The Wedding – Part 12


Apparently, Don’s vows had been very very good ones, and they had made Mimi very very happy.

It was a relief for the mimic because, until about three hours ago, he’d had no idea what vows even were!

But Ken had told him: speak from the heart.

So Don had!

He had looked at his pretty pink Mimi, and he had felt all his feelings, and instead of keeping them inside his little body, he had let them purr out of himself and into the air.

He hadn’t meant to make Alpha Becky and Ken cry— But apparently they were happy tears, because they had felt so much they couldn’t keep it inside.

Don figured it was like when Becky would watch her romance movies and tear up….

Bite! Bite! Rip!’ Mimi tore the wrapping paper off another gift, and then trilled loudly. ‘Flamingle! Flamingle! Look at this gift!

Don broke broke away from the scratch he was receiving from Omega Benny, and hurried over to look at the plush bear and chewable treat that his Mimi had revealed from its pretty paper wrapping.

Treats and toys!’ Don honked excitedly.

Share!’ Mimi trilled, holding up the treat for Don and, when he took ahold of the other end, she bit it into messy halves that made the people around them coo and murmur.

Then she scooped up the plush bear she had received and began shaking it violently; harder and harder until she finally dropped it back to the floor and bounced around it.

‘Oi, hey, does that mean she likes it?’ came the voice of Alpha Portia; one of Becky’s very best friends.

‘That means she loves it,’ replied Alpha Adam, holding up his strange square “camera” again. ‘The more violent she is with a toy, the more she enjoys it.’

‘Hah! Hey. She’s kinda like me, then, aye!’ laughed Alpha Portia. ‘Ah, glad the little ankle biter likes my gift, though. If she didn’t I’d look like a right bloody galah! Oi, hey! What about you, Don? You like me gift, too?’

Lots and lots!’ Don honked, tapping his little feet on the ground and spinning in a circle.

He loved any gift that made his Mimi happy!

‘Bloody beauty!’ Portia cheered, pumping her fist. Then she pet Adam on the back and gave a sniff. ‘Right, then, I’m gonna go see if I can’t convince that DJ to play music that ain’t actually good, huh?’

‘I wouldn’t,’ Adam warned. ‘Becky spent hours on that song list. She’ll kill you if you mess with it.’

‘Ah, I ain’t scared of Becky!’ Portia cackled, taking one step back, then two. Then three— Then she spun around and gave a high wave. ‘Ain’t like we haven’t had a punch-on before or nothing!’

‘Portia— Ah, whatever. Your funeral,’ Alpha Adam gave a shrug, and turned back to take more photos of Mimi as she ripped open the next gift. ‘Mimi! Can you hold that up for me? Show! Show me!’

Show?’ Mimi chirped, rising up on her hind two pairs of legs and holding up the toy that was now in her mouth. ‘Mimi knows show! Mimi will show Adam! Look! Good thing! Yes! Mimi is supposed to have this thing! Yes! Yes!

‘Good girl!’ Alpha Adam praised. ‘Very good girl!’

Good girl!’ Mimi echoed, dropping back down all eight of her feet and shaking the toy violently. ‘Mimi is a good girl! Mimi is the best girl! Yes!

Yes! Yes! The prettiest and most best girl!’ Don honked his agreement as he began to dance around his pretty pink Mimi. Then, his attention was drawn back to Omega Benny as he heard the orc say something about his beautiful mate.

‘—Oh, yeah, I still remember when Mimi got out,’ Benny said. ‘You think Becky’s crazy now? Man! You didn’t see her after… I think it was a week without Mimi? God it was bad. She was literally ripping her hair out!’

‘Really? Jeez,’ sniffed one of Omega Isabel’s friends, Cheeto (a beta, just like Don!), with a twitch of his orange-furred ears. ‘I mean, I’ve heard some stories about Becky from Jude, but I didn’t know Mimi ever got out!’

‘Ah think Ah remember hearin’ ‘bout that,’ Alpha Angelo nudged Omega Benny, and gave a chuckle. ‘My parents were helping look for the little critter, and they weren’t having much luck…. Ah think that was the same week Baran almost got arrested for firing off a gun behind the strip mall!’

‘Oh, yeah! I heard about that!’ said Hazelnut (one of Alpha Jareth’s friends; a small-but-strong gnome girl) as she climbed up the shoulder of a gnoll girl (Alpha Cackle! Another of Jareth’s friends!) and threw up her arms. ‘Apparently he saw this massive mimic and was scaring it off! Like, massive! Dumpster-sized!’

‘Yeah, it was big,’ Alpha Cackle confirmed. ‘I know because it almost trampled me!’

‘Hah! Sounds like you have a lot going on in your little town,’ Cheeto gave a laugh, and took a drink out of a can that’s colour matched his fur. ‘I’ll have to go down and visit, sometime!’

‘It’s not worth it,’ Cackle grumbled. ‘It’s a shit-hole.’

‘Yeah, but ain’t it our shit-hole!’ Angelo retorted. Then, he saw Don watching them and grinned wide. ‘Aw, hey buddy! You wanna get all on up in this here conversation? Come on! Uh— What’s that command again…? Up? No…. Oh! Yeah! Perch! Don, perch!’

Don felt himself straighten up at the familiar word.



Angelo held down his arm, and Don let out a loud honk and ran for it. ‘PERCH!

He was on Alpha Angelo’s arm in a second— And in two, he had scaled the man to sit on his shoulder and honk into his ear.

I am a good boy!’ Don told Alpha Angelo. ‘I have perched! I did as I was told! I am a good boy! Yes! Yes! A good boy! A very good boy! I am the best boy! Best boy! Very very good! Yes!

‘Hey, baby! Get yerself a pic of this!’ Angelo called out to Adam; who laughed held up the camera. ‘Ah, god, critter, yer loud! Do ya have t’yell right in my ear?’

Ear!’ Don echoed.

He knew what an ear was!

Mimi had taught him that an ear was the perfect place to put his tongue!

Though, with the sound that escaped Angelo; Don wasn’t sure the man agreed.

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