Your Character Here Commissions


“Your Character Here” commissions, or “YCH” commissions, are premade pieces of art that is edited to feature the character of your choice.

I’m currently only offering one type of YCH, which has unlimited slots. This means multiple people can commission edits of the picture into their characters; it will not be a unique piece of art. This is a type of “multi-shot” commission, where multiple edits of the same image will be made.

Eventually, I would like to start creating “single-slot” YCHs, which will only be edited once for a single commissioner, but currently I do not have any.

Please make sure you have read my YCH sales terms and copyright before you order anything!

And if you want examples of finished YCHs, visit THIS link!


Currently, the only way I accept payments for YCH commissions is through Paypal. I will provide you an invoice over Paypal once we have discussed and confirmed the details of the YCH you will be recieving.
Do not send me any payments without receiving an invoice.

If I haven’t responded within three weekdays your order may not have come through properly and you are welcome to send another. Or, you may try to contact me on one of my online accounts.

Dreamy LGBT Girl


My first YCH, so I thought I’d have some fun.

This YCH is restricted to LGBT+ girls. I have 4 flags premade (lesbian, bi, pan, and trans) but will add other flags to the pool if they’re requested.


Simple Kitsune


I can remove tails and add simple apparel such as jewellery/etc.