Shadow Oaks

Stories written for the DND homebrew, Shadow Oaks. These get their own page because there are so many of them! The world of Shadow Oaks is owned by TheStalkerBunny on tumblr. I recommend reading more about it HERE.

Belle Femme

Barbra finds herself constantly crossing paths with the strange elven man, Kenneth Bloom. He’s intriguing, one of the more interesting people she passes by. Something about him just draws her in…. So, one day, she decides to take a chance and approaches him; changing both their lives forever.

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Ken Bloom cannot believe how perfect his newborn daughter is. He loves her with all his heart, and just wants to hold her and keep her safe forever. However, Ken has always been a clumsy person, especially when distracted by something— Something like a tiny baby in his arms. 584 words.

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Mimi’s Escape

Becky is asleep and Mimi is too restless to lay down with her. Mimi wants to play! But… Mimi is out of toys…. Mimi is bored. Mimi wants to go outside! That is- Until Mimi actually manages to get outside, and finds that outside there are mean cats, and scary yelling people, and a tabaxi with a loud stick! Now Mimi just wants to go home. But Mimi is lost, and doesn’t know where to go…. Thank goodness there are lots of things to hide under, and a big mother mimic, and children with sausages.

Contains some descriptions of self-harm

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Becky Bloom is only six years old, but determined to sneak out of the house and into the woods. So she waits until her caregiver, Isa, is asleep, and then makes her way through the woods and to a hole that she’s been slowly digging over time. She is, however, discovered by one of the local park rangers.

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Ken Bloom is a socially awkward, nervous man who loves his wife Barbra and daughter Becky with all his heart. Which is a good thing, considering how ill-behaved Becky can be. There is something wrong with her, Ken knows. Probably the same thing that is wrong with himself…. But, unlike himself, his daughter can at least seem to make some friends. And even if some of her friends are loud, and strange, and aggressive, Ken will put up with them. For Becky.

Contains some mentions of ableism

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Young Becky Bloom got in a fight with a much smaller and weaker classmate, and now her parents have had to come home from their business trip early. This sparks frustrations throughout the whole family— In Becky, who doesn’t understand why she can’t just be herself and express herself her own way— In Isa and Becky’s father, who just want the best for the young girl…. And in Becky’s mother, who fears for her daughter’s safety in a religious community that presses for conformity.

Contains some descriptions of ableism and domestic abuse

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Becky Bloom has gone to a playdate with her friends, Jareth and Benny Slader. They play gladiators with some old toys, and then decide to play a very unconventional game of cowboys. It all goes well, until Becky’s biting habit rears its ugly head again.

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Visiting Becky

Barbra Bloom finally finds some time off work to visit her daughter, Becky. She is a strange girl, but Barbra longs to understand her.

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A Normal Birthday, For a Normal Girl

It is Becky Bloom’s tenth birthday. It is the first birthday she has been excited about in a long, long time. Her parents are home, even if they won’t tell her the reason for it, and she spends the day out with her mother…. However, after waking up from a nightmare later that night, she overhears some devastating news.

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Goodbye, I love you

Barbra Bloom is sick. The treatments are failing her, and her body burns like fire every day. She’s going to die. She knows it. Two years of therapy, and the cancer has only spread…. She goes for a walk; to a very special spot that lightens her heart and eases the pain in her bones. And it’s here she makes a choice: She’ll die on her own terms.

Contains descriptions of chronic pain and suicide

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After the death of his wife, Ken Bloom can’t bear to be apart from his daughter, Becky. He takes her with him while he works instead of leaving her home with the maid as he used to; the thought of being apart from her is too painful. But, eventually, he has to come to terms with the fact he can’t care for her on his own.

Contains mentions of suicide, grief, self-harm, and child neglect.

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The Necklace

Becky Bloom has only recently returned home from a year in France. Life hasn’t been easy, even since getting back, and while struggling with her emotions sneaks out for the night. However, things go very wrong when a wild crow steals her mother’s necklace.

Contains mentions of grief, and depictions of animal abuse and child neglect.

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Phone Call

Becky Bloom is shaken by the sudden collapse of one of her classmates. Her caretaker, Isa, suggests that she call the boy who collapsed in order to check on him. So, she does. Skipping school the next day, Becky gets in contact with Adam Frankenstein— And finds herself enjoying the conversation more than she thought she would.

Contains some mentions of abuse.

