Character References

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$25 Base Cost
+$5 For Non-Symmetrical Designs
+$5 Per Extra Outfit
+$10 Designing from Scratch
+$5 for Back Shot (Per Outfit)

Character references are only available as clean coloured sketches; this makes it much easier to add multiple outfits.

Each reference will have 2 parts; the body reference and the clothed reference. Multiple outfits can be added onto the reference sheet for a $5 per outfit.
If you don’t want to pay the +$5 for non-symmetrical designs, I can make a non-flipped clothing reference!

Please Provide:
Details on body type, clothing/accessories, and a quick brief on the character’s personality (for expression+pose reasons). Images of actors/animals/clothes are a great way to show the type of character you’re looking for, but aren’t required if your character has pre-existing artwork!

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