Overdue Updates

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since my last update. Life’s been SUPER busy and posting monthly updates has sort of been pushed to the back 😛 I most certainly have NOT been meeting my goal of a reference sheet a week but that’s alright because, instead, I’ve been planning 2 weddings (one of which is my own)! I’ve only just gotten some spare time, and I thought I’d put out a quick update.

The Wedding

If you weren’t already aware, I will be marrying a beautiful woman, Charlotte, on the 16th (2 more days)! We celebrated out 10th anniversary as a couple last year, and now, in our 11th year, we’ve finally been able to get everything organised and get married!

This is a very exciting time for us, and we’ve been focusing almost all our time+energy on getting the wedding sorted as a lot of our family and friends have to travel interstate. I’ll try and remember to post another update in a few days about the wedding, but if I can’t get on, there’ll definitely be some photos uploaded to my Twitter sometime!

Everything else aside, though, we’re hoping it all goes well!

Art & Writing Updates

The wedding doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing art at all, though! It just means I’ve been a little slower. Demrefor is still updating as usual, and I’ve begun posting some of the Klandstone Romances to my toyhou.se and Wattpad accounts for free!

Most of my visual work has been coloured sketches instead of fully lined artwork. Mostly, it’s been focused on redesigns and concept art for Demrefor, and some drawings for Charlotte’s own project, Ilyris.

I’ve done a lot of art I’m proud of, which I’ll put a few choice pieces below.

Summary of Art/Next Years Goals + December Favourites (Nudity Warning)

Hey everyone! Welcome to the new year! This year’s been really good for me, art-wise, and I reached pretty much all my goals! ^-^ Mostly my focus was on character designs, but I also managed to work on my composition and speed at which I draw!

Overall, very happy with how the year’s gone by. Here’s a summary of art from this year!

Template || Links to Art

So, after hitting all my goals for last year, I’m challenging myself this year! I’m going to try and finish at least 1 reference sheet a week, and do a full illustration every month. It’s not going to be easy, but I feel it’ll push me to improve even further 😀

As for my favourite drawings from December…

I’m very proud of the ones I did last month. Sadly, I had quite a lot of WIPs that I couldn’t complete because my laptop broke, so there are quite a few sketches at the bottom. They’re all very nice, though!

So here’s the art from last month, in no particular order:

November Favourites

Hey everyone! November favourites are a week late, it’s just been like that this month. You know what I’m talking about XD On the plus, I’ve finished quite a few obligations and should be getting a break soon, so I should be making more art (and writing) in the next few weeks!

October Favourites (Nudity Warning)

This month was SUPER productive for me! I did some big pictures, and lots of character references. Several of them commissions! 😀 I don’t have much to say about it all, other than I’m very proud of them all and I’m happy to finally have some of these character designs worked out!

I also started work on a lot of drawings! I’m only posting a few of the WIPs at the bottom.

September Favourites

Hey everyone! Another month, another lot of artwork finished!

And a big picture finished, at that! I was working on this drawing during August and finished it only a couple of days into the September, but it wasn’t including in the previous post so I’m going to show you all here now! I’m very proud of this drawing! If you want to see the background details you might have to turn your brightness up.

And after that, I made quite a bit of art I’m proud of!

And I coloured some old sketches!

August Favourites (+ Halloween Invite)

Hey everyone! August wasn’t a huge month for art, as I spent most of it writing, doing website maintenance, and helping my fiance get their own art setup … set up (haha). If you’re interested in my fiance’s art you can find them HERE!

I’ve cleaned up my commissions page and shrunk down the art examples so that they load faster, hopefully making things easier for those with slower net!

I also spent a large amount of my drawing time on a single picture (whoops) that’s going to be print quality + fully shaded, like my previous picture of Centela and Mingan, only this one has 5 characters instead of 2! Again, this one is being made to push my limits … and to test the limits of my new hardware! 😀

I’m super happy with it so far and, though progress has been slow, I’m hoping to get it done really soon!

On top of this picture, I also did a Halloween card to send out to my friends for the holiday! It’s not much, but it’s avaliable for people to use themselves. You can download it free HERE to use as an eCard, buy a printed copy on my redbubble HERE, or pay $1 HERE for the full-resolution files to print yourself! I know the eCard version is decent quality, but I do ask that you please pay the $1 if you intend to print as I could use the extra income!

