The Wedding – Part 7


Everything had to be perfect!

Everything had to be perfect!

Becky paced the hall, tugging on the hem of her dress as she ran over all of the preparations in her mind. She had to get everything perfect for Mimi’s wedding day, or she would never forgive herself!

God, what was she missing? She was obviously missing something!

What was it?!

Okay, okay— One thing at a time….


Adam was here and ready to handle the photography. And he had accepted the offer of help from Mr Shedskin, so now there were two photographers; which had been a massive relief for Becky to know. Especially with Mr Shedskin being a kobold. He was so much shorter than Adam (Mr Shedskin was only two feet tall, while Adam was eight foot) and was going to be able to get completely different angles— They had come to the agreement that Adam would focus mostly on photos of the people guests, and Mr Shedskin would focus on photos of the animal guests—

God, Shedskin!



Becky still had to talk to Wendy Shedskin about the officiation!

Her friend was a legally recognised celebrant, now. And even though she had thought Becky was being a little eccentric, she’d understood that this was important and agreed to help with the wedding.

Becky almost kicked herself as she looked around for her friend. She still needed to talk to Wendy about what she was going to say, exactly, and figure out the paperwork!

She had to—

Becky’s phone buzzed, and she glanced down at it.

It was a text from her boyfriend, Jareth; asking her what was wrong. He could see her pacing.

Becky look a deep breath and glanced over to the main part of the hall where Jareth was standing. He caught her eye, giving her a warm-but-worried smile, and she let out a long breath and texted him back.

Becky: i dont no were wendy is

Becky: i need 2 no about paper work

Jareth: Don’t worry babe. I already spoke to Wendy and that’s all sorted

Becky: u did??

Becky: thank u!!!

Jareth: I’ve got your back baby don’t worry 👍

Becky let out another breath, and looked back up at Jareth.

Thank god she had Jareth! She wasn’t sure how she’d be surviving this without him— She wasn’t sure how she would have survived the last ten years without him!

He was the best. The absolute best man she ever could have found.

He had always there for her; ever since they were kids. He was always driving her places, buying her gifts, keeping her safe— And he never asked for anything more than her love in return.

Becky couldn’t help but grin at the orcish man as he began to mime to her; pointing at his brother Benny before motioning with a tap to his head and a roll of his eyes that read very clearly:

Benny’s being an idiot!

It made Becky laugh, and she felt herself relaxing.

She didn’t have to worry so much; Jareth was here to help her. Him, and so many other people.

Jareth had somehow convinced all of his friends to come and help set up the wedding. He’d brought them in to move furniture and hang up decorations, but they’d ended up doing so much more than first asked, and Becky was extremely grateful.

Even if they’d made fun of her, a little bit, for being so “Becky.

Honestly. She probably would have made fun of herself if she wasn’t so stressed about making sure everything was perfect for Mimi….


She should go check on Mimi.

Becky turned on her heels, heading for one of the hall’s private back rooms, and knocked before entering.

‘Mimi, baby?’ she asked, glancing around until she found her pet curled up on one of the room’s couches, feeding the chirplings. ‘How are you doing?’

Mimi is good!’ Mimi answered, licking at its babies affectionately. ‘Mimi’s babies were hungry, so Mimi stopped grooming to let them eat!

Aw,’ Becky cooed, carefully taking a seat next to Mimi and petting her down her back. ‘You are such a good mama.’

Mimi beamed, giving a happy trill, before licking at her babies again. ‘Mimi needs help with Mimi’s hat.

‘Ah, your veil!’ Becky nodded, and hurriedly searched the room for the tiny bridal veil her father had made. She found it quickly, sitting by Mimi’s carrier, and helped set it in place on top of Mimi’s head.

Thanks, Mama!’ Mimi chirped. ‘Has Mimi’s Flamingle gotten here?

‘Uhh… I think they were pulling up as I came in,’ Becky said. ‘Do you want to see him?’

Yes!’ Mimi trilled. ‘Mimi wants to see Flamingle! But only when it is time to see Flamingle…. Is it time to see Flamingle yet?

‘Uh, not for another… hour? Probably,’ Becky estimated.

Mimi made a mildly irritated fart noise, before returning to grooming its babies. ‘Mimi will wait. Mimi’s Mama has done very good with Mimi’s wedding. Mimi does not want to be impatient!

Becky couldn’t help but chuckle at Mimi’s compliment.

It was nice to know that Mimi appreciated what she was doing for it….

‘Is there anything else you need, baby?’ Becky asked. ‘Before I go back out?’

Mimi looked like it was in thought for a long moment…. Then it slowly reached out a long, spidery leg and tapped at Becky’s side.

Mimi would like to nap in Mama’s lap!

‘Oh…’ Becky hesitated. ‘Um… I was supposed to be out there to keep an eye on the guests, but…. I can ask Jareth for help.’

Do! Yes!’ Mimi trilled. ‘Mama must nap with Mimi!

Becky pulled out her phone, then, and quickly sent a text to Jareth.

Becky: hay bab e mimi wants me 2 sat in hear with her 4 her nap

Becky: r u o k 2 do prep on own 4 a wile?

Becky: she is tied and want me their with her

Jareth: 👍👍👍

Jareth: I’ve got your back, baby girl!

Becky: thamk u

Jareth: You should get a nap in, too, while you can!

Becky: im 2 nervous

Jareth: Even if you are you should at least lie down and close your eyes

Becky: wat if i miss impotent fone call?

Jareth: You’ll feel better

Jareth: If anything important happens I’ll handle it!

Becky: o k

Becky: u r best jareth

Jareth: 😎

Becky: thank u

Becky: u r big help

Jareth: That’s what I’m here for, babe 💪

Becky: o jareth?

Jareth: Yeah?

Becky: wen we get marry

Becky: plese

Jareth: When? 😳

Becky: small wedding

Becky: i cant do this a gain

Jareth: Noted ❤️

Becky felt herself smiling at Jareth’s texts, and let herself give a sigh of relief.

She could have a ten minute break.

Jareth was here. And so were many other people (like Isa, and Wendy, and Mrs Slader) who all just wanted to make sure everything went well…

A short nap wouldn’t hurt.

Becky put her phone down, and carefully slid her legs behind Mimi so that she could stretch out on the couch and lay down with her pets.

Mimi gave a happy trill; which all of her babies echoed as they began bouncing around in excitement.

Mamé!’ they chirped.

Mamé’s napping with us!


Love Mamé!

‘I love you too, babies,’ Becky cooed, laying her arm down so that the chirplings could all snuggle up underneath it. ‘Let’s all get some sleep, so that we’re ready for your mama’s wedding!’

A chorus of happy trills filled the room as the four chirplings cuddled into Becky’s side; and Becky grinned at Mimi as it skittered up to lick her cheek.

Mimi loves Mama!’ Mimi purred. ‘And Mama loves Mimi!

‘I do,’ Becky agreed. ‘I love you more than the whole world.’

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