The Wedding – Part 19


The medication was starting to kick in, but Becky didn’t want to go home, yet.

She’d managed to track down three of her closest friends— Katie Mossward, Jezzibeth Courtland, and Marilyn Berger (and, well, Marilyn’s boyfriend, Snorgles the pig-orc, but Becky was too excited to pay attention to him).

Her “clique” as people called them in high school. Though she always just thought of them as her besties.

She knew that if they knew she’d taken her medication, they’d make her go home. Because they were good friends like that. Good friends who wanted her to look after herself….

But she didn’t want to look after herself, right now! She wanted to talk to her besties!

She wanted to hang out with her crew and talk and gossip and laugh, just like they always used to!

So she blinked away the heaviness in her eyes, and swallowed back her yawns, and did her best to act as normal as she possibly could.

She’d said to herself; what would a normal Becky do? What would an everyday Becky do?

What would a Becky not on a large amount of slow-acting sedatives do?

And she’d realised the answer was obvious!

Becky would talk about mimics, of course.

‘—And that’s only what happened when they, like, found the Iron Maiden!’ Becky explained, trying not to flap her arms with excitement as she recounted her favourite documentary. ‘After they put her in the zoo, there was so much more drama and stuff! She’s actually the reason that it’s standard to put heat-sensing cameras in mimic enclosures, now! Old world mimics are just unpredictable, you know?’

‘Yes, Becky, we know!’ Katie mock-groaned, rolling her eyes in a humoured way as she batted at one of the many flowers that were spinning out of Becky’s hands. ‘You’ve only told us this fifty-billion times!’

Becky bit her lip, bouncing in place for a moment.

She’d told them this already?

God, okay. So she had to find something else to talk about!

Something else….

Some else—

‘Like, I’d love to go to Europe one day to see her!’ Becky blurted, unable to control herself. ‘I bet she has, like. Some really interesting stories to tell!’

Ouagh,’ Katie groaned as Becky continued, dramatically throwing her hands up.

‘Katie, you be nice!’ Jezzibeth scolded, waggling a finger in Katie’s face.

‘I am being nice!’ Katie huffed. Then she looked to Becky and grinned. ‘I haven’t told her to shut up yet, have I?’

Jezzibeth just sighed, shaking her head.

Then, Marilyn turned her attention away from her boyfriend and giggled. ‘Aw. Girls! Look. Isn’t that so sweet?’

Katie, Jezzibeth, and Becky all followed Marilyn’s gaze to the other side of the room— And Becky had to cover her mouth to stop herself from squealing when she saw it.

The DJ had left a song running while they packed away the rest of their equipment; a slower song that suited the time of day. And by the booth, face buried in his boyfriend’s neck as they slowly moved in a way that was more a hug than a dance, was Adam.

‘Aw, looks like Adam’s finally done with the photos and is taking some time for himself,’ Jezzibeth acknowledged. ‘I’m glad of that. He’s been working hard all day!’

‘Hasn’t he?’ Katie chuckled. ‘Dude was serious about getting some good shots.’

Oooooh!’ Becky gave a high-pitch whine, and felt herself beginning to bounce in place.

Adam was so nice!

He’d done so much for her, today!

He was such a good friend! And a great person! And— And—

She turned in a circle, tapping her face with her hands and sending out a whoosh of flowers from herself.

Adam was so cute!

‘Hey— Hey, watch it!’ Katie snapped, holding up her arms to protect her face from the sudden burst of petals that flew towards her. ‘Fuck, Beck! Be careful— Ack! Ugh! It got it my mouth! Eugh!’

‘Oh! Oh!’ Becky began bouncing again as an idea that she couldn’t explain hit her. ‘Oh, he’s— I gotta— I have to— OH!’

Becky hurried away from her friends and towards Adam; at the last moment veering towards the wall where the man had left his bag. She swiped up his camera, carefully popping off the lens cap, and then snapped a few shots of her friend and his partner as they danced together.

Then she moved to a different angle, and took some more, before sneaking Adam’s camera back to his bag and hustling back to her friends.

That would be a nice surprise for him, when he went through the photos later!

‘Beck!’ Katie chuckled, punching Becky in the shoulder as she returned. ‘You big goof. Those are going to look terrible! You’re meant to hold the camera still when you take a photo, not bounce around like an idiot!’

‘I can’t help it!’ Becky exclaimed, flapping her arms out again.

Katie grabbed her hands, then, holding her still and giving her a playful glare. ‘You’re gonna take someone out doing that, Beck!’

‘Sorry, sorry!’ Becky exclaimed, pulling her arms close. ‘I just! I can’t help it!’

‘Mm,’ Jezzibeth acknowledged with a hum. ‘Becky, dear, are you alright? You seem very tired.’

‘No, I’m fine,’ Becky lied. ‘I took like, a nap before! So like. You know I’m not tired!’

Mhm,’ Jezzibeth gave another hum, this one apprehensive, and cast Katie and Marilyn a knowing look. ‘You haven’t had your sleeping medication, then?’

No,’ Becky lied, crossing her arms childishly and turning around so Jezzibeth couldn’t see her blush. ‘Why would I take my medicine? I’m still out!’

‘Because I know Isa brought it with her,’ Jezzibeth said, simply. ‘And that you take it at nine every night.’


‘It’s nine-thirty, honey.’

Weeeh,’ Becky made a whiny noise, and scrunched up her face, before turning back to her friends. ‘I’m fine!

‘I think you might need to lay down,’ Jezzibeth said.


‘You shouldn’t fight your medication, Becky—‘

‘—You shouldn’t fight your medication!’ Becky argued, knowing full well that Jezzibeth didn’t take any medication.

Her attitude amused Katie, who snickered into her fist as Jezzibeth sighed and shook her head.

‘I… mmm…’ Becky let out an apologetic whine; which Jezzibeth seemed to understand as she pet her friend on the shoulder.

‘I’m going to go put Applesauce in the car,’ Jezzibeth said; pecking a kiss onto the side of Becky’s head. ‘Don’t you cause any trouble while I do!’

‘Mmm! Okay,’ Becky agreed, rocking on her heels as Jezzibeth carefully bundled up her sleeping owlbear and carried it away. Then, Becky sighed, and turned back to her other friends. ‘It was, like. So good that you came!’

‘Yeah, well. I wanted to see just how extra you were going to be,’ Katie teased, ruffling Becky’s hair. ‘I shouldn’t have been surprised you’d go this far for Mimi.’

‘She wanted a big wedding,’ Becky argued, slowly lowering herself off her toes as a wave of exhaustion hit her.


Maybe Jezzibeth was right.

She was feeling… tired.

Really tired.

Like she couldn’t keep her eyes open, sort of tired….

Even when Katie snorted a laugh and made a cheeky comment, Becky felt her eyes drooping….

Then, suddenly, a hand wrapped around her shoulder and Becky gave a jolt and a snort and opened her eyes wide to find Jezzibeth had returned; Isa at her side.

‘You were right,’ Isa commented to Jezzibeth. Then, she brushed Becky’s hair from her eyes. ‘Come on, Becky. Let’s get you in the car.’

Becky stared at her mother for a long, long moment as she processed what had been said…. Then she frowned at Jezzibeth. ‘You told on me?

‘You’ll thank me tomorrow,’ Jezzibeth chuckled.

Becky blew a loud raspberry in response, before Isa’s embrace around her tightened and she felt herself being guided towards the door.

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