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Overdue Updates

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since my last update. Life’s been SUPER busy and posting monthly updates has sort of been pushed to the back 😛 I most certainly have NOT been meeting my goal of a reference sheet

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Summary of Art/Next Years Goals + December Favourites (Nudity Warning)

Hey everyone! Welcome to the new year! This year’s been really good for me, art-wise, and I reached pretty much all my goals! ^-^ Mostly my focus was on character designs, but I also managed to work on my composition

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November Favourites

Hey everyone! November favourites are a week late, it’s just been like that this month. You know what I’m talking about XD On the plus, I’ve finished quite a few obligations and should be getting a break soon, so I

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October Favourites (Nudity Warning)

This month was SUPER productive for me! I did some big pictures, and lots of character references. Several of them commissions! 😀 I don’t have much to say about it all, other than I’m very proud of them all and

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September Favourites

Hey everyone! Another month, another lot of artwork finished! And a big picture finished, at that! I was working on this drawing during August and finished it only a couple of days into the September, but it wasn’t including in

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August Favourites (+ Halloween Invite)

Hey everyone! August wasn’t a huge month for art, as I spent most of it writing, doing website maintenance, and helping my fiance get their own art setup … set up (haha). If you’re interested in my fiance’s art you

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July Favourites (Nudity Warning) + New Tablet + Writing!

Hey everyone! A few days late with the update because a lot’s been happening! I’ve started a Friday class, which is exhausting, and have been very distracted by art fight! :O So excuse me for being a little tardy with

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June Favourites! (Nudity Warning) + Art Fight!

Hey all! First off is a little announcement: I’m going to be joining Art Fight again this year, so I’m holding a special on my commissions. All art commissioned this month will be 50% off, with the condition that they

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May Favourites

This month’s not been as productive as I’d been expecting art-wise, but I’m still really happy because the Demrefor website has had quite a few major updates that kept me busy! The updates include some new pages, cleaner code and images,

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April Favourites! (Nudity Warning)

Hey everyone! This month was pretty good! Not as productive as I would have liked, but I produced some work I’m very proud of! Lots of character designs, both for myself and others.

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-Redid the My Writing page to make everything easier to navigate

-Finished my first screenplay, My Girlfriend is a Seagull

-Neatened up some stuff on my commission page & added slots per commission type