NOTE: Commissions are currently limited as I’m working as a concept artist for the in-development animated series, Stranded.

The only commissions currently open are rough colour sketches, quick messy lines, and PWYW! Sorry if you wanted something cleaner, but my time is rather limited at the moment!

Waiting list: 1

Current Discounts:

Please make sure you have looked at my commission terms and copyright before ordering a commission!

If you’re unsure what the commission you’re looking for falls under, please feel free to request a quote! Simply fill out the order form with the sort of thing you’re looking for and I can give you an accurate price.


All prices are in AUD. Most payment processors will handle conversion costs from USD or other currencies.

Prices are per character.

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Rough Colour Sketch

5/5 Slots Available

Best for quick concept work, this commission has a small resolution and no corrections outside of design mistakes (such as incorrect markings or wrong hairstyle). Will finish and then send the full, unwatermarked version to you!

This commission type is my cheapest option available as there is little to no clean up of the sketch and is the easiest+fastest type of commission for me to complete.

$5 Headshot
$7 Bust
$10 Half shot
$14 Full body
+$2 Background (Simple or lineless)
+$5 Background (Complex)
+10% Shading

Quick Messy Lines

3/3 Slots Available

Good for personal stuff and web display, this commission type is generally made at a small resolution. If you need a particular size for things such as forum signatures, let me know!

I’ll send an initial sketch or two to make sure you’re alright with the pose, then once you have something you like I’ll properly work out the sketch and confirm with you again that you’re happy with the way I’ve done your character before going into the linework.

$7 Headshot
$10 Bust
$13 Half Shot
$15 Full body
+$5 Background (Simple or lineless)
+10% Shading

Clean Colour Sketch

0/4 Slots Available

Good for web display as cleaned coloured sketches don’t tend to exceed 3000 pixels on their largest side. I will send progress shots throughout the drawing process and preform multiple corrections as we go!

This is the highest quality commission I offer at a non-printable resolution.

$10 Headshot
$15 Bust
$18 Half Shot
$20 Full body
+$5 Background (Simple or lineless)
+$10 Background (Detailed)
+10% Shading

Clean Lines and Colour

0/1 Slots Available

Print quality with a high resolution. I usually up the canvas to around 9000 pixels with 350 dpi, but I can adjust as needed! Will send multiple progress shots throughout the drawing process and preform any stage-by-stage corrections for free.

This is the most expensive type of commission you can buy from me, due to the resources and time it takes to complete these peices (and if you’re not looking to print your image, I recommend checking out my cheaper services)

$30 Headshot
$40 Bust
$50 Half Shot
$60 Full body
+$10-$20 Background (Simple or lineless)
+$30 minimum Background (Detailed)
+10% Shading

Pay What You Want (PWYW)

5/5 Slots Available

PWYW commissions are currently experimental.

Pay what you want sketch commissions are a cheaper alternative to my other commission options. They are uncoloured sketches that range from rough to clean, with the detail of the images (generally) determined by how much was paid.

The quality of PWYW sketch commissions will vary from piece to piece. However, I will always make sure a minimum standard is met: your characters will always be recognisable, will have their important features (eg. tails, ears, eyes) considered in the sketch, and the commissions will never be less than a bust.

PWYW commissions are be non-refundable.

$5 Minimum

Character References

0/2 Slots Available

Character references are only available as clean coloured sketches; this makes it much easier to add multiple outfits while keeping the reference functional and clean.

Each reference will have 2 parts; the body reference and the clothed reference. Multiple outfits can be added onto the reference sheet for a $5-$10, depending on the outfit complexity.
If you don’t want to pay the +$5 for non-symmetrical designs, I can make a non-flipped clothing reference for more complex characters!

Please Provide:
Details on body type
A quick brief on the character’s personality (for expression+pose reasons).
Pre-existing artwork of the character (even an MS Paint doodle is fine! If you want me to design the character, it’s an extra +$25)

$25 Base Cost
+$5 Complex non-symmetrical designs
+$5-$10 Per Extra Outfit

+$25 to design your character from a text description

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