The Wedding – Part 13


The ceremony was finally over, and Becky was able to take a break. Sort of.

She’d lay down on the floor of the hall and watched as her mimics had opened all of their gifts; barely registering anything else that was happening around her until Jareth had come over and lifted her up to sit in his lap.

She’d loved the feelings of his arms around her; and had buried her lips into his neck as she watched her two precious babies play and enjoy themselves….

Then, Mimi had gone to feed the chirplings, and Don had wandered off to socialise— So Jareth hefted Becky up and carried her to a back room to deposit her on a couch and lay his jacket over her.

He’d gone to get her a drink, he’d said— Though she’d heard his friends call his name, followed by the sound of thumping and cheering, and knew he’d been tackled to the floor.

It wasn’t so bad, Becky thought. This was a nice, quiet room… the lights had been left off, so they weren’t so harsh and bright in her eyes, and—

Oop!’ the familiar voice of Bianca, one of Becky’s friends-with-benefits, squeaked as she loudly threw open the door. ‘Aw, sorry, love! I didn’t realise someone was— Oh, it’s just you Beck! Hah! Aw, that’s not so bad. You wanna join in?’

Becky turned to Bianca, then, and saw that she had her arm around another of the guests.

It was one of her friend Delta’s sisters, Becky recognised. A demon from another plane that Becky had somehow made friends with after she and their brother had tried to kill each other…. That story was long, and tiresome, and not something Becky really wanted to think about right now; though she was glad to have come out of it with new friends….

‘Really, Bianca?’ Becky asked, flatly. ‘You really think this is appropriate?’

‘I mean. Yeah?’ Bianca shrugged. ‘You said we had to come in wearing formal-dress, not that we had to keep it on the whole time!’


‘Look, if you don’t wanna be in a threesome, ya can just say nah, yeah?’

‘Nah, yeah,’ Becky chuckled, turning back to the roof. ‘Maybe later. If Jareth wants to…. Ugh. I’m not going to be able to convince you to go back into the main hall, am I?’

‘I mean, if y’want me to, I can,’ Bianca laughed. ‘But I don’t think the other guests wanna see what we’re about to do!’

Becky heaved a sigh, and waved a dismissive hand as Bianca blew her a kiss and retreated back out of the room.

‘You get some rest, aya, Beck? Love ya!’

‘You too,’ Becky mumbled.

Then, she closed her eyes and let out a long, heavy breath.

God, she was exhausted.

She’d barely slept a wink all week!

And now that the stress of the wedding was finally ending, she felt… heavy.

Heavy, and tired.

So, so tired….

Another deep breath….

And then Becky woke up with a jolt as she heard the door open again, and looked over to see….

Who the hell was that?

‘Hello?’ Becky asked, her brow furrowing as she watched the stranger slip into the room and close the door; distracted as they went through their bag.

‘Oh! I’m so sorry!’ the unfamiliar drow exclaimed, looking up and taking a step back. ‘I was just going to make a phone call! I didn’t realise anyone was in here!’

‘It’s fine. I was just having a break,’ Becky yawned and sat up to stretch. ‘Have you seen Jareth?’

‘I’m afraid I’m not familiar…?’

‘Orc guy. Uh— Tall, short dyed hair—‘

‘—Ah! Yes,’ the drow gave a humoured grin. ‘I think I saw him being dragged outside by a group of barbarians? He was arguing with them the whole time, but I asked about it and was told they were his friends.’

Becky nodded, rubbing her eyes. ‘Yeah…. I’m sorry. I don’t recognise you. Who did you come with?’

‘Oh uh, nobody,’ the drow blushed, then, and offered Becky their hand. ‘My name’s Tebyrn. I’m a local event reporter. I spoke with… I don’t think I caught her name, actually— A very curt drow woman?’

‘Isa,’ Becky said, shaking Tebyrn’s hand. ‘She’s my mother.’

‘Ah, yes! And you’re Becky, correct?’ Tebyrn beamed. ‘Mimi and Don’s owner?’

‘That’s right, yes,’ Becky nodded.

‘Fascinating that you can speak with them!’ said Tabyrn. ‘I thought that mimics were considered monsters? I wasn’t aware druids could understand them?’