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Movie Night

Becky Bloom is excited to visit one of her newest friends; Adam Frankenstein! He’s a strange boy, not the sort she’d usually be friends with, but the pair just clicked. And now she’s visiting his house and meeting his dads for the first time…. So of course, she has to familiarise herself with the best way to sneak into his room in the attic…. Which is easier said than done, but once done, leads to a night of movies and boisterous fun.

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A Brick to a Window

A teenage Becky Bloom finds herself in a bad mood while wandering the town’s local strip mall. She feels misunderstood, and unseen, and decides to take it out on the local liquor store.

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Becky Bloom has never liked Christmas. It always reminds her of her parents, and how little time they had for her when she was young. This year she is in a particularly foul mood, which can’t help but to take out on others…. And when she realises the girl she likes finds her outbursts entertaining, she only feels encouraged to continue her terrible behaviour.

Contains depictions of bullying and harassment.

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Study Date

Becky Bloom and Mattel Masters have been together for a little over a month; but, as Mattel is still in the closet, it’s only when Mattel’s parents go away for the night that Becky is able to make her first visit to the woman’s house.

Contains some sexual content.

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Young Becky Bloom is invited to a party hosted by her girlfriend’s parents. It’s an important party, and they’re running late; much to their horror. They know Mattel’s parents are going to be furious! And on top of that they know, in this high-class setting, that not everyone is going to be happy to see them together.

Contains descriptions of homophobia / queerphobia / racism / emotional abuse / physical abuse

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It’s Mimi’s first time meeting Becky’s girlfriend, Mattel. She’s come over to wait for Becky to get home so they can go on a date together. And because Isa has to leave, Mattel and Mimi are left alone together in Becky’s room…. But! Oh no! Mattel is looking at things that she’s not supposed to! Mimi knows this is wrong, but Mattel must not. That’s okay, though! Mimi will just be a good girl, and let Mattel know that’s not allowed. She’s sure to listen, because if Becky likes Mattel, then that means Mattel must be good! Right? R… Right?

Contains descriptions of animal abuse and romantic abuse/manipulation.

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Keep it Up

Becky Bloom is in a sour mood after her humiliation at the Masters’ party; and the sudden behavioural changes of her beloved pet mimic has her stressed out even more than ever. She takes out her anger on one of her classmates and finds herself encouraged by her girlfriend to turn her angry outburst into malicious bullying.

Contains descriptions of violence, bullying, and implied abuse.

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Good Girl

An erotic scene featuring Becky and her girlfriend, Mattel. It has a companion story, Aftercare, and the intention of these two pieces is to highlight the key differences in both of Becky’s most serious relationships and how her two most defining sexual partners treated her.

Contains explicit sexual content.

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Becky Bloom has been dating her girlfriend for over a year; and things seem to be going quite well— At least, they do when Becky pushes down all of her looming anxieties, and ignores other people’s comments about them, and compromises on… everything. But that’s alright! She loves Mattel, and it will all be worth it. Even if Mattel encourages her to go out and— And to do things that… that she’d rather not be doing….

Contains descriptions of abuse, gaslighting, violence, and explicit sexual content.

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Whale Sung Dreams

Becky Bloom has always suffered from nightmares, for as long as she can remember. And tonight is no different. She has a terrifying guilt-dream about the things her girlfriend has talked her into doing, and after waking up, she finds she’s given little comfort for it. 2,915 words.

Contains descriptions of unreality, bullying, violence, horror and gore, and emotional abuse.

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Becky’s Breakup

Becky spent the night out on a date with her girlfriend and now, as the night is wrapping up, things are heating up. At first, it is in a good way… but after a phone call and a misplaced comment, the two girls find themselves arguing- And things take a turn for the worst when Becky decides to leave for home on her own, speeding through Shadow Oak’s dimly-lit forest roads.

Contains descriptions of mild sexual content / emotional abuse / racism / horror themes / car accident

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Cut Off

Fresh out of hospital after her car accident, Becky finds herself haunted by nightmare-induced sleepless nights and crippling social anxiety. All she wants to do is lay in bed and let the world continue without her; but though she’s been avoiding school, she can’t avoid her entire life. Her family gently push to get her out of the house, just for a day, in hopes of encouraging her recovery.

Contains mentions of abuse / injury / horror themes

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Mimi remembers when it met Becky’s girlfriend, Mattel. It did not like her! She was mean, and scary, and she hurt Mimi! But it’s okay, now. Becky told Mattel to go away forever— And now all Mimi needs to worry about is being a good girl and cheering Becky up after she was hurt in her accident! Oh— Oh and… who is that, coming up the stairs? A stranger?! No— No! The last stranger Mimi met was Mattel! And Mimi did not like that! Mimi has to hide— Hide from this big, scary stranger who… speaks very gentle… and smells very familiar….

