The Wedding – Part 17


Today was one of the best days of Mimi’s life; tied only with three other days.

The day Becky had become her mama.

The day she had met Don.

And the day she had her babies.

Almost all the other days of her life had been good of course— But they just didn’t compare to how good today had been.

Today had had everything.

It had Mimi’s Mama. And Mimi’s Flamingle. And Mimi’s brood. And Mimi’s friends.

And it had also had toys and food and music and new smells and things to transform into! Though those weren’t as important as the other things.

Things like Mimi’s Flamingle, who was cuddling up beside her—

Lick lick!

And things like Mimi’s brood, who were snuggled into her belly—

Lick lick lick lick!

‘Lick!’ cried a happy voice. ‘Lick lick!’

Mimi trilled, and turned so she could look at her friend, Fuzzy.

Fuzzy was a strange little creature; Mama Becky had said that he was a “robot.” Though Mimi wasn’t completely sure what a robot was— Mimi had, when she’d first met Fuzzy, mistaken him for a mimic! Because he looked like one of Mama’s plush toys, but been alive and moved! And even, sometimes, transformed into different version of himself!

But after some explaining, Mimi now knew better…. Fuzzy was not a mimic. But he was still Mimi’s friend, though. A very good friend, indeed!

‘Lick!’ Fuzzy cried again, throwing up his arms and bouncing in excitement. ‘Lick lick! Lick!’

Lick lick!’ Mimi leant over so she could lick Fuzzy’s cheek. ‘Lick lick! Lick Mimi’s friend. Lick lick!

‘Lick!’ Fuzzy gave a happy wrrring sound before pressing his little metal beak against Mimi in an attempt to lick her back. Though, without a tongue, it was more of an affectionate peck. ‘MMMMMMMWAH! Happy! Friend! Bounce bounce!’

Bounce bounce!’ Mimi echoed, bouncing along Fuzzy playfully. ‘Bounce bounce!

Bounce?’ trilled Mimi’s brood. ‘Bounce!


Bounce bounce!



‘Aw, look at all of you! Aren’t you just precious?’

Muffins!’ Mimi let out an excited cry and leapt around to face the man who had cooed at her and her family.

It was a very short tabaxi man —the shortest tabaxi Mimi had ever known!— whose name was Mr Muffins…. He was one of Mimi’s oldest and most smartest friends. He ran the local pet shop, and was always putting things aside for Mama Becky to spoil Mimi with!

He had also been the man who had, a very very long time ago when Mimi was first given to Mama Becky, helped her and Mamé Barbra learn how young it was (because the Other People had lied to her!) and helped to feed it. He had been very helpful, then. Teaching Mimi’s Mama how to look after Mimi properly. How to keep her warm, and how to make sure she drank her milk….

Things that Mimi now knew how to do for her own babies!

‘Ahah, purring up a storm, are we?’ Mr Muffins asked, reaching a hand down over the barrier of the pen Mimi and her family sat in so that he could stroke her over the back. ‘Have you had a good day?’

Very good!’ Mimi chirped. ‘Mimi has had a very good day!

‘Wonderful, wonderful…’ Mr Muffins scratched that perfect itchy spot, and Mimi let out a long sigh. ‘Such a pretty girl, aren’t you?’

Pretty pink!’ Don honked his agreeance. ‘Prettiest pink!

‘Prettiest pink!’ Fuzzy echoed.

Handsome Flamingle!’ Mimi complimented back. ‘Soft Fuzzy!

‘Soft Fuzzy!’

Mimi gave a purr, and slowly extended out her legs…. She was stiff from sitting with her babies for so long, and needed to stretch….

Big… BIG stretch!

She arched her back right up; letting her form shift and contort as she let herself turn fluid and changed her form from a pillow into a pink jewellery chest. Then she shook herself out and licked her brood again (four big licks, one on each of their heads) before nuzzling into her Flamingle and cooing; ‘Flamingle care for brood? Mimi needs to run!

Yes! Yes! I am a good mate!’ Don exclaimed, stepping around Mimi so he was standing over his babies. Then, he lowered himself down on top of them; nestling his body down to keep them warm as they chirped and trilled and purred with happiness. ‘And I am a good papa!

Mimi is thankful!’ Mimi trilled, before leaping over the small barrier and sprinting past Mr Muffins and across the hall.

Many of the guests had left, now, so there was more room for Mimi to run around and stretch her legs.

Run! Run!





Mimi ran around and around the hall, weaving through the legs of people guests, and leaping over the top of animal guests.

She ran and ran, and ran some more; the tension in her muscles fading as she used them, until she had worn herself out and slowed to a stop by the music-person that Mama Becky had hired….

The… uh….


That’s right!

Mimi slowed to a stop by the DJ and their table of music, and sniffed around at it a moment before her attention was drawn to the DJ’s annoyed voice.

‘Look, I told you earlier— No!’ they snapped, and Mimi looked around to figure out who they were talking to….


It was Portia. One of Mama Becky’s good friends— A triton who smelt like fish and the outdoors, and who always snuck Mimi treats when she was over! She was the sort of friend to be naughty and cause problems; which it looked like she was doing, now, as she argued with the DJ.

‘Oi, yeah, nah!’ she exclaimed, throwing out her arms and narrowly missing hitting her boyfriend (a goblin named Toast) in the head. ‘C’mon! Half the party’s gone home already! It won’t be no harm! Just one song!’

No,’ said the DJ, firmly.

‘Aw, why not?!’ Portia asked, her hands slamming onto her hips.

‘Because I have instructions, and those instructions explicitly say, quote, “Do not let Portia DJ”!’ snapped the DJ, holding up a piece of paper with bold writing and a photo of Portia printed on it.

‘That could be anyone!’ Portia scoffed, waving a dismissive hand. ‘C’mon! One song won’t hurt!’



‘Porsh?’ Toast tried. ‘I think maybe we should just—‘

‘—I’m on my knees, Deej!’ Portia exclaimed, dropping to her knees and clasping her hands together. ‘Just one song, mate! Just one!’

‘I said no,’ the DJ huffed. ‘Christ on a fucking bike….


Mimi didn’t like that Portia was bothering the DJ. Mama Becky had spent a long long time picking the best DJ to play at the wedding! And Portia was being naughty and bothering them, and making it hard for them to do what Becky had asked them to!

That was very naughty, and not allowed!

Bad!’ Mimi growled, nipping Portia on the ankle. ‘Naughty! Naughty girl! Naughty Portia!

‘Ow! What the—‘ Portia leapt up and whirled around when Mimi bit her, but when she saw who it was she grinned. ‘Aw! Look! It’s the bride herself, here to tell me I’m allowed to play music!’

No!’ Mimi growled, aiming another nip at Portia’s foot and making the woman leap away.

‘Ah! Hey!’

Naughty! Naughty naughty! Stop it!

‘Alright! Alright! I can take a hint!’ Portia chuckled, scooping Mimi up into her arms and flipping her over so she could scratch her belly.

No you can’t…’ mumbled the DJ.

‘Aw how’s the little cutie! How’s the little— Moist… milky… right, I forgot about that!’ Portia withdrew her hand from Mimi’s underside, flicking off the few droplets of milk that her playful petting had encouraged out of Mimi’s skin. ‘Heh. You’re just like a platypus, ain’t cha?’

Mimi wiggled, giving a loud purr as Portia teased her.

Portia had understood what Mimi was telling her, and stopped being naughty! So now Mimi didn’t have to tell her off anymore!

What a smart girl Portia was!

‘C’mon, Mimi! Let’s go chat with Dad, aye?’

Oh! Oh!

Mimi loved Portia’s papa!

He was a very funny man! Mimi had overheard he was friends with Mr Muffins! And she knew that he, just like the tabaxi, knew all the right places to itch a mimic!

Yes! Yes! Mimi wants to see Stephen!’ Mimi chirped, wiggling in excitement as she was carried over to the triton man and his two boyfriends. ‘Hello Stephen! Hello Jackie! Hello Hydeson!

‘Aw, look at the little rat!’ Hydeson exclaimed, walking over and ruffling Portia’s hair. ‘Oh and Mimi’s here too!’

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