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Look at Us

‘Look at us,’ the words were garbled, like static from a radio, and Kia wasn’t sure if she was hearing or hallucinating.

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Multi-Book Projects


Demrefor is a fantasy planet filled with magic and creatures of all kinds! I’m taking classic fantasy elements and mixing them with humorous storytelling and loveable characters to create a fleshed-out world that is open for people to play with and enjoy.
The world is primarily aimed at the 18-25 age group, so please be aware that there is adult content on the site!

The first series, Don’t Lose Hope, is still a work in progress with a 6-chapter preview for the first book! It’s been a lot of fun to write as it has a lot of characters and places, so hopefully it will be as awesome for you all to read as it has been for me to write!

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Kladstone Romances

The Kladstone Romance series is a set of novels that focus on the development of relationships in a not-quite-realistic world. The novels take place in an alternate universe to our own where everything is similar, but not quite the same. Because of this things that are considered rather ludicrous in our world are possible for the Kladstone Couples; leading to some humorous situations.

The novels are made from a blend of lighthearted storytelling and realistic problems that may be faced in long-term and new relationships.

The Kladstone series has 4 books. A Man Worth a Million is about halfway finished, the others are fully planned but don’t have much publish for them yet.



There’s not much to post about Water-Born, just that it’s in the works! It’s a backburner project that I work on when I just can’t bare to work on anything else.

A small spark of life pulls itself free from the confines of the ocean, birthing Renismia; a woman made from water. She’s picked up by a wizard and given a magical cloak to hide her true form as the “Water-Born”, a prophetic spirit said to bring about the end of the world.

(no preview avaliable)


My Girlfriend is a Seagull

My Girlfriend is a Seagull stars Jazza Jones, a young wildlife caretaker who saves a sick seagull from indigestion, only for it to turn into a woman overnight.

At first Jazza finds Sunny’s claims of “stealing a wizard’s cupcake” to be unbelievable. But, her behaviour and strange, overly specific knowledge of things inly a bird would know soon convinces him she’s telling the truth and he decides he can’t leave her on her own in the state she’s in- He is a wildlife carer after all! It’s his job to make sure Sunny is safe!

He takes Sunny in and tries to help her during this stressful time- And somewhere along the way, they fall in love!

But if Sunny had the chance to go back to her old life, would she take it and leave Jazza behind?



This script is in its late-planning stages. I haven’t posted much about it besides a few very rough character designs and plot ideas.

It’s about a woman named Angel who somehow finds herself married to the demon overlord she accidentally freed from 300 years of inprisonment in her kingdom’s deepest, darkest dungeon.

(no preview avaliable)

Collaborative Work

74 Keramine Road

(Keramine Road is a slowly updated collab with no planned ending, read at your own risk!)

Do you like romance?
Do you like comedy?
Do you like first person narration?
Do you like rarely-updated collaborative stories where the authors have no idea where the plot is going except for the roughest outline?
Do you like **furries**?

Then this is the story for you!



I am the co-writer of Ilyris, a fantasy-romance series and world building project lead by my wife, Charlotte Gultiano-Wyton. My responsibilities are mainly around rewrites/editing, character design, and story consistency.

The first series of Ilyris, Flickers, followers the young tail-hopper Abernach as she leaves her priesthood to fulfil her destiny.



Stranded is a screenplay that I am currently helping my wife to write. I don’t have much I’m able to post publically about it at the moment, but I’m listing it here to both prepare for when I can post about it, and to show my current workload accurately!

It’s a Sci-Fi that focuses on a post-war world, and if you’re interested in reading it you can contact me and I’ll pass your message on to Charlie!

The Dregs

Another screenplay that I can’t post much about. This one is still in it’s early planning stages. It’s a modern-life comedy featuring LGBTQ+ characters!

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