YCH Terms

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Content Restrictions

I will draw

  • Nudity and sexual content (NSFW)
  • Mild violence / blood / bruises
  • Almost any species, anthro or feral

I will not draw

  • Heavy gore
  • Mecha or robots
  • NSFW of non-humanoid characters
  • Morally questionable content

YCH Terms and Copyright

Artwork received for free (“requests”) do not fall under this section and may not be used commercially without prior permission. Please see the “Free Artwork” section of my copyright page for more information on requests.

General Terms

-Payment for the YCH sale must be made upfront and in full, and work on the image will not begin until I have received the full amount.

-Any revisions made to the drawing 10 days after completion may incur a fee.

-YCH are nonrefundable at my discretion and YCH sales cancelled by the buyer may not always be refunded. However, refunds will be given if the YCH is not completed within the given deadline or if you have received no updates within 30 days and request cancellation.

-Unless otherwise requested I retain the right to post a low resolution+watermarked version of the artwork to my website and public blogs.

-I may reject YCH sales without explanation.

-Buyers have sole responsibility for reposted artwork, and I have no obligation to assist the commissioner if it is used by a 3rd party.

-If a buyer purchaes a YCH of someone else’s character, the rights to the image belong to the character’s owner and not the buyer.

-If the buyer of a YCH sale is asked about the origin of the work a link to my website or online profile should be given and credit cannot be taken for the work’s creation.

Multi-Shot YCH

-Poses will not be altered.

-PSD files will not be provided for multi-slot commissions.

-Multi-Shot YCH images may not be altered into other characters (though you may edit the image yourself if your character’s design changes). If you wish for another character in the same pose, you will have to purchase another slot.

-It is okay to print your purchased YCH artwork on items such as shirts and stickers, but you may not sell products that include image.

-Purchased YCH images are exempt from my website blacklist, and buyers may repost purchased images to their personal sites, blogs, and galleries.

Single-Shot YCH

-Poses may be altered slightly, though not much.

-If possible, I will provide the final .PSD file upon request so that the buyer can create edits of the image.

-Single-Shot YCH sales are, after completed and paid for, owned by the buyer. The buyer is permitted to use, edit, repost, resell, etc. the purchased single-shot YCH, unless it was brought as a gift (in which case, the owner of the character may do as listed).

-As copyright for single-shot YCH sales are owned by the buyer, purchased images are exempt from my website blacklist and buyers may repost the purchased art with no restrictions.

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