As for the art I finished this month … a LOT of it was character designs! :O For myself, and for others! I’m very proud of all of them and will hopefully be able to keep it all up 😀 These ones are the designs I didn’t use my own base for (the designs I used the base for are at the end of the post!)

And I also did a little bit of general art, where I didn’t have to design the characters from scratch.

Aaaaand I used a base (that I made) to power through the designs of some of Demrefor’s side characters. I used the base because I really needed to get these designs down for the books, but they’re not characters I’m going to be drawing or buying art for, so they can look more “generic” in their refs.

July Favourites (Nudity Warning) + New Tablet + Writing!

Hey everyone! A few days late with the update because a lot’s been happening! I’ve started a Friday class, which is exhausting, and have been very distracted by art fight! :O So excuse me for being a little tardy with the updates. Although, this update is a pretty wordy one, so be prepared for text!

I’m excited to say that I have a new art tablet, which is not only more powerful than my old one, but not cracked in half! So you can expect work to look a lot nicer right off the bat just because I’m actually able to see what I’m drawing now 😉 So I’m happy to announce that now, with art fight coming to an end and my new tablet being awesome, that commissions are open again! If you like anything featured in this post, please consider buying something from me!

I’ve also been doing a TON of writing this month! A Man Worth a Million has a new preview, and Demrefor has had quite a few updates. I’m really hoping to get more of the Kladstone Romance previews added up on the site. I’m in the rewriting stage for Black and White’s preview, with The Catch’s opening scene being about halfway done. I’ve not started Another Shot’s public draft, but I’ve been working out a LOT to do with the characters and I’m very happy with how it’s first draft is turning out.

I’m going to start off the art in this post by showing off a collaboration a friend and I did! You can find my friend’s tumblr profile HERE if you’re interested! I really do recommend checking them out, as they’re a great artist and lovely person!

Though they’re not listed on my page, I am open to do collabs with people! I’m generally most comfortable doing the line work of an image, though in this picture I also shaded and did the background!

Secondly, a friend’s birthday came about, so I put a lot of love into making them a gift, which I’m rather proud of. Their characters are awesome and they do a lot of cool art, so you should really consider checking out their deviantART account HERE.

As for the rest of July’s art; as I was making art for other people this month I was focusing mostly on quality over quantity. The next few images will be art fight “attacks”, followed by some personal art.

Next I have some concept art for Demrefor, and a reference of “Renismia”, a character from a personal project I’m not posting much about yet (as I’d prefer to focus on Kladstone and Demrefor). There’s also some sketches at the end, which are just from here and there! 🙂

And hey, if I’ve managed to hold your interest all the way until the end here you can also share my excitement in my new business cards! They’re nothing special but they’ve got me really excited!

June Favourites! (Nudity Warning) + Art Fight!

Hey all! First off is a little announcement: I’m going to be joining Art Fight again this year, so I’m holding a special on my commissions. All art commissioned this month will be 50% off, with the condition that they won’t be started until August!
If you’re wanting to join me in Art Fight, I highly encourage it! Art Fight is extremely fun and rewarding, whatever skill level you’re at!

Anyway, onto the monthly favourites:

June didn’t turn out the most images, but it certainly turned out some good ones! I spent the majority of the month working on one particular piece (which almost completely trashed my tablet, RIP). It’s a redraw of an older piece, done to show 8 years of progress!

I really pushed myself with this one, and am VERY happy with how it came out! It’s available on my Redbubble and Society6!

Otherwise, I turned out some pretty nice pictures this month! Not as many as I would have liked, but they all look super good, so I’m content with the work!

May Favourites

This month’s not been as productive as I’d been expecting art-wise, but I’m still really happy because the Demrefor website has had quite a few major updates that kept me busy! The updates include some new pages, cleaner code and images, changes to images/buttons to make the website more accessible to screen readers, and got the twitter page properly set up for updates!

Sooo hopefully I’ll be a bit more productive with art next month, as I have a lot of art to do in order to fill up the new website pages, and a small queue of requests for people! But until then, enjoy the content from this month!