The Wedding – Part 15


Ken was currently faced with a terrible dilemma.

A terrible, terrible dilemma….

He really wanted to stand next to Isa; but she was currently holding a conversation with three other women; Mrs Grimalkin, Mrs Shedskin, and Mrs Slader…. And Ken most definitely did not want to talk to any of them.

Not that they were bad women, of course— But talking to them involved talking. And Ken didn’t like to talk to people.

At least, he didn’t like to talk to people who weren’t Isa.

Isa was different from all the other people he knew.

Isa was wonderful.

Firm. And Beautiful. And strong. And soft.

She had always been there for him…. And, more importantly, she had always been there for Becky.

How could he not have fallen in love with her, when she loved his daughter —his most precious treasure— with so much of herself?

And since Don’s touching speech, all Ken had wanted to do was wrap his arms around his beautiful woman and hold her close…. But if he tried to do that here, now, in front of all these people— In front of Mrs Slader?

The idea of that many eyes on him at his most venerable made him want to retreat into himself like a frightened tortoise.

And it looked like he wasn’t the only one having these sorts of feelings.

Mr Grimalkin was also there; trying (but failing) to hide himself behind one of the decorative floral displays as he watched his wife and her friends with a jealous frown.

Ken hoped that he didn’t look like that….

Probably not, he thought. He had been described as “pathetic” a few too many times for him to believe he could look as menacing as Malinka’s father….

He heaved a sigh, and tapped his knees; looking back at Isa and catching her eye. She smiled at him warmly, and motioned for him to come over and join her— But Ken simply blushed and shook his head.

Maybe if it was just Mrs Grimalkin, or just Mrs Shedskin talking with Isa he could consider it— But Mrs Slader was there! And she was liable to greet him with a hug. And if she did that he may end up unconscious on the ground!

And he didn’t want to ruin the wedding with something so stupid.

Isa rolled her eyes at Ken, though her smile didn’t fade, before she mumbled something to Mrs Grimalkin— Who laughed and motioned to Mr Grimalkin to talk to Ken at the same time Isa motioned for Ken to talk with him.

Mr Grimalkin and Ken glanced to each other with horrified looks, before both turning back at the women and shaking their heads.

The women motioned harder at their partners, and Ken felt himself curling into himself as he looked back to Mr Grimalkin.

Then, he took a deep breath and stood up.

Mr Grimalkin’s fur stood on end as Ken slowly approached him, and Ken swore he could hear the man letting out a low growl as he took the seat beside him and gave a weak cough.

‘Uh… Mr Grimalkin,’ Ken started. ‘It’s, uh…. Hello.’

Mr Grimalkin was definitely growling, now. But a quick glance to Isa told Ken to keep at it, so he swallowed down his anxiety and continued.

‘So I, uh…. I never got to thank you properly for bringing Becky home,’ Ken tried. ‘You remember when she had that uh… episode. And ran away?’

Da,’ Mr Grimalkin growled his affirmation. ‘She vas living as deer in voods.’

‘Oui,’ Ken nodded. ‘Well. Um. She’s doing much better now. She’s on uh… new medications. These ones seem to be working much better for her.’

Hmp,’ Mr Grimalkin gave a grunt; which Ken took as an acknowledgement.

‘I really do appreciate that you brought her home,’ Ken said. ‘I don’t know what I would have done if she didn’t come back. I…. I don’t think I could have bared if she didn’t….’

Grimalkin’s bright yellow eyes dug into Ken in an unbearable glare that made his skin crawl. Though after another glance at Isa, Ken found he couldn’t stop himself from continuing.

‘I mean, when she went missing I-I was worried that she might have…’ Ken’s breath came out in a tremble, and he felt his words escape as a whisper; ‘She’d already almost killed herself, once.

Grimalkin’s eyes softened, then. And Ken thought that, for a moment, he saw a glimmer of understanding in the man’s eyes— But then his gaze hardened again and he looked away with a scowl.

Ken just swallowed. ‘I don’t think I could have bared losing her.’

A scoff from Grimalkin, and Ken saw him press back his ears. ‘Nyet,’ he said, slowly. ‘Losing child is….’

Grimalkin didn’t finish his sentence; but Ken didn’t need him to.

Those three words had said everything.

A long, long moment of silence yawned between the two men, before Grimalkin let out a heavy sigh and sat up straight. ‘Hmp… Isa is looking nice.’

The corners of Ken’s mouth turned in a weak smile. ‘Yes…. Mrs Grimalkin looks wonderful, too. Is that a home-made dress?’

‘Da,’ said Grimalkin.

‘It’s nice,’ said Ken.



More silence.

‘So…’ Ken took a long, deep breath. ‘Malinka.’

‘Vhat about Malinka?’ Grimalkin’s defensive growl came back as he eyed Ken.

‘She’s a very smart woman,’ said Ken. ‘Wonderful seamstress— Becky showed me some of her work. I love the style she uses in her embroidery. She’s as skilled as some of my old coworkers— More skilled, than some others.’

Ken saw a hint of pride sparkle in Grimalkin’s eye and the man relaxed, if not just a little, before slowly nodding. ‘Da.’

Again, the pair went quiet; awkwardly sitting together while not-quite-looking at each other.

Hwuank!’ Don’s upset honk caught Ken’s attention, and he felt the mimic run into his leg. ‘Hornk! Wunk! Hwunk!

‘Hm? Don? What is it? What has happened—‘ Ken cut off as he turned to the mimic, and let out a sympathetic chuckle as he saw the creature’s bow-tie had been knocked askew. ‘Aw, my friend. Let me fix that for you. Hold still.’

Don gave a whine as Ken reached down and adjusted the mimic’s outfit.

‘There you are!’ Ken declared. ‘All better!’

Huwnk huwnk!’ Don honked, examining himself happily. ‘Hwunk!

The animal then sprinted away to join Mimi in the pen they had set up for the chirplings, and Ken couldn’t help but grin.

Don was a very good animal!

Ken cast his smile to Mr Grimalkin (who scowled in response) before turning back to watch Isa talk with her friends.

Both Isa and Mrs Grimalkin seemed satisfied by the men’s attempts at socialising, and now had their backs turned away from their partners to address Mrs Slader as she explained something in great detail; miming with her hands alongside her explanation.

Ken let out a sigh. ‘What do you think they’re talking about?’


‘What do you think they’re talking about?’ Ken repeated.

‘I do not be knowing!’ Grimalkin growled. ‘How would I be knowing?! Be shutting up mouth, stupid veenie man!’

Ken raised his hands, defensively. ‘Whoa, whoa—‘

‘Baran, darling!’ Mrs Grimalkin’s voice called, and Mr Grimalkin’s growl cut short. ‘Being nice!’

Grrrhmm…’ Mr Grimalkin made a low, not-quite-growl, not-quite-grumble, in his throat before turning away from Ken again.

Ken could only click his tongue awkwardly as he wondered if he should perhaps get up and walk away….

But then, a man that Ken recognised as Malinka’s adoptive brother approached, and complained loudly to Mr Grimalkin.

‘Baran, why did we even come here,’ he whined; in a tone much too childish for how old he was. ‘It’s a wedding for animals!

‘Do not be vhining, Bojangles,’ Grimalkin scolded. ‘Ve are here because it is being important to Malinka.’

‘Well, why couldn’t Malinka come on her own!

‘Because Tanya is deserving time vith friends!’ Grimalkin snapped— And Ken decided, as the tabaxi man started loudly arguing with his son, that perhaps maybe he should go and sit somewhere else.

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