The Wedding – Part 4


It had been an exhausting morning for Isa’vanna Vastille, and it wasn’t even nine yet. Becky had been running from room-to-room since the moment she’d realised what day it was, and Isa had given up on chasing her around the house; instead opting to do something much more productive and cook everyone breakfast.

She wished she could keep her daughter under control, but sometimes it was just impossible.

Becky had always been… a handful.

But, then, there was a reason that Isa had dedicated the last twenty years to caring for Becky.

She loved her. She loved her so damn much it hurt.

She hadn’t meant to fall in love with Becky. It had just happened! She’d not intended to stay on and work for the Bloom family for more than a few months; she was just supposed to help with the household chores while Barbra was pregnant. But then, one thing after the other, there was just always something else they needed help with. And doing something else meant that Isa didn’t have to start the long, gruelling process of job hunting all over again (a dread that, for a long time, stuck in the back of her mind). But then… one night, Isa had found herself rocking a two-year-old Becky to sleep, and she just… couldn’t help herself. And fell in love with her.

Falling in love with Ken was a surprise, though.

Isa sighed, shaking her head, and flipped the last of the pancakes off the frypan and onto their plates.

‘Becky! Ken!’ Isa called across the house as she turned off the stove and masterfully picked up all four plates to carry to the table. ‘Breakfast!’

‘What about me?’ Isabel asked from upstairs.

‘Starve!’ Isa replied; hoping her playful tone came through, but not being completely sure if it did. Then, she looked down to the small children’s table where Don was licking his breakfast bowl clean (apparently Becky thought that her mimics deserved the “dignity” of eating at a table…), and motioned with her head at the animal. ‘Don, would you please go and make sure Ken heard me?’

Huwnk!’ Don replied happily before hustling out of the room.

‘Good boy!’ Isa called after him, placing the plates of food on the table and heading over to wait at the arch that connected the dining room and the lounge as she heard her family start downstairs.

Becky was the first in the room; practically running across the lounge in her hurry to get ready for the day.

‘Ah! Nuh-uh!’ Isa exclaimed, quickly scooping an arm around Becky’s middle to stop her rushing past. ‘You slow down!’

Becky let out a whine as she was blocked off from her breakfast. ‘But Ilhar I just—‘

‘—Nah!’ Isa cut Becky off, leaning her hand against the wall so Becky couldn’t pass her. ‘No excuses. Slow. Down.’

‘But Ilhar it’s—‘


‘But Ilhar—‘




Becky bit her lip, shuffling from foot-to-foot and tugging on her sleeves, before she took a deep breath and slowly nodded.

‘Alright, good,’ Isa lifted her arm and let Becky past. Then she leant against the wall again as she waited for Ken and Isabel to finish their slow descent down the stairs.

As she did she eyed Becky, who had seated herself in her usual spot by the window and was poking at her pancakes with her fork.

The girl cast Isa a childish glance, clearly trying to gauge if she was being watched, before picking up the maple syrup and—

‘Becky!’ Isa scolded as her daughter drank the syrup straight from the bottle.

Becky hurriedly put the bottle back on the table and tried to act as if she’d done nothing wrong. ‘What?’

‘I saw that,’ Isa told her.

‘Saw what?’ Becky asked, sheepishly returning to poking at her breakfast. ‘I didn’t do anything.’

Isa rolled her eyes, trying not to laugh at her daughter’s ridiculous lie, and made her way over to stand by Becky. ‘You didn’t do anything, huh?’

‘N… No.’

‘Really?’ Isa asked, stepping behind Becky and looming over her playfully.

‘No,’ Becky bit her lip, clearly trying to look serious.

Really?’ Isa grinned wide, and leant over her daughter so she could press a kiss into her cheek and whisper in her ear. ‘You’re not drinking my condiments again?

Noooo,’ Becky giggled.

‘You’re not?’




‘So you’re not drinking my condiments? Huh?’ Isa took Becky’s head in her hands and gave it a gentle shake from side to side. ‘And you’re not lying to me? Hmmm? Is my daughter a liar?

Becky snorted a laugh, flowers sprouting from her hair as her happiness triggered her druidcraft, and she pulled away from Isa. ‘I’m a liar,’ she admitted through her giggles.

‘Oh! Oh!’ Isa mocked offence; casting a glance to Ken and Isabel as they finally made their way into the room; Don at their heels. ‘You are, are you? You are?’

Becky was giggling too much to reply as her father sat down and, seeming to think his girlfriend was sufficiently distracted by their daughter, took his own sip of the maple syrup.

Excuse me?!’ Isa’s head shot up, and Ken fumbled the bottle in his panic, dropping it to the floor. ‘Kenneth Bloom, you know better!’

‘Ah, so that’s why you told me to buy the plastic bottles when I went for groceries!’ Isabel observed, retrieving the syrup and placing it back on the table. ‘Oh, Isa! This looks wonderful! Thank you so much!’

‘You’re welcome, Isabel. It’s nice to be appreciated,’ Isa grinned. Then she ruffled Becky’s hair and made her way back into the kitchen to retrieve the girl’s medication. ‘I don’t know why I even bother making meals for you two!’

Becky snickered and shrugged as she was given a small handful of tablets to take. She swallowed them with a cup of juice, before stuffing an entire pancake in her mouth. ‘Mamk yuh Ewhah!

‘Don’t talk with your mouth full,’ Isa reminded, before finally taking her own seat and politely cutting up her food to eat. ‘And you’re welcome.’

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