Loyalty Discount: If you have purchased $20+ total in commissions from me previously you get 50% off.

Please make sure you have looked at my commission terms and copyright before ordering a commission! This is in place to protect both you and myself 🙂

Prices are per character; I will do up to 4 characters in a single drawing.

All prices are in AUD. Most payment processors I use will be able to convert from USD or other currencies. If you’re paying in USD, prices should be cheaper for you after conversion.

Rough Colour Sketch: Open

Best for quick concept work, this commission has a small resolution and no corrections outside of design mistakes (such as incorrect markings or wrong hairstyle). Will finish and then send the full, unwatermarked version to you!

$5 Headshot
$10 Half shot
$15 Full body
$5+ Background

Shading +10%

Full Size Examples

Quick Colour: Open

Good for personal stuff, this commission type is generally made at a small resolution. I’ll send an initial sketch to make sure you’re alright with the pose, then I’ll tidy the sketch and confirm with you again that you’re happy with the work before going into the colours.

$10 Headshot
$20 Half Shot
$30 Full body
$10+ Background

Shading +10%

Full Size Examples

Clean Colour: Closed

This is the highest quality commission I offer at a non-printable resolution. It will be a fully cleaned up piece of art. I’ll send you progress shots throughout the creative process for feedback, as detailed my commission terms.

$20 Headshot
$30 Half Shot
$40 Full body
$20+ Background

Shading +10%

Full Size Examples

Print Resolution: Closed

High quality lines done at a high resolution for printing. Please specify any sizing requirements you require. I will send multiple progress shots throughout the drawing process and preform stage-by-stage corrections.

$30 Headshot
$50 Half Shot
$100 Full body
$40+ Background

Shading +20%

Full Size Examples

Character References: Closed

Please Provide:

  • Details on body type
  • Clothing/accessories
  • A quick brief on the character’s personality (for expression+pose reasons).
  • Any pre-existing artwork of the character. If you want me to design the character without pre-existing artwork, it’s an extra +$25

$30 Base Cost
+$20 Complex / Non-symmetrical designs
+$10 Per Extra Outfit

+$20 to design your character from a text description

Full Size Examples

Pay What You Want (PWYW)Experimental: Open

PWYW commissions are currently experimental.

Pay what you want commissions are a cheaper alternative to my other commission options. They are pieces where I am given full control of what happens, with the detail, style, and quality of the images determined by how much was paid.

The quality of PWYW commissions will vary from piece to piece. However, I will always make sure a minimum standard is met: your characters will always be recognisable, will have their important features (eg. tails, ears, eyes) considered, and the commissions will never be less than a bust.

PWYW commissions are non-refundable.

$5 Minimum

Full Size Examples

Order Commission

Before you order a commission, please make sure you read and understand my commission terms and copyright and make sure your commission request complies with my content restrictions. If you’re unsure about payment methods, details about them are listed on the commission terms page.

If I don’t responded within three weekdays your order may not have come through properly and you are welcome to send another. Or, you may try to contact me on one of my online accounts.