‘Most can’t,’ Becky confirmed. ‘I’m not sure why I can. I just… can. And it was really hard, at first. Like. My powers have always been a little shaky because I’ve only been a druid for like. A year or two now. And that was like. A shock to discover. So. you know?’

Tebyrn gave a nod, and pulled out a notepad. ‘Really? A shock? You didn’t become a druid by choice?’

Becky shook her head, eyeing Tebyrn as they began to jot down the conversation. ‘Uh… no. It just sort of… happened. Apparently Dad used to have powers as a kid, but now he doesn’t.’

‘He’s not a druid anymore?’ Tebyrn raised their brow. ‘I wasn’t aware druids could lose their powers. How did that happen?’

Becky just shrugged. ‘He doesn’t like to talk about it.’

‘Completely understandable,’ Tebyrn said. Then, they seemed to notice Becky watching them take their notes, and gave a chuckle. ‘I can put this away, if you like— Sorry. I thought it was implied that I was looking to cover the wedding in an article, but perhaps I should have been clearer.’

‘No, sorry, I just woke up, so I’m a little… slow,’ Becky gave a sheepish chuckle— Then blushed as the room’s door opened again and she saw Jareth coming in with a drink in each hand. ‘Jareth! Hi!’

‘Hey baby girl!’ Jareth greeted, kicking the door closed behind him and holding out one of the drinks to Becky. ‘Feeling any better? Who’s this?’

‘I am, yeah!’ Becky nodded. ‘And um. This is Tebyrn. They’re, like. A uh… news reporter or something?’

‘Yes, for local events,’ Tebyrn confirmed. ‘Isa said I could stay. Provided I didn’t cause any trouble! I hope that was alright?’

‘Oh, yeah, it’s fine,’ Becky waved a hand, and managed to grin. ‘I’ll be blogging about it tomorrow, anyway! You know?’

Tebyrn grinned back. ‘So I should publish my article tonight, so I don’t have to compete with you for fame?’

The joke hit its mark, and Becky giggled. ‘No, please. Mimi would go nuts to see her wedding in the news! The whole reason she wanted it was so that, like. As many people as possible know that she’s in love with Don.’

‘Ooh… so, the mimics requested this wedding, then?’ Tebyrn asked, scribbling down notes again. ‘That’s fascinating! Mostly when I cover pet weddings, its the owners wanting to show off their pets! Not the pets actually wanting a wedding.’

‘Hah!’ Jareth gave a loud laugh, and shook his head. ‘No, this wedding was all mimic! They’ve had Becky run off her feet for months to get everything how they wanted!’

‘Well… I wanted them to be happy!’ Becky defended. ‘Like. It’s their wedding, you know? And like… You know?’

‘Yeah, baby, I know,’ Jareth pecked a kiss on Becky’s cheek. ‘You did great.’

‘Tebyrn grinned at the couple as they finished writing their notes. ‘I’d love to hear more about them. How did you get them? Do you keep them separate at night? I saw they had babies, was that a deliberate breeding? And what’s it like living with mimics? Would you recommend them as pets?

Becky bit her lip, at that.

Was Tebyrn really… asking her to talk about mimics?

She looked up at Jareth, who raised his brow at her in a humoured way.

‘I think they’re asking you to talk about mimics,’ he said, slowly, and Becky felt her excitement building.

God, she was being asked to talk about mimics!


Oh, oh!

Someone wanted her to talk about mimics!

She was practically vibrating at with excitement!

No! No! Be normal about this, Becky!

Don’t info-dump!


Be normal!

Just answer the questions like a normal person!

Like a normal person!

‘Is she alright?’ Tebyrn asked. ‘She’s… trembling.’

Oh, but mimics!

They wanted her to talk about mimics!

‘Brace yourself, Tebs,’ Jareth chuckled, petting Becky on the back. ‘It’s gonna be long. And it’s gonna be loud.’


Oh she couldn’t hold back any longer!

‘OKAY! SO, LIKE—‘ the words practically exploded out of Becky as she leapt to her feet, unable to contain her excitement any longer. A sudden burst of flowers scattered around the room as she began bouncing in place and flapping her arms, and talking perhaps a little too loudly; ‘So! Like! Like! I got Mimi when I was, like! When I was like. Like, four—‘

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