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June Favourites! (Nudity Warning) + Art Fight!

Hey all! First off is a little announcement: I’m going to be joining Art Fight again this year, so I’m holding a special on my commissions. All art commissioned this month will be 50% off, with the condition that they

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May Favourites

This month’s not been as productive as I’d been expecting art-wise, but I’m still really happy because the Demrefor website has had quite a few major updates that kept me busy! The updates include some┬ánew pages, cleaner code and images,

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April Favourites! (Nudity Warning)

Hey everyone! This month was pretty good! Not as productive as I would have liked, but I produced some work I’m very proud of! Lots of character designs, both for myself and others.

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March Favourites!

What’s up, everyone? This month was a MUCH more productive month than last, art-wise! I’ve had a lot of opportunities to sit down and draw. Though, sadly, my written work has been … halted, so to speak. Lots of things

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February Favourites (Nudity Warning)

Hey all! It’s been a busy month, sorry about February’s art being a few days late! If you want updates for my art as it comes you can always follow my deviantART or my art tumblr! More gets posted here

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January Favourites (Nudity Warning)

I tell a lie; this is literally all the art I did in January… So I didn’t draw much this month, but I’ve done some pictures I’m very proud of!

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December Favourites & 2017 Favourites! (Nudity Warning \ Image Heavy)

December Favourites December was a decent month; I didn’t draw as much as I would have liked, but I’ve done a fair amount! Most of it is character design art, with some of it being fan art! Most of what

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-Redid the My Writing page to make everything easier to navigate

-Finished my first screenplay, My Girlfriend is a Seagull

-Neatened up some stuff on my commission page & added slots per commission type