March Favourites!

What’s up, everyone? This month was a MUCH more productive month than last, art-wise! I’ve had a lot of opportunities to sit down and draw. Though, sadly, my written work has been … halted, so to speak. Lots of things going on where my hands are free, but my mind isn’t.

So I have done a lot of drawings! 🙂 Lots of coloured sketches, character designs, fan art, and drawings for other people!

February Favourites (Nudity Warning)

Hey all! It’s been a busy month, sorry about February’s art being a few days late! If you want updates for my art as it comes you can always follow my deviantART or my art tumblr! More gets posted here than in these updates!

There isn’t too much art from the month to share; mostly, I’ve been busy working on my novels (and dealing with Centrelink hey hey). I’ve posted over 60,000 of Ka’harja’s Journey for free on Demrefor‘s website, so if you fancy reading one of my novels’ drafts, head on over!

I’m also in the middle of updating my commission page! Hopefully it’s a little less image-heavy, and loads faster! Currently, commissions are open but limited; I’m working on setting up a better payment system for myself.

Anyway, those are the updates! Now onto the art! First off is a comic that took way to long, then the rest of the work!

December Favourites & 2017 Favourites! (Nudity Warning \ Image Heavy)

December Favourites

December was a decent month; I didn’t draw as much as I would have liked, but I’ve done a fair amount!
Most of it is character design art, with some of it being fan art! Most of what I did this month was loose sketches, most of which haven’t been posted online. But you can view the WIPs at the bottom of the December Favourites section!

2017 Favourites!

Here are my favourites from the year; considering this as a “year in review”!

Late November Favourites! (Nudity Warning)

Woo! I actually remembered to make an art post on the right day! There’s not as much in this one as usual. Most of it is coloured sketches, but I’m super proud of them all this month!

There’s also a half-sketched comic at the end, which I think is pretty funny but needs the context of Demrefor’s world building

And the dumb comic sketch:

Mid-October to Mid-November Favourites! (Nudity Warning)

I forgot to add an end of October post because I was busy planning for my family’s Halloween party (whoops!) so here are my favourite pieces done from Mid-October to now!

November has been pretty busy thus far and this update includes fan art, character design, gift art, and style experiments! And at the very bottom are some unfinished sketches that I really like!

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