This document is an adaption/addition to the Australian Copyright Law2/3 and the Moral Rights that are provided to me as an Australian artist. This means I am protected by the International Copyright Treaty in countries such as the UK and the US, and you must follow these restrictions if you live in a similar country where the law varies.
This statement has been made with my written and visual art in mind, but it applies to anything I have created.

I may change these terms at any time without notice.

General Copyright

You’re allowed to edit / parody the work and ideas I have posted for free provided that you:

-Credit me completely in the description using my name (C. Jade Wyton / Caitlin Jade Wyton) or my relevant online username,

-Link back to either this website or one of my relevant online profiles,

-Give me notice that you have reposted my work via either the contact form on my contact page, or by messaging any of the accounts listed in the social section of said contact page,

-Do not make money without my prior written consent (via email),

-Do not repost unedited art without stating it is unedited and linking to the image’s source in your repost,

-Do not repost unedited versions of my manuscript drafts,

-Do not post more than 1,000 words directly from any of my works,

-Do not change my characters’ sexual orientations for the explicit purpose of making them straight and / or cis in edits you make of my work,

-Do not use my characters as your own characters,

-Check my Website Blacklist (end of page) for websites my art may not be posted on.

You may not use my work commercially. This includes, but is not limited to: posters and prints, ebooks or print books, crafts, stickers, or any other work digital or physical that incurs a fee for the viewer or allows you to create a profit (including ad revenue) or charge others. You may print a poster and distribute it for free, but you may not charge any money to the consumer; not even to cover the cost of the printing.

You may not repost or edit work that I have made available for a fee.

Do not use work commissioned or requested by other people without receiving the permission of the buyer.


Commission terms any copyright can be found HERE

Your Character Here (YCH)

Custom artwork that has been created for free (referred to as “requests”) may not be used commercially without my prior written consent.
Work that has been paid for with artwork (“art trades”) are considered commissions.

-You may repost artwork you have requested with credit (link back to either this website or one of my relevant online profiles).

-You do not need to inform me if you repost artwork you have requested.

-You may request the full resolution image and .PSD file.

-If the image size is large enough you may print it privately for non-commercial use or free distribution.

-Requested artwork is exempt from my website blacklist (below).

Website Blacklist

Do not post my art or writing on any of the following websites or apps without prior written permission;
-non-personal facebook pages