My Girlfriend is a Seagull

My Girlfriend is a Seagull stars Jazza Jones, a young wildlife caretaker who saves a sick seagull from indigestion, only for it to turn into a woman overnight.

At first Jazza finds Sunny’s claims of “stealing a wizard’s cupcake” to be unbelievable. But her behaviour and strange, overly specific knowledge of things only a bird would know soon convinces him she’s telling the truth and he decides he can’t leave her on her own in the state she’s in- He is a wildlife carer after all! It’s his job to make sure Sunny is safe!

He takes Sunny in and tries to help her during this stressful time- And somewhere along the way, they fall in love!

But if Sunny had the chance to go back to her old life, would she take it and leave Jazza behind?

This is my first screenplay! It’s overall supposed to be very silly, and has been a fun learning tool on how to format scripts and focus on making things easily translatable into TV. I’m slowly planning 2 sequels, but those won’t be written for a while.


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Check out the WIP for the first sequel!

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