The Wedding – Part 18


Don was a good papa.

The best papa!

Yes! Yes, he was!

He had been a very good papa and waited with his brood, grooming them on their faces and keeping them warm under his belly, until Mimi had come back and settled down for another nap.

She’d let them nuzzle into her as she laid on her side, and she’d purred them all to sleep before curling around them and closing her own eyes.

Pretty Mimi!

Perfect Mimi!

Don’s Mimi was the most beautiful and perfect mama that there ever was! And he was so glad that she had given him a brood!

So, so happy that he had to tap his feet!

Oh, oh! So happy!

But, ah! He didn’t want to disturb his Mimi and their brood!

No, no!

So he would leave.


He would step over the barrier, and go somewhere else, and talk to some of his good friends who hadn’t gone home yet!

Good friends, like….


Don jumped in place with glee when he saw a familiar-and-wonderful orc and wasted no time in sprinting in her direction; honking her name repeatedly as he took a running leap into her arms. ‘BETTY BETTY BETTY BETTY BETTY BETTY BETTY BETTY BETTY BETTY BETTY BETTY BETTY BETTY BETTY BETTY BETTY BETTY BETTY BETTY BETTY BETTY BETTY BETTY BETTY BETTY BETTY BETTY BETTY BETTY BETTY BETTY BETTY BETTY BETTY BETTY BETTY BETTY BETTY BETTY BETTY BETTY—

‘Don!’ Betty (one of Alpha Becky’s old druid classmates that he hadn’t seen since they all graduated half a year ago!) exclaimed as she barely managed to catch him. He wiggled excitedly in her arms, attempting to climb up and lick her all over her face. ‘Hello— Yes. Oh, okay— Yes! I know,m it’s been a while, hasn’t it?’

‘Aw, he jumps on you!’ came a playfully jealous scoff, and Don honked and reached out his neck to peck at Alyssa (another ex-classmate, this one a saytr) in order to say hello.

Oh! Oh! And Fennick the very-quiet human was here too!

Don was so happy! He couldn’t believe that Alpha Becky’s druid classmates had come! He hadn’t realised— If he had known, he would have said hello to them much much sooner!

Don loved all of Becky’s druid classmates! Because, just like him, they were all betas! And they spoke to him very politely and respectfully!

‘I think it’s the boobs,’ another voice commented, and Don honked as Alpha Portia’s friend, Alpha Leeway, twitched one of his long tabaxi ears and grinned. ‘All his favourite people seem to have massive tits! Becky, Marilyn, Benny—And he was always in Oshara’s business!‘

‘Oh, shush!’ Betty snorted, shouldering Leeway with enough force to knock him off his feet.

‘Yeah, that’s not even right!’ Alyssa scolded, putting her hands on her hips and her nose in the air. ‘Like. Have you seen how he is with Mr Bloom?’

Ken! Alyssa was talking about Ken!

Oh! Oh! Don loved Ken!

He loved Ken so much!

‘See? Even mentioning him makes Don all wiggly!’ said Alyssa.

‘There are exceptions to every rule!’ Leeway argued. ‘If he doesn’t like tits, why doesn’t he ever come to me for attention?’

‘It’s probably your loud mouth,’ Betty grinned, adjusting Don in her grip so she could hold him like a newborn and tickle his neck. ‘He likes people who speak to him softly.

Betty was right!

Yes, yes!

Don liked it when people spoke to him with soft and friendly voices!

‘Eh,’ Alpha Leeway waved a dismissive hand. ‘I still think its the tits.’

‘Oh, you would!’ Alyssa scoffed, taking Don from Betty and holding him up happily. ‘But I know what it is you really like!’

Don paused, curiously cocking his head and slowly bringing his tongue back into his mouth.

Alyssa knew what he liked…?

What did she think he liked…?

‘You like Mimi!

OH! OH! YES!’ Don honked, loudly. ‘You are right! You are right! I love my Mimi! I love my pretty pink Mimi! Yes I do! Yes! Yes! I love my Mimi! I love my Mimi so so so much! Yes! Yes!

‘I mean that was a little obvious,’ Leeway gave a humoured snort, and crossed his arms. ‘It is their wedding after all—‘

The druids (and Leeway) began to playfully argue amongst themselves about things Don didn’t completely understand… though he was happy they were including them in the conversation!

Especially when Alyssa had held him up and flown him around, making little nyooming noises as he wiggled his feet and trilled in joy.

But then, it was over all too soon; one by one, all of Don’s druid friends had to go home, and he found himself sitting on Leeway’s shoulder as the tabaxi hunted down his own friend, Toast (a goblin and a beta) and started making hangout plans for the rest of the week.

And even then… soon, the two of them had to leave, and Don was deposited on the floor with cheerful goodbye and a scratch under the chin.

Don was sad that everyone had to go… but also very happy! Because his wedding had let them all have so much fun! Which was a very good thing!

Shaking himself down, Don scanned the room to see who was still around.

There was Alpha Becky and her friends, Alpha Jezzibeth, Alpha Katie, and Marilyn! And Alpha Jezzibeth’s miniature owlbear, Applesauce, was having a nap under the table. And there was also a tall pig-man that Don didn’t know, who was standing with his arm around Marilyn…. They looked like they had enough people to talk to, so Don continued to look around—

Oh! Malinka and her family were at the door— Aw… They were now out the door….

And Omega Benny and Alpha Jareth were also very busy with their friends; packing everything away….

Oh! Oh! It was Don’s very good friend, Tex! Tex, and his owners! Alpha Zombi and Omega Romero!

They were standing in a corner, talking to each other!

Oh, he could go over and say hello to them!

He would go over and say hello to them!

The little mimic hustled over to the two men who stood together talking, coming to a stop just by their feet and looking up at them with a happy smile.

Omega Romero had Tex in his arms, holding him tight, while Alpha Zombi held the bouquet that Mimi had thrown. He was picking at the flowers absent-mindedly as he and Romero talked.

‘Can’t believe Bloom’s letting me take all the leftovers!’ Romero said, pulling out a tissue and wiping Tex’s nose clean. ‘There’s so much!

‘Yeah, it’s pretty cool of her,’ Alpha Zombi replied, not taking his eyes off the flowers as he plucked a petal and began to rub it between his fingers; gently crushing it. ‘I didn’t expect to be invited to this, honestly.’

‘I didn’t expect it to actually be fun,’ Romero added. ‘But hey…. Free food, lots of chairs, and watching other people run around like idiots? I can get behind that—‘

‘—Hello!’ Don wasn’t able to wait any longer for a lull in the conversation to greet the men, and hurriedly jumped up at Zombi and attempted to scale him. ‘Hello!

‘Oh, hey there, little fella,’ Alpha Zombi greeted as Don made his way up to his shoulder and settled down with a happy purr. ‘Aw, look, Ro-Ro! I made a friend!’

‘Hmp,’ Romero gave a humoured scoff. Then, he pulled out another tissue and wiped Don’s mouth. ‘I can see why Tex likes you…. You’re moist!

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