To order a commission, please email me at

Please make sure you have looked at my commission terms and copyright before ordering a commission! This is in place to protect both you and myself 🙂

Prices are all in AUD and are dependent on the complexity of the design and pose you want. I will do up to 4 characters in a single drawing.

I will draw

  • Nudity & sexual content (NSFW)*
  • Mild violence / blood / bruises
  • Various species, anthro and feral
  • High resolution images (up to 9,000 x 9,000 pixels)

I will not draw

  • Mecha or robots**
  • Unsanitary kinks
  • “Morally questionable” content (including but not limited to: NSFW or kink of non-humanoid, feral, underage, and/or related characters)

*Payment options will be limited for sexual content
**Prosthetic / robotic limbs on organic characters are fine

Rough Sketch: Open

Best for quick concept work, this commission has a small resolution and no corrections outside of design mistakes (such as incorrect markings or wrong hairstyle). Will finish and then send the full, unwatermarked version to you!

$5-$20 per character, can be coloured or uncoloured!

Quick Colour: Open

Good for personal stuff, this commission type is generally made at a small resolution. I’ll send an initial sketch to make sure you’re alright with the pose, then I’ll tidy the sketch and confirm with you again that you’re happy with the work before going directly into the colours. There will be line imperfections and may contain some construction lines.

$20-$30 per character.

Clean Lines: Open

This is the highest quality commission I currently offer. It will be a fully cleaned up piece of art. I’ll send you progress shots throughout the creative process for feedback, as detailed my commission terms.

$30-$40 per character.

Character References: Open

Character references are done in the clean lines style. I will send you progress shots of the reference throughout the process to make sure that your character is accurate.

Reference commissions include:

  • Front and back shots of the character in a simple standing pose.
  • 1 full outfit.
  • Optional nude/underwear reference to use as a base for adding extra outfits (only for 18+ characters; for younger characters I will do singlet+shorts).
  • Colour palettes for easy selection.
  • Up to 5 important character items (such as weapons, or jewellery, or tattoos) drawn separately on the side.

Please provide to me:

  • Details on body type
  • The type of clothing and accessories you want them to have
  • Notes of important scars, birthmarks, markings, etc.
  • A quick brief on the character’s personality (for expression+pose reasons).
  • Any preexisting artwork of the character (if you want me to design the character without any visuals of them to work off, it’s an extra fee).

$40-$50 Base Cost
+$10 Per Extra Outfit

+$30 to design your character from a text description

Commission Type Comparison

Here are some examples of the same image, side-by-side, with the sort of quality you could expect from the rough, quick, and clean commission types if you were to get complex shading and backgrounds (open to discuss this, though I have no set prices).

Rough Sketch
Quick Colour
Clean Lines

Commission terms were updated November 2021. If you ordered a commission before November 2021, you may find the old copyright and terms HERE.