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An erotic scene featuring Becky and her love interest, Jareth. It has a companion story, Good Girl, and the intention of these two pieces is to highlight the key differences in both of Becky’s most serious relationships and how her two most defining sexual partners treated her.

Contains explicit sexual content.

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Becky’s Presentation

This is an in-character presentation made by my DND character, Becky, about her best friend. The poor grammar, spelling mistakes, etc. are intentional and for the effect. For the full effect, imagine a poor girl standing SO STIFF, hyperventilating, halfway to tears, reading this out while everyone is just looking at her with deep concern.

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The Ward

Rebecca Bloom can’t forget that terrible night. It was the worst night of her life. Worse than her breakup. Worse than when she was attacked by that dog— Worse than her mother’s death. It haunts her. Chills her to her bones. That she could —and would— kill someone, under the right circumstances…. And burdened with the knowledge of her actions, Becky finds herself in Warm Waters Psychiatric Hospital, struggling to speak and desperate for a distraction from the horrible memory.

Contains descriptions of violence / choking / murder / burning / horror. Takes place in a mental ward.

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A Date in Warm Waters

It’s Becky Bloom’s first day discharged from Warm Waters Psychiatric Hospital. She was expecting to meet her father outside, but instead she was met with the boy of her dreams; Jareth Slader. Now, the pair are, after years of dancing around the idea, officially together as a couple. Things might not be perfect, and Becky still has a long, long road to recovery, but Jareth is filled with endless patience and care and wants to help her get better.

Contains mentions of mental illness, eating disorders, and some sexually suggestive content.

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(Not a) Callout

Though recovery is a vital part of moving on in life, it has its ups and downs. Many of these downs are unavoidable… Though, as Becky Bloom is going to discover, many could be easily prevented by running things by a friend before posting them online. What started out as a brief apology for a misplaced comment and an explaination for her sudden long disappearance from social media turned into a ramble about her ex-girlfriend. And though she probably shouldn’t post it, she is going to, anyway. We can only wonder of the consequences she is going to face for this one….

Contains mentions of abuse, horror, gore, and homophobia.

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Dress Up

Becky Bloom has slowly been recovering since her time in hospital. She’s been taking her medication, talking to her friends again and, most of all, she’s been keeping a positive outlook on her future. She’s still hung up, however, with her father. She wants to love him, and forgive him, and not feel nervous and anxious and furious whenever she’s in a room with him. But sometimes reaching out is just too hard…. And sometimes, its as easy as being bored.

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Would You Love Me

Becky Bloom and her boyfriend Jareth spend the night together at his house. It has been a good time; though now, right as she’s getting ready for bed, Becky finds her anxiety flaring up. Jareth can see she needs his reassurance- And he is ready to provide it.

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The Dream

After a stressful day, Becky Bloom finds herself stuck in a strange dream. On the verge of consciousness but not quite awake she feels every move of her bedmate as he tries to comfort her— Though she doesn’t know it’s him. And, even with his gentle whispers and tight embrace, her dream soon turns into a nightmare.

Contains mild horror/surreal themes, emotional abuse, and unreality.

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Angry. Hurt. Scared.

Recovery is a difficult road to traverse, doubly so when someone you love breaks your trust. Becky Bloom is struggling with this; knowing her father went against her wishes and looked at the art she made in therapy eats at her, and she finds herself bubbling with anger, ready to explode at the smallest trigger….

Contains descriptions of domestic violence and suicidal thoughts.

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It’s been a long day for Becky. A lot happened. Nothing bad, really; she helped Adam set up for the music festival, and then had a… long talk with her father. And though it was a much needed talk, it was still stressful— So Becky spent the rest of the day at a party with friends. Now, she’s come home with Jareth, and is settling down for the night with him.

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Waking Up in a Bush

Becky’s idea to take her dad to the music festival to bond did not go as planned…. It had started out fun; but then it had all gone south when the festival had been attacked by a crazed bard with a magic guitar. Becky and her friends had been the ones to fight the man off— Becky had stolen his weapon, and run away with it to leave him defenceless…. And now, she’s waking up in the bush she passed out it, exhausted but relieved that things didn’t go too wrong….

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Walk in the Woods

Becky Bloom and her father, Ken Bloom, have been trying to spend more time together as they work out their issues and learn to communicate better. So when Becky finds herself restless and bored, it’s a no-brainer to ask her father to come on a walk in the woods with her. They take one of Becky’s favourite trails to a beautiful lake, and relax together.

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Speak with Mimi

Becky has had a good day. A very good day. She feels more relaxed than she can ever call being… and then, something slips. And she finds herself facing an… unusual situation. She wouldn’t call it bad— She’s dreamed her whole life of speaking to Mimi! But the ability to understand her pet came out of nowhere! And then, as suddenly as she’d been able to do it, she’d lost it again…. But, even after losing the sudden burst of magical energy, Becky knows what the mimic said will never leave her heart.

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After hearing her pet mimic talk to her, Becky Bloom consulted her therapist and friends over what they thought might have happened. The consensus was a simple one; she wasn’t crazy, but had been unknowingly using magic. Probably some sort of druidry. It was a shock, at first, but Becky is quick to embrace the idea. Anything that can bring her closer to Mimi is a gift that she isn’t going to waste…. So, now, she is going to try and practice her magic in what she thinks is the privacy of her own room.

Contins some mentions of child abuse.

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After seeing her ex-girlfriend being publicly abused, Becky Bloom finds herself a trembling, non-verbal mess. Luckily, she is with good friends. Though, only her boyfriend is sober and able to take on any form of responsibility. He takes the girls to a McDonald’s before calling for backup.

Contains descriptions of an anxiety attack, intoxication, implied drug abuse, and mentions of abuse.

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Becky Bloom hosts a livestream after school. She wanders around the woods, her classmates watching her and talking in the chat, and eventually comes across a very friendly herd of deer who invite her to hang around a while….

Contains mild horror themes and mentions of abuse.

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But I’m Fine?

After falling asleep on stream and being approached by a strange creature, Becky Bloom went quiet. Her best friend, Adam Frankenstein, is extremely worried about her. And even though it’s past 2 in the morning, he can’t bring himself to sleep until he knows she’s safe…. Luckily for him, Becky decides to climb in his bedroom window; completely unaware about the creature— And confused as to why people are so concerned about her safety.

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I Like Isa, Too

After a bad dream, Becky Bloom seeks comfort with her caretaker, Isa. However, instead of finding the drow alone in her room; Becky discovers she’s not the only one who’s sought to share Isa’s company that night.

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Becky reminisces about her week so far, before having a serious conversation with her boyfriend.

Contians some sexual content and mentions of abuse.

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Rubber Steak

After his daughter Becky came home from her outing with an injury, Ken Bloom finds himself worrying over her all day. She insists she’s fine, and the wound isn’t bothering her— Her problem is how bored she is! So, she makes herself some fun. Some unbearably loud, overstimulating fun….

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Don’t Call Me Chichi

After turning herself into a dog and getting attacked by a raccoon, Becky Bloom finds herself being accidentally kidnapped by her ex-girlfriend, Mattel Masters. Until now, Becky had always tried to see the best in her ex’s intentions. But after seeing how rancid the woman is behind closed doors, Becky is desperate to escape her again.

Contains descriptions of animal abuse/neglect, kidnapping, homophobia/transphobia, racism, and some sexual content.

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After spending a week as a dog, Becky Bloom is ready to accept her new life on four legs. That is, until, a more experienced druid comes to help her turn back into her usual self. But with her emotions out of control and a lack of self confidence; a panic attack makes it all go very wrong.

Contains descriptions of a panic attack.

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Mac and Cheese

Becky Bloom, still recovering from a very traumatic month where far too much has happened in a short amount of time, decides she wants to try and make herself lunch. She has never cooked before, but she is confident that with the power of internet tutorials she can put something together.

Contains depictions of self-deprecation.

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Becky’s Letter

After hearing from her father about their hidden family history with druid magic, Becky did some research into her ancestry. At the end of it all she writes a letter to the Bluhender family, reaching out in hopes of gaining some insight into her powers.

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Both Becky Bloom and her father have been absolutely miserable. There is a lot going on in both their lives; but at least they are able to find comfort in each other. Even if all they have the energy to do is lay on the couch and sulk together.

Contains portrayals of depression and mental illness.

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You Take After Her

An immediate follow-up to Miserable.

Becky Bloom, after being left alone to look at the photos hung on the walls of her house, finds herself missing her mother. At Isa’s suggestion, she and the drow leave the house together to go buy flowers for her mother’s grave.

Contains portrayals of depression and mental illness.

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Becky had a very, very difficult Friday night. So now, a day or two later, Becky decides that it’s time to declutter and clean her room to make herself feel better…. But then, she finds herself having a very serious talk with her caretaker, Isa.

Contains non-explicit descriptions of violence.

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Becky Bloom and her boyfriend Jareth Slader have a steamy night, with a very unexpected ending.

Contains explicit sexual content.

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Mothers and Mimics

Becky Bloom recently discovered a colony of feral mimics living just a little way into the woods in an abandoned house. So she has been going there every day to check up on them, give them water, and otherwise make sure they’re healthy. Now she’s begging her caretaker-turned-mother, Isa, to come with her to see the colony. And though Isa hesitates, she eventually relents and follows Becky into the woods. But, it turns out that they’re not the only ones interested in the old house; that, and trying to befriend mimics often has unpredictable consequences.

Contains depictions of grieving.

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Don Flamingle

A new mimic has come into Becky Bloom’s life; a small feral lawn flamingo mimic that her family has nicknamed Don Flamingle. It is a surprisingly friendly creature that has quickly fallen in love with Becky’s treasured Mimi, and though Becky can’t let it into the house due to its neurotic nature she feels some form of responsibility over it and allows it to follow her (and Mimi) to the local pet shop to buy some new beds.

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Becky Bloom spends the day hanging out with the friend of a friend, Bianca. They hit it off well and, after sharing a meal and conversation, decide to have a more explicit type of fun together.

Contains explicit sexual content.

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Auntie Isabel

A lot of things in Becky Bloom’s life have been changing. Mostly for the better! She’s learning to reach out to people, and is reconnecting with her father and their extended family in ways she never dreamed possible. So, though it takes a lot of bravery, she calls her grandfather on her mother’s side and finds herself speaking with her aunt, Isabel. Isabel isn’t perfect, and through her Becky learns the exact reason that she was never allowed to meet the family before….

Contains mentions of abuse, family drama, and racism.

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Manic at Jareth’s

Becky has snuck into her boyfriend Jareth’s house and is waiting for him to come home. She’s excited, and wants to see him, and talk to him, and hug him. As she waits for Jareth, his brother Benny comes home and keeps Becky company.

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I Want To Beat Up Santa

Becky thought she was doing better. After half a year of therapy, she thought she was happy again— But now, with her usual holiday blues and the trauma of having saved a friend from being kidnapped both on her mind, she finds herself breaking down again.

Contains depictions of mental illness and violence.

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Tis the Season

Portia Jackson loves Christmas. To her, it’s the best time of year! It reminds her of her family and, even if remembering her family can hurt, she’s excited for the holidays. However, while in the school cafeteria getting lunch, Portia notices her usually fun-loving friend Becky Bloom is looking outright miserable. She tries to cheer her up, but finds it all goes wrong.

Contains depictions of violence.

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Becky Bloom has sunk into the worst Christmas blues of her life. She doesn’t want to go to therapy, and is trying to do everything to avoid it— Including kicking and screaming and crying. However, it doesn’t work, and she’s made to go and talk to her doctor who tries to get to the bottom of her horrible holiday temper.

Contains depictions of mental illness, emotional breakdowns and outbursts, PTSD, grief, and therapy.

Read Online (5,429 words)

Christmas Morning

Becky wakes up on Christmas morning feeling better than she usually does at this time of year and so decides to spend the day downstairs with her family. And though she is having a good day, she feels guilty; she’s secretly texting her aunt Isabel, even when she knows she’s not supposed to be.

Contains depictions of domestic abuse.

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Barbra’s Daughter

Becky Bloom is both excited and anxious to be meeting her aunt Isabel in person. Her family still doesn’t know she’s doing it, after all. But her boyfriend, Jareth, is more than happy to drive her to her aunt’s house. And, even when her aunt makes some misplaced comments, Jareth is patient with her…. However, when Isabel tries to introduce Becky to her grandfather, everything goes wrong very fast.

Contains depictions of racism, violence, and domestic abuse.

Read Online (2,929 words)

Becky’s Birthday

For the first time since her mother died, Becky Bloom is celebrating her birthday. It’s hard, and she has a lot of conflicted feelings about the party…. Though with some love from her friends she finds that she’s actually able to enjoy herself. That is, until she walks in on her father and her boyfriend arguing about her, and is taken aside to have a very serious conversation.

Contains mentions of racism and abuse.

Read Online (4,284 words)

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