiffany was excited.

She’d dropped her sons off with her parents after school and was now getting ready to meet with her friends for dinner; something she didn’t get to do much anymore.

She’d dressed nice. In her best clothes. Because they were going to one of the more classy restaurants in the city— The sort you’d take someone special, to announce something important. Like a promotion, or a proposal….

Tiffany couldn’t wait! She—

Her phone went off, and she saw that three of her friends were online, messaging each other back and forth…. And then, one of them had tagged her.

Cleo: Yeah the place is kind of packed already it looks like they’re hosting an event

Andi: Yeah… @ tiffany maybe you should sit this one out

Steph: What

Tiffany: Why?

Andi: Idk if its a good idea for you to be here

Cleo: There’s a lot of alcohol going around

Cleo: Free tasting and stuff

Andi: Yeah it seems pretty triggering IDK if its like. SAFE for you to come

Steph: Oh jeez

Tiffany: Ah….

Tiffany’s heart sank at her friend’s messages and, slowly, she sat down at her dining table. She found herself slowly unlatching the decorative clips she’d attached to her head-fin as she watched the conversation unfold….

She wasn’t going out, tonight….

Steph: Maybe we could go somewhere else?

Cleo: We’ve already paid for the table though

Andi: Yeah the deposit said no refunds : (

Steph: Yeah but what about Tiffany?

Tiffany took a deep breath as her friends began to discuss what to do about the situation….

There wasn’t really anything they could do about it, was there?

It was just how it was.

She’d chosen to avoid places that focused on alcohol, and that was her choice alone. It wasn’t fair to force her friends to live by her personal choices.

It wasn’t anyone’s fault that the restaurant had decided to host some event which meant she couldn’t go.

And besides, she was getting used to skipping out on these sorts of things— As disappointed as she was, she knew that there’d always be next time.

Tiffany: It’s fine ❤

Tiffany: I’ll just see you girls next time

Cleo: Yeah! Next time!

Cleo: I’ll shout your food to make up for it?

Tiffany: Thanks Cleo!

Andi: Sorry, Tiffany

Steph: When are you free next?

Tiffany: idk I’ll have to talk to my parents about babysitting

Cleo: Well you let us know, okay?

Andi: Yeah let us know!

Tiffany: I will

Then, Tiffany saw a green dot appear next to Ruby’s name as her tabaxi friend finally logged on.

A moment passed before she posted, and Tiffany felt her heart leap:

Ruby: Aw man fuck all that noise!!

Ruby: They shouldn’t host events like that without letting their other patrons know in advance

Ruby: Or at the least offer refunds

Steph: ☝️☝️☝️

Ruby: Tiff and I’ll go to maccas together or sum shit

Andi: Oh you’re not coming either..?

Tiffany: I could go for some McDonalds

Ruby: Nah if Tiff can’t come I’ll take her out, my treat

Ruby: Not fair for her to miss out!

Tiffany: ❤ Thanks Ruby, you’re the best

Steph: Aww that’s really nice of you, Ruby

Ruby: You gals have a good one yeah?

Cleo: We will

Steph: You too!

Andi: Love you girls ❤

Ruby: Tiff I’ll be there to pick you up in 10

Tiffany: Love you too ❤

Tiffany: Okay! I’ll be ready : )

Ruby: Cool cool! And if you’re not ready by the time I get there I’m gonna cast fireball on you

Cleo: Oh the wizard’s casting fireball, BIG surprise

Ruby: Ya know it cunt!! 🐱🔥

Ruby: I’ll cast fireball on you too if you’re not careful!

Cleo: Not if I cast suggestion, first!

Ruby: *bites you*

Cleo: > : 0

Ruby: Anyway I gtg find my shoes. Dog’s hidden em again

Ruby: 10 minutes, Tiff!!!

Tiffany: Okay! See you then!


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