Kladstone Romances

The Kladstone Romance series is a set of novels that focus on the development of relationships in a not-quite-realistic world. The novels take place in an alternate universe to our own where everything is similar, but not quite the same. Because of this, things that are considered rather ludicrous in our world are possible for the Kladstone Couples; leading to some humorous situations.

The novels are made from a blend of lighthearted storytelling and realistic problems that may be faced in long-term and new relationships.

A Man Worth a Million

Talia had nothing. Ever since she could remember, people had taken advantage of her. And she was sick of her son missing out because of it. It wasn’t fair that Gavin suffered because of her own shortcomings…. How she was treated at work shouldn’t affect her son’s life, but it did. And it just wasn’t good enough! She wasn’t going to let this happen to him. She was going to get them out of this and give him the life he deserves, no matter what she had to do.

Luckily, through a chance encounter and the theft of her handbag, she meets Dale; a wealthy businessman with a sense of humour and an inclination for the illegal. With Dale’s help, and a little bit of blackmail, she is able to secure a job at Moore for More Investments and move her life into a more hopeful direction.

And when things look up, they keep looking up; and though she tries to resist it she finds her heart tugging her to Dale in a way that terrifies her.

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Black and White

When Carol’s aunt leaves for her holiday overseas, she deliberately sets Carol up for failure; leaving her with no food, only a handful of cash, and no way to call for help. That is, until Toby shows up.

Instantly, they click. There’s just something in them that works- Much to the dismay of Carol’s horse companion, Tumble; who decides immediately that Toby is her rival and must not “beat” her to Carol’s affections.

Together they must fight their fears and their families in order to learn to love themselves and defend the future their future together.

The preview for this book is currently unavailable, but I’ll keep you all posted!

The Catch

Rose didn’t have a good family life to begin with, but when she’s forcibly outed as a lesbian by her supposed “best friend” her household turns violent and she takes the long walk to Westara High Bridge, intending to drown herself in the lake below.

It’s not something she wants to do; but she just can’t see any other way out of her life…. Until an odd suited man offers her a plane ticket and an apartment halfway across the continent in the well-known city of Kladstone.

She doesn’t trust him, really, but at this point she’s out of options and takes the risk. And, to her surprise, she ends up in the high floors of five-star hotel Kladstone Towers with an incredibly high allowance and extremely friendly (if not a little quirky) neighbours.

Life finally seems to fall into place. She finally has friends she can trust, a nice home away from her family, and even meets the girl of her dreams!

It’s perfect…. Except for one question that keeps gnawing at the back of her mind:

What’s the catch?

The preview for this book is currently unavailable, but I’ll keep you all posted!

Another Shot

Aiden’s always had a thing for Lisa, but her happiness is more important than dating her; so when she comes to him for advice, Aiden doesn’t hesitate to help her get with cafe regular, Edward Barnes.

It hurts, but he knows that’s it. He has to start getting over Lisa— At least romantically. This isn’t as bad as it seems; they’ve always been friends, and removing his romantic feelings for her opens up an amount of opportunities…. Opportunities such as meeting Edward’s twin sister, Meg.

Meg is beautiful, and Aiden is immediately smitten; and according to Edward, Meg’s got a thing for him, too.

But it’s complicated. Meg’s not been in the dating scene for a long time. She holds back, but Aiden is patient. He’d love more than friendship from her but if she’s not ready he’s not going to push her.

And eventually, he discovers the reason for Meg’s reluctance to begin a relationship; Meg is transgender, and terrified of what Aiden will think.

But Aiden doesn’t care. He loves her too much to do anything but support her.

The preview for this book is currently unavailable, but I’ll keep you all posted!


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