The Wedding – Part 11


Mimi was trembling with excitement.

Such an amazing thing was happening!

Her Mama Becky had put all of this together for her and her Flamingle; a whole day of fantastic things, just so Mimi could show the world how much she loved her handsome boyfriend!

Oh, how Mimi loved its Flamingle!

Mimi loved its Flamingle so much!

And it couldn’t wait to show everyone just how much it loved him!

‘Now, will everyone please stand for the bride?’

‘Alright…’ Becky breathed as she bent down to give Mimi a quick pet on the back…. Then she swallowed and looked back at the hall door; her voice quivering with nerves. ‘You ready, baby?’

Mimi is ready!’ Mimi chirped. ‘Mimi can’t wait to marry Flamingle!

‘Mhm,’ Becky squeaked as she nodded, and slowly held down a pink floral bouquet for Mimi to take. Once Mimi took the flowers into her mouth, Becky sucked in a deep breath and stepped forward.

Mimi stayed close by its mama’s side as the pair entered the hall together— And it trilled in excitement when it saw the room.

It looked even more beautiful than she had imagined!

Pretty Mimi!’ Don honked; causing Ken to quickly shush him. He hunkered down; tapping his feet, and began to make an excited grumbling sound deep in his throat. ‘Pretty! My pretty! Oh, oh my pretty Mimi! My pretty Mimi is here! My pretty pink Mimi! Yes! Yes! My Mimi has arrived! My Mimi is here! My most beautiful Mimi! I love my Mimi! Yes! I do! And my Mimi is here! My Mimi is finally here! Oh! Oh! I am excited!

Don’s excitement filled Mimi with her own; and she found herself bouncing from side to side as trilled up at Becky.

Mimi’s Flamingle is extra handsome!’ she told her mama, her chirps muffled through the flowers. ‘Handsome! Handsome! Very handsome!

Becky smothered her giggle, happy petals falling from her hair as she shook her head, before clicking her tongue in a familiar command and stepping forward.

Mimi walked in pace with her obediently as it was escorted down the aisle. It looked from side to side, purring loudly as it saw all of the people who had come to watch it get married; until it reached the alter and received a loving lick on the cheek from its Flamingle.

Pretty pink!


‘Good afternoon, friends, family, and familiars,’ spoke the voice of Mama Becky’s good friend, Wendy the kobold. She held a microphone to her snout, speaking in a sweet-but-firm tone as she addressed the room. ‘Today we have gathered to witness the loving union between two very special mimics; Mimi Bloom and Don Flamingle.’

Mimi chirped as she was named, trying to hold still but feeling herself trembling with excitement— And she could see Don doing the same.

‘These two strong, impactful souls have brought joy to all around them— And now, they shall show us how they bring joy to each other….’

Mimi heard a quiet sniffle, and eyed its Mama Becky.

She was crying into her hand. Watching the ceremony with a happy smile that was so big it made tears come to her eyes and flowers sprout from the floor around her.

Mimi felt itself purr; it had been a long time since Mimi had seen its mama get so happy she cried. The last time was when Papa Jareth had asked if she would be his girlfriend….

‘And so it is that Don and Mimi have asked you all here today, to share in their joy; so that it may inspire you to bring joy to those you love,’ Wendy continued. Then, she turned to Becky. ‘We shall now hear their words of love to each other. For the non-animals of the crowd, their words shall be interpreted by Mimi’s beloved druid mother…. Becky, if you would?’

Wendy held out the microphone to Becky; who almost couldn’t stop crying for long enough to accept it. She fumbled it a little, causing a ringing tone in the speakers, before sniffing and lifting it to her lips.

‘Go on, babies,’ she said, her voice quivering as she addressed the mimics.

Don tapped his feet, turning in a circle, before giving a loving honk. ‘Pretty pink can go first!

Becky translated; barely managing to squeak out the words through a sob as Mimi purred and licked its Flamingle.

Then, Mimi shuffled, standing tall on all eight of her spidery legs as she put down her bouquet and chirped out loudly: ‘Mimi loves Mimi’s Flamingle!

Becky translated Mimi’s chirping with a sniff, and the crowd all gave affectionate coos and awws.

Mimi’s Flamingle has made Mimi very happy. Very very happy! Flamingle gave Mimi babies! And Mimi loves having babies,’ Mimi looked down to its brood, and gave them an affectionate trill. ‘And Flamingle helps Mimi to care for Mimi’s babies when Mimi needs to rest! Just like Flamingle cares for Mimi’s Mama when Mimi can’t care for Mama. Flamingle is very good. And very thoughtful. And this makes Mimi love Flamingle a lot— And Mimi wants everyone, everywhere, to know how much Mimi loves Flamingle! Because Mimi loves Flamingle. And Mimi will love Flamingle forever and ever and ever.

Mimi waited patiently as Becky sobbed out the translation. It watched out over the crowd as they all smiled up at the mimics with affection…. And once Becky was done, Mimi turned to Don and announced that it was his turn.

Don had to take a moment to stop tapping his feet and purring before he was able to find his voice.

My Mimi!’ he gurgled, stretching his neck up up and wiggling it playfully. ‘My Mimi loves me! Oh! Oh! Happy! I am so happy!

The crowd all stifled their laughter as Ken leant forward and nudged Don.

‘Your vows, my friend,’ he said quietly.

Vows!’ Don honked, pulling his neck back down and stumbling. He shook himself out (sending globs of spit in all directions) before giving a loud snort and forcing himself to stand still.

He didn’t say anything for a long moment as he just stood and panted, and Mimi wondered what he was going to say….

But then he met her eye, and she felt a shiver run along her back as he slowly drew his tongue back into his mouth and looked very serious. His eyes darted over Mimi —full of deep thoughts— before he finally let out a low, loving rumble.

My precious Mimi,’ he began, taking a half-step towards Mimi that made her heart beat so fast she had to purr to stop herself from from running around in joy. ‘My prettiest, pinkest mate. You are the most special mimic I have ever known. And I have known a lot of mimics. A lot. Yes. A very much lot of mimics…. I did not have a good life before you, my pretty pink. No. No, I did not. I had a very bad life. I was lost. And scared. And unhappy…. Oh, so… so very unhappy…. I was bullied. An omega. The lowest omega. Nobody cared for me. Never. And nobody wanted me. Not ever. Even when I was a good omega. Even when I was the best omega I knew how to be…. But then! Oh, you! You wanted me. And I became your very handsome Flamingle. And now I am found. And I am loved. And I am happy. I am not an omega anymore. No! I am now a beta. And a very good boy. With a family that loves me. And with lots and lots of friends. I have so much. But most important… is that I have you, my special pretty pink. My pretty Mimi, you are the most precious, and most special, and most stinkiest good girl in the whole entire world. No other mimic is as pretty or special as you. And I will do everything I can to make you happy, my pretty pink. I will be your mate. And I will bring you food. And I will lick your itches. And I will snuggle warm with you when it is cold. Because you have made me important. And you have made me happy.

Don bent down, then, and pressed his head lovingly between Mimi’s eyes; matching her purrs with his own.

Then the microphone let out a thump, and another ringing sound, and Mimi saw her Mama Becky crumple to the floor as she let out a loud sob.

A very, very happy sob.

And from the other side of the alter came another loud sniffle, and Ken stumbled over to his daughter so he could kneel and cry with her held tight in his arms.

A moment passed as Becky and Ken cried, and Mimi and Don nuzzled and purred…. Until Wendy retrieved her microphone and cleared her throat.

‘Some beautiful words from our groom,’ she said, softly. Then she took a long breath and asked; ‘Don? Do you take Mimi to be your wife? Your mate, who you will care for and cherish forever?’

Yes I do!’ Don huffed lovingly; not breaking from his embrace with Mimi.

Wendy cleared her throat again. ‘And… Mimi? Do you take Don to be your husband? A partner who you will show patience to, and keep safe, forever?’

Of course Mimi does!’ Mimi trilled.

‘Now, we shall have an exchange of rings,’ Wendy announced; motioning for Malinka to release Grigori.

The little bat carried a small parcel with him as he flew from his warlock’s hands and landed —plap!— on Don’s back. He deposited the parcel before leaping back into the air and returning to Malinka….

And Don carefully tore the parcel open to reveal two plush-toy golden rings. He took one, gently placing it on the top of Mimi’s head; before letting Mimi do the same to him with the other.

‘And now, by the power vested in me by my holy work, it is my honour to declare you husband and wife. You may seal this declaration with a kiss.’

Mimi and Don exchanged purr-filled licks.

‘Congratulations, Mimi and Don.’

Mimi chirped her thanks to Wendy, before picking up her bouquet and giving it a violent shake that sent it flying across the room.

Up, and up, and across it went; sailing over the heads of the guests before arching down and down and—

Romero was too busy staring at his boyfriend to notice as the flowers came towards him, and they collided with the side of his face with a quiet pap and loud “FUCK!

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