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Before you order a commission, please make sure you read and understand my commission terms and copyright and make sure your commission request complies with my content restrictions!

If you’re unsure about the payment methods, details about them are listed below the order form!

Order Form


When paying for commissions through methods that allow multiple currencies, such as PayPal, my prices are in AUD. However, if buying through methods that only display prices in USD, I will charge USD to minimise currency conversion costs and simplify the payment process.


If you want to buy a commission through Paypal please send me an email at, or use the order form above!

Please include the type of commission you want, details on the character(s), your primary contact email, and the email you use for Paypal payments (please specify if it is the same as your contact address).
If there is a deadline, please specify in the initial email. And if you want to work closely with me on the commission, please include your Discord details so I can message you with updates!

After confirming the details of your commission are correct, I will send you the commission’s invoice via PayPal. The minimum 1/3 must be paid before I begin working on your commission and you will not be added to the waiting list until the payment has been made.
Do not send me any payments without receiving an invoice.

You will receive frequent updates on your commission for feedback. I’m more than happy to make changes to sketches and colours; however, any major changes (e.g, pose, expression) after the lining stage may incur an extra fee.
All previews of commissions will have a minimum of 1 watermark obscuring the work unless you have paid for your commission in full.

After the completion of the commission, you will have up to 60 days to pay the rest of the invoice in full. Once the invoice has been paid I will send you the full resolution image with the watermark removed via a dropbox link; this link will expire 30 days after it’s creation, so make sure to save your commission!

If I haven’t responded within three weekdays your order may not have come through properly and you are welcome to send another. Or, you may try to contact me on one of my online accounts.

Art Trades

If you want to contact me about art trades you may use my order form, though the best way to do so is on a website such as deviantART or tumblr so that I can see your own online profile. Your technical skill level doesn’t matter as long as you’re willing to put effort into the art. If you’re interested, please don’t hesitate to send me a message!
Obviously, I reserve the right to reject an art trade if your style doesn’t appeal to me, but this doesn’t happen too often.

I expect the same amount of effort in return for art trades; if you buy a full body you will have to pay a full body, if you buy a headshot you will pay a headshot, etc.

I will do a rough sketch of your commission and send it to you for confirmation on the pose and character details.
I will not continue work on the sketch until you have begun work on your half of the trade and shown me your own rough sketch.

After confirmation of the rough sketch, I will complete the line work and send again for feedback. If you are happy with the line work, I will finish the trade. I will send you the unwatermarked version of the drawing after you have completed your half of the trade.

Waterfall is a rather nice website that has recently released a commission marketplace! It runs on Stripe, so please feel free to check out my profile and pay through them if you wish!

My profile can be found HERE, though you can also contact me through my own order form! The prices on are only available in USD, so this option is probably best for my international buyers.

I haven’t done commissions over before so it might take a while for me to add details! However, if you want to pay with and are alright with me using your commission as a learning curve, I’ll be happy to give you a discount for your trouble!

DeviantART Points

If you want to pay with this option, please include your deviantART account name in the commission order form, or contact me directly through my deviantART account through a comment on my profile or a private note.

Please include what type of commission you want, details on the character(s), and if there is a date you need the work finished by.

Due to deviantART’s points handling system, I will ask that the commission is paid in full before I begin work and will set up a custom widget for this. Please do NOT pay through my donation pool or the default “send points” option.
I work with the conversion of 100 points = $1.


I’m more than happy to discuss payments through other methods, such as online currencies and gift cards! These will have their own conditions attached (such as being non-refundable) that I will discuss with you before the commission is started. Because of this I will generally try and round up the price for you (eg, you buy me a $7 game, I’ll see about doing a $10 headshot instead of a $5 one).

I will redeem gift cards after the rough sketch stages of the commission are completed+confirmed, and after that refunds will not be available. Either email me at or send a request through my commission order form for more details.

    • My preferred online currency is Flight Rising Treasure.
    • I’ll consider trades of in-game items or DCL for games I own on steam, as well as inventory items or items from my steam wishlist.
    • All gift cards must be valid to redeem in Australia.
  • My preferred cards are iTunes, Google Play, Steam, Netflix, and Kobo cards. I will also consider Playstation Store, XBox Live, Microsoft, Nintendo eShop, Blizzard, and AusPost eGift Cards